Pure, hand made, artisan beard oils. Softening and soothing even on stubble. Limited small batches. Pirate themed. Perfect gifts.


High Seas Ltd has been formed to offer hand made cosmetic products using only the finest natural ingredients.

It started off as a passion for science and wanting to try making soap.  An initial soap making kit came with the ingredients necessary but there were some less than favourable dangers associated with soap making.  As such I made use of the provided oils to soothe my own beard growth itchiness.

This got me thinking, I wonder what makes a good beard oil?  For me it had to be a product that was absorbed well and despite being oil based, wasn’t overly greasy after it soaked in.  It also needs to smell good without being overpowering.

The end result after much research and trial and error was 5 blends of beard oil that use the following ingredients:

Grapeseed Oil

Apricot Kernel Oil

Sweet Almond Oil

Argan Oil

We then add to this formula, a mixture of essential oils to create the chosen fragrances.  The chosen fragrances are:

“Old Salt” – Relaxing and soothing fragrance.  Delicate and sweet with a herby undertone.

“Jolly Roger” – Uplifting and revitalizing with a citrus edge.

“Davey Jones’ Locker” – Woody fragrance a bit like freshly cut wood.  Fresh and bold.

“Pirate’s Brew” – Spicy and warm this fragrance is based on Pirate’s Grog supplies.  A little bit like old spiced rum.

“Shiver Me Timbers” – Minty and cool this invigorating and awakening fragrance freshens the face.

Once I had made the blends, it was time to test them on friends and family.  So far I have received fantastic feedback.  But that is where I am stuck.  I need to grow the brand and get it out there which is where you come in.  There are lots of beard care products now available, and many are mass produced products.  Where I differ is that I offer only limited run batches and all are hand made by one person in Gloucestershire. This is the beard oil equivalent to sustainable and locally sourced farm shop foods.  It is a unique product in that it will almost entirely be community promoted and based upon friends and family wanting a relatively inexpensive, good for you, hand made alternative to mass produced diluted and chemical filled high street products.

High Seas Ltd has been formed to offer hand made cosmetic products using only the finest natural ingredients.
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Thomas Grant

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