‘Incredible Girl’, the series pilot: A digital series about Liturgy, Leather & Love.

‘Incredible Girl’, the series pilot

A digital series about Liturgy, Leather & Love.

Short Summary

The story is about a Southern Baptist young woman who realizes that her life doesn’t make sense for her anymore and finds herself in the BDSM (S&M) community.

We explore love in all its permutations with BDSM,  sexual identity  and gender identity being the focal points. Our aim is to create a deeper tolerance and sense of unconditional love that we all crave in the world. No one likes feeling like an outcast.

(Check out Scenes 1 & 2 of the pilot episode we shot and here’s a link to see theoriginal experimental short film the series is based on)


Goal for the Project

There are those of us who are scared to talk about who we are openly, especially in the BDSM & Transgender communities. There is still a lot that is taboo in these worlds to the mainstream (or ‘vanilla’ world).  We provide an avenue to change conversations and to infiltrate the mainstream (by pitching to Hulu and Amazon) with some of these taboo topics. We are celebrating these things!

We know this is a BIG statement but we would like the opportunity to be the next “Transparent” or “Orange is the New Black” because we believe we’ve got something that can be compared to shows like those. We are now creating an opportunity to be able to present it to people who will give us the money to produce the whole season.

Join us. You won’t regret it. Are we sounding bossy yet? Good.


Who We Are

Teresa is a writer and I’m (Aurora)  an actress who have been around the entertainment industry bush and have decided to create something that excites both of us. I’ve been ‘producing’ creative content since my teens and seem to be good at bringing people together to get it done. Teresa is a gutsy idea machine and a gifted writer. Together, we’ve got big ideas. We need a lot of people on board to get this one accomplished. Luckily we’ve teamed up with Discourse Productions(Jenni has an immense track record for getting online shows off the ground with over 530,000 Subscribers and 92,603,615 views between the shows she’s produced in the last 4 years) and Open Queue Productions to help us  present the pilot episode of “Incredible Girl”, the series!

What We Need & What You Get

All perks are tax deductible and you will receive a letter for your taxes from our fiscal sponsor “From the Heart Productions”.

We’ll be adding perks every week, so continue to check back. We’ve got some ‘Mystery’ perks that are a little different than the others posted. You’ll have to ‘consent’ to take that leap if you’re curious. ?

Here’s our Budget Breakdown:
Development fees: $7,000 (including: script writing, teaser production, graphic design, lawyer fees for contracts, hired producer fees)

Pre-production fees: $2,675

Production fees (7 day shoot): $ 39,231
$8,031 – Talent Costs and Expenses
$15,150 – Shooting Labor
$500 – Insurance
$2,100 – Meals and Craft Service
$5,394 – Location rentals and permits
$2,000 – Wardrobe & Props
$1,500 – Scene Design  & Construction
$3,700 – Equipment Rental (Camera, Sound & Lights)
$200  –  Hard drive (to store footage and sound files)

Post Productions fees: $1,750 ( includes post supervisor, editor, sound mixer, composer)

Stretch Goal: $10,000 – 10% contingency fee, rewrite fees, 2 extra hard drives, marketing the pilot online before we take it to Hulu or Amazon

The Impact

This is an important project for several reasons:

1. We are the voice of those who don’t have a strong positive voice in mainstream media: women and those who identify as women, kinksters in the BDSM community, LGBTQ folks, & transgender kids (& bullying). We explore such topics as sexual fluidity, gender identity and the BDSM (or Bondage/ S&M) community.

2. With a spotlight on the low percentage of working women in the entertainment industry this show provides jobs for women in show business both in front of and behind the camera. Most of our cast and crew identify as women (but don’t worry we love & hire those who identify as men too)!

3. Teresa, Aurora, Jenni, Kim, Shaka and Charles wouldn’t be lying if we said we hope to be able to get to the next level in our careers with this show. Yes, all of us  are creative and ambitious people. You will create immense happiness and opportunity in our lives when you join in the vision to get this pilot made.

Risks & Challenges

One thing that we are aware of is that Hulu/ Amazon might not want the show. If that happens our plan is to divide the pilot episode up into shorter episodes and post them on youtube. A lot of shows gain audience traction by doing this and then find more money later to produce more of the season.

If we don’t reach our goal for this crowdfunding campaign we’ve got two options: to find corporate sponsors to fill in the gap and/or downsize our script needs. Both are workable.

Other Ways You Can Help

Just cause you can’t contribute doesn’t mean you can’t help this baby get off the ground. Please post the campaign on your social media sites and tell people why you want to see this project get the funding it needs. It’s super easy to use the Indiegogo share tools. Thank YOU!

Find This Campaign On

The story is about a Southern Baptist young woman who realizes that her life doesn’t make sense for her anymore and finds herself in the BDSM (S&M) community.

Youtube: https://youtu.be/LyktFvgVRXA
See Campaign: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/incredible-girl-the-series-pilot–3
Contact Information:
Aurora de Blas

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