Islamic Phonics Readers Series: Revolutionizing The Way Muslim Children Learn To Read!

Islamic Phonics Readers Series

Ground Breaking Curriculum For Muslim Children

The Islamic Phonics Readers Series, once completed, will be a set of seven colorful and engaging readers. Each book will come with a set of flashcards with the corresponding sounds for your children/students to study. This set will be an excellent resource for teaching your children/students phonics. Phonics is the primary building blocks to reading and writing proficiently.

Our readers are designed to give children a strong phonetic foundation. The stories are written with the Muslim child in mind, full of fun stories that encourage good character, morals and problem solving from an Islamic point of view. 


The first phonics reader, “Adam to Zamzam”, has been completed and is ready for distribution. We are in the process of finishing the editing, layout, cover design and illustrations for the remaining readers. 

We are looking to complete all of the books in 2016. We are very excited about getting our books on the market. Our goal is to make our phonics readers available for parents and teachers worldwide. Inshallah, with the help of Allah, we can make this dream become a reality.

Why It’s Imperative That You Join Our Team

We are very passionate and determined to bring this product to market and we believe that you should be too. Why?  As Muslim educators we see the need for curriculum that teaches children about their religion, their relationship with Allah, and how to be upright, moral human beings. In order for our children to have a strong Muslim identity and a true love for this Deen, it is crucial that they connect with these Islamic principles on a daily basis. Our readers are written and illustrated in a way that makes that possible, in a way that is fun, as well as educational. 

A Muslimah will not kill a bug.

A Muslimah will give Mum a hug.

Learning to read is a fundamental process that all children must go through in order to have success in life. Why not give them the gift of literacy while simultaneously cultivating their faith and strengthen their Deen? Libraries, Islamic schools, masjids, parents, grandparents and home educators need this and we are the ones who can deliver.

Idris can mix.

Idris can fix.

We’ve made much progress, but we’re still in the process of completing our series. We’re asking that you contribute to our campaign today and become a part of this exciting movement in a new direction.

All About Noon Publications

In 2005, my sister and I decided to start our own publishing company. We named it Noon Publications. We are a company dedicated to providing high quality publications and productions geared toward English speaking Muslim men, women and children. Our goal is to educate and celebrate the beauty and diversity of the Muslim Ummah.


In 2011, we published our very first books, “The Muslim Family Guide to Successful Homeschooling” and “Halal Healthy Meals.” We have received rave reviews for our literary works, Alhumdulilah. It has been an awesome learning experience and we have had much success. We started two separate blogs, muslimhomeschoolblog.comand halalhealthyway.blogspot.com We also have a presence on our facebook pagesSuccessful Muslim Homeschool and Halal Healthy Meals. We started these two pages in order to promote our books, but over the past few years we’ve done so much more than that. We really like connecting and sharing on our pages, It’s been very rewarding. Through publishing these two books, we have learned a lot about the publishing process. The whole experience has been a blessing and we have gained much knowledge which we will apply to our new project: “The Islamic Phonics Readers Series.” 

We were inspired to take on the task of writing Islamic based readers while teaching our children how to read. We used the secular and Christian readers that were available to us, but wished that we had reading material that mirrored our religious principles and beliefs. Seeing that there weren’t any Islamic readers on the market at the time, we decided to take on the challenge.

We took a systematic approach with each of us writing stories for a specific list of sounds. At the time, my sister and I had eight children between the two of us so we knew that we had our work cut out. Over the years our families continued to grow and now we have 13 children, Alhumdulillah! It took us a while, but we never gave up. We continued our work through all the ups and downs of life, never taking our eyes off our goal. Little by little we began to see the fruits of our labor. At this point we are ready to wrap things up and begin mass production.


Karemah, Jamila, our husbands and 12 of 13 children.  The oldest child is away at school.

How You Can Help

In order to successfully complete this project and get our books into schools, libraries, and homes around the world, we are asking you to contribute to our campaign. Monetary contributions are needed in order to complete the manufacturing, distribution and marketing of our readers. The chart below breaks down where your contributions are going:

Check out the reward deals! Donate some funds and get rewarded while you’re at it. Click the contribute to the right or the Paypal link below to easily donate through Paypal.

All contributions are welcomed. Any size donation is accepted and we wholly appreciate all your help. Also, please share our campaign on your social media networks to help us get the word out about this exciting new up and coming series. Duas are definitely needed and welcomed as well. Jazakalah Khair. 

Our Talented Young Team

After our first book, the level 3 reader, was illustrated by sister Marini Widowati.  Thereafter we decided to give our children the opportunity to illustrate our books. They had been drawing since they were old enough to hold a pencil, Alhumdulilah. We knew they were talented young artists, but the work they did on these readers far exceeded our expectations! They continue to amaze us with their talents as we work together towards our goal. The children are much older now, working on our projects while juggling school and their other outside interests.

This has been a great opportunity to give these emerging young artists an awesome, real life experience in the world of art. I am grateful to Allah that we are able to travel on this journey together as a team.They are learning so much, Mashalah. Two of the most important lessons they have learned are the value of hard work and determination. My dua is that they will carry these lessons with them through life, whether they continue as artists or decide to pursue different careers. May Allah guide them and keep them on this Deen.


About The Authors

Jamila Alqarnain, a native of Buffalo, New York and a 2nd generation Muslim, was an active child whose hobbies included sewing, arts and crafts, reading, drawing and and writing stories. Sewing was her favorite. Majoring in Fashion Clothing & Textiles at Buffalo Vocational Technical Center, her goal was to become a seamstress and fashion designer. However, as time passed, Jamila rediscovered her love of writing. She teamed up with her sister and co-founded Noon Publications.  In 2005, she published her first book, The Muslim Family Guide to Successful Homeschooling.  Jamila has been a homeschooling mom since 2000. She is also a wife, blogger and entrepreneur.

“Loving ALLAH and the Islamic way of life starts with the parents, who in turn passes this on to their children.  We are striving to educate them in Islam and reverence their CREATOR and MAKER.”

Karemah Alhark, a 2nd generation Muslim, was born in Buffalo, New York. Writing was her favorite subject in grammar school. In 1993, Karemah graduated from the State University of New York at Buffalo, with a B.A. in Psychology, and a minor in Early Childhood Development. While in college, Karemah worked as a teacher’s assistant with Bethel Head Start. In 2011, she published her first book, Halal Healthy Meals. She has actively been working towards completing The Islamic Phonics Readers Series with her sister as well as working on various business ventures. Having dedicated over 15 years to homeschooling her five children, Karemah is a firm believer in giving Muslim children a strong Islamic education.

“It is our job as parents, to give our children a strong foundation in Islamic culture, morals and beliefs.”

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The Islamic Phonics Readers Series, once completed, will be a set of seven colorful and engaging readers. Each book will come with a set of flashcards with the corresponding sounds for your children/students to study.

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