Kreiner – invest in future roofs: Invest in reducing harmful roofs and saving lives

nvest in reducing harmful roofs and saving lives

KREINER is awarded roof constructions retailer, which contributes to reducing the number of harmful asbestos roofs and support organizations working with people affected by cancer. The company aims to expand and become the best in Lithuania and neighbor countries.

The awarded roof retailer aims to expand and support people affected by cancer

KREINER is the strongest roof constructions retailer in one region of Lithuania that contributes to reducing the number of harmful asbestos roofs and willing to support organizations working with people affected by cancer. Join and help us to expand to the 1st stage, make a real impact on people’s lives and make a fair return!

Why invest in KREINER?

  • Because the young powerful team is ready to tear down the mountains and implement an innovative approach to the roofing sector!
  • Because the team aims to save the lives of people who use harmful roofing material.
  • Because we are planning to give benefits to investors after the first year! Our aim is to attract €60 000 investment for expansion of KREINER and to increase value of the company. So we are planning to offer at least 29%, return on investment and even a 98%return in the best scenario for a whole project time (4 years)! Every year the company is aiming at paying back dividends and buying back all shares in 2019.

Harmful asbestos roofs lead to cancer

Asbestos was a popular fireproofing material once used in thousands of commercial and consumer products. It wasnu2019t until the late 1970u2019s that the use of asbestos was banned after the Environmental Protection Agency classified it as a known carcinogen. By that time, however, asbestos had been widely used in a large number of construction products, including roofing products and was a potential source of great harm to those who came in contact with it. Asbestos was forbidden in Lithuania only in 2005. It is estimated that there are around 1 million tons of asbestos in Lithuania which is 96 % of roof material.

Asbestos can cause:

  • Mesothelioma – a cancer which affects the lining of the lungs and the lining surrounding the lower digestive tract.
  • Asbestos-related lung cancer – it is estimated that there is around one lung cancer for every mesothelioma death.
  • Asbestosis – a serious scarring condition of the lung can cause progressive shortness of breath, and in severe cases can be fatal.
  • Plural thickening u2013 the lining of the lung (pleura) thickens and swells. If this gets worse, the lung itself can be squeezed, and can cause shortness of breath and discomfort in the chest. More about influence of asbestos find here: here
More information: http://www.asbestos.com/exposure
More information: http://www.asbestos.com/exposure

Our solution – remove harmful roofs and help affected people

  • Replacement of Harmful Asbestos Roofs. We will provide information about harm of asbestos and its replacement possibilities. Furthermore we will provide utility services.
  • Saving Time to Replace Your Roof. Our clients do not have to waste their time looking for right roof or full roof complex. They just contact us and our professionals will give advice. We can consult on how to choose the right roof, we can come to your house, measure, tell you the exact price and take care of your roof until the last screw as fast as possible!
  • Express Material Supply For Roofer Companies. Often roof materials suppliers fail to provide materials on time, so the end of the work is being postponed. Working with us roofers could make more work and money per year because we provide quality goods on time.
  • Support Those Who Are Affected By Harmful Roofs. We will support organization working with people suffering from lung cancer and dedicate them 1 % of KREINER profit every year.
Changing roofs of asbestos
Changing roofs of asbestos
Asbestos roof
Asbestos roof
Examples of the work made by Kreiner
Examples of the work made by Kreiner

Now, the awarded company aims to expand

Our Business

KREINER was established in 2009 in Alytus, Lithuania after the team realized that we do not have specialized roofing shops where people can buy roofing materials, get roofers advice and do not have to spend all savings. People used to buy roofing materials in huge construction box stores where they did not get full roof complex and had to waste a lot of time while putting together all the required materials by themselves. Our business was profitable for the second year, therefore, we decided to invest in logistics so that roof complex can reach its customer as quickly as possible from the moment it was received by KREINER. In 2014 we have opened trade salon in capital of Lithuania (Vilnius) and after successful year another trade salon was opened in second largest city in Lithuania (Kaunas).

The production and logistics capacity that we have now would be enough to serve the entire country of Lithuania, however, we still need to open departments in 4 more cities of Lithuania and hire 7 sales agents. In order to implement the 1st stage of expansion, an investment is needed to open trade salons, hire and train new employees and invest in IT selling and logistic systems.

Furthermore, we have a good selling and delivery system so that a customer could buy a roof complex without leaving his home and get it in the shortest possible period of time. We consult, measure, count, get reliable roofers and take care of a customer until the last screw is screwed into the roof. The current system could be extended to other types of roofing or similar building materials trade.

Kreiner Key Points

We advise you how to choose a roofing because our employees are the best in this sector; We quickly arrive to measure roof to any place in Lithuania; We give you a proposal within 24 hours because we know that ‘time is money’; We make a full roof complex because we have all capacities to do it; We deliver on time, if not – we pay compensation for the downtime; We accept unused goods back because we know that sometimes it happens; We provide quality certifications; We maintain inventory levels to meet each customer’s urgent need’s.

The strongest company in Lithuania for 3 years

KREINER is awarded “The strongest in Lithuania” in 2011, 2012 and 2013. This award is a certificate issued to reliable companies that perform their financial obligations on time and have great possibilities to continue doing so. The main evaluation criterion for awarding the certificate is a high solvency rating, showing a low forecasted statistical probability, not to perform the obligations for 90 and more days during the forthcoming 12 months. The company is issued a certificate if the forecasted probability doesn’t later in performing one’s financial obligations exceed 17%. The list of certified companies: www.creditinfo.lt

Market overview

The roofing materials market in Lithuania is approximately 60 million €. There are about 440 thousand individual houses in Lithuania and more than 60 % of them have old asbestos roofs. Asbestos is harmful to health and causes respiratory cancer. Because of that recently the Lithuanian Government set aside a lot of money to remove asbestos and even gives 50 % of the money needed to acquire roofing materials.

We are currently selling more than 200 roof complexes per year whose average unit value is 2700 €. Furthermore, KREINER also provides roofing and its materials for the construction of new houses and, according to economic prognosis, people will buy more houses, flats or build their own because bank interests are going to be very low. Because of this reason market also might be largely extended by this segment of people.


There are many small players in the roofing market in Lithuania. However, most of companies cannot offer timely and full roofing complex. There is one main competitor for KREINER that has a similar conception, but KREINER wins over the price subject while the quality is the same.

2 stage expansion

Our plan is to have 2 stage expansion:

I stage. To open trading salons in 4 biggest cities in Lithuania (Klaipeda, Siauliai, Panevezys, Marijampole) in 2016

II stage. To open trading salons in neighbor countries: Latvia, Estonia, Poland and Belarus starting from 2017

I stage expansion
I stage expansion
II stage expansion
II stage expansion

Your impact

How the investment will increase sales


  • 3 trade salons

  • 4 sales managers (2 in Alytus, 1 in Vilnius and 1 in Kaunas)

  • Sells 200 roof sets/year

  • Turnover €550,000

  • 1 employee: 50 roof sets/ €137,500/ year

First Stage Expanision

  • 4 trade salons

  • 7 sales managers (1 additional in Vilnius and 1 in Kaunas, 1 in Klaipeda, 1 in Siauliai, 1 in Marijampole and 1 in Panevezys)

  • Will sell 350 additional roof sets/year

  • Turnover €945,000

  • Total roof sets: 550

  • Total turnover: €1,485,000

*Additional information:

  • We have experience in hiring only professional and experienced employees and use wages system, depending on sales and an incentive program.
  • Even now, sometimes we sell roof sets to those regions where we plan to expand. However, customer prefer to buy goods from a local seller, which is always close by, can come quickly and take care of all steps of the buying process. *

Business model

Customer segments:

  1. Private Clients who need to replace their roof. Because of busy lifestyles, they do not have time to examine the roofing supply stores, do not know reliable roofers, cannot calculate a full roof complex themselves and buy in a building materials store where they need to know exact quantities. Private clients want to have smooth and timely roof renovation. At the same time they are afraid to order excessive quantities of materials so giving all processes to experienced hands is a way to escape all problems.
  2. Roofers, construction companies. This segment value timely and full complex services because these are the most important things to finish the project on time. Working with KREINER this segment can make more object and earn more money.

Relations with customers:

Personal contact. Every client gets a responsible person of KREINER who aims to organize everything, starting from the measurement until supply of good and consultation during working time.

Sales channels:

  1. Internet: SEO, ad-words, social networking, Re-marketing, banners;
  2. Recommendations;
  3. Active sales;
  4. The selling point;
  5. Press: Ads and articles.

The value proposition for private customers:

Roof set until the last screw meaning that we take care of everything from the surface to the selection of roofers. We offer a possibility for customer to buy a set of roof without leaving home and get it in the shortest time possible. We advise, measure, calculate, take care of reliable roofers and consult the client until the last screw is screwed into the roof. We sell only the best quality products according to all building standards and guarantee timely delivery.

The value proposition of roofers and construction firms:

We offer the best quality products (roof sets until the last screw) according to all building standards and guarantee timely, free of charge delivery in order to help roofers and construction firms to have more clients. Most of companies do not follow to agreed delivery time which we can promise.

Key resources:

Sales agents, selling points, production and logistics, website, IT software.

The main partners are: roofing and other building materials manufacturers, roofing companies.

Main activities: trading of roof kits and related services.

Structure of costs: staff salaries, transportation costs, marketing, rental of premises

Income sources: roofing sales revenue, extra additive income, vehicles, roof additive manufacturing income.

Production and logistics

KREINER offers various kinds of high quality roofing products ordered from the most famous world’s producers until the last screw. That is: Ceramic tiles (Creaton, Roben, Tondach); Steel roof and wall coating (ThyssenKrupp, SSAB, Marcegaglia); Bituminous roofing (Katepal); Roof fittings, accessories, sheating, fastening parts; Flat sheet and folding; Rainwater by-pass system; Roof films; Skylights.

KREINER has its own warehouse and vehicles, also always maintain required inventory levels in order to deliver all needed production on time. Roof accessories are produced by the company itself, others – ordered from foreign companies.


We keep growing every year since establishment and now we are ready to grow even more! Currently, the company value is almost 1 million € (917 142 €).

We already invested in production, logistics, warehouses and new employees in 2015. We believe that these actions will help to increase sales by few times in the next few years.

We already invested: 21 000 € in special vehicles which will help us to deliver roofing sets to our new branches; 15,000 € to folding and cutting machines which will help us to produce roofing sets even faster; 5000 € to warehouse equipment which will help us to proceed orders faster. Now we are ready to open new trade salons!

Sales of production during 10 years
Sales of production during 10 years

Social responsibility

Ten million new cancer patients are diagnosed each year worldwide. However, not all of them can get the necessary treatment. We recognize that our role as a business leader includes the responsibility of creating a positive impact in the communities in where we live, work and support. KREINER is committed to reducing quantities of asbestos roofs while saving people lives as well as practicing support for people with cancer.

With the implementation of the first stage of KREINER expansion our plan is to support an organization which is working with people suffering from lung cancer and giving them 1 % of KREINER profit every year. Our choice is to support Lithuanian association onkologija.lt which aims to help people get better medical treatment in order to reduce the consequences of cancer or cure the sickness if possible. More information: http://www.onkologija.lt/

Support children's house Christmas sports game
Support children’s house Christmas sports game

KREINER is awarded roof constructions retailer, which contributes to reducing the number of harmful asbestos roofs and support organizations working with people affected by cancer. The company aims to expand and become the best in Lithuania and neighbor countries.
The awarded roof retailer aims to expand and support people affected by cancer.

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