Kwajni: FX platform bridging the gap between traditional and emerging markets

I believe that businesses should be able to trade from anywhere to anywhere with anyone. That doesn’t exist today.

Leslie Onyesoh, CEO and Founder of Kwanji.

Kwanji is an online foreign exchange (FX) and payments platform that provides businesses with unrestricted access to the very best FX rates.

Having already established a platform that offers businesses in 83 countries immediate access to up to 95% savings on all their FX needs in just 7 seconds​, Kwanji is now raising £400,000 to continue levelling the playing field in international trade, payments, fees and charges. Specifically, Kwanji will continue to penetrate emerging markets where there is great demand for ​FX services, but little choice when it comes to providers.

Driving this fast and focused growth are Leslie Onyesoh and William Lorenz. Leslie, who has extensive international trade and FX experience, is the business founder. William, who has joined the team as COO, was previously the founder/COO of Ixaris, which he grew to exit providing early investors with a 10x return.

Watch the video to learn more about Kwanji and why Leslie, William and their team are poised to bring a new level of service and choice to the FX market, which counts $5.3 trillion in daily trade.

Update 6th January

Kwanji have partnered with Greener Pastures Ltd, the hosts of the Global Management Challenge (GMC) in Kenya.

The world’s largest management and strategy competition, the GMC has been running for 35 years and is now present in over 30 countries. The GMC provides university students right through to company managers with out-of-the-box training that improves strategic management and decision-making skills.

The partnership will deliver enhanced Kenyan market visibility to Kwanji, with direct media exposure via digital and traditional channels, as well as co-branded promotional merchandise, material and content.

The agreement will also see Kwanji provide mentorship to high calibre student GMC participants by providing internships with the long-term goal of talent identification and recruitment.

Update 4th January

Kwanji has extended its over-funding limit to £600K. This has been approved by the board and extra funds will be used to further accelerate its Kenyan and East African business development.

Update 30th December

Many SR members will be aware of Kwanji’s recent office opening in Kenya and expansion into East Africa, which is proving positive for the business. Since this round’s overfunding will be used to accelerate Kwanji’s expansion into the East Africa region, Kwanji has extended its funding round to 31st January in anticipation of securing more funds, assuming it reaches its minimum funding target. The potential delay of releasing funds is not expected to have an adverse effect on the business.

Update 16th December

Kwanji has been actively expanding its trusted partner network as part of its ongoing East African business development and growth strategy, with great success. As part of this effort, the company has signed four exclusive, high-profile affiliate agreements.

These new affiliate agreements are exceptional opportunity for Kwanji to extend its reach across across East Africa by providing businesses of varying scale, size and industry with easy access to optimised forex pricing.

Kwanji’s new partners include:

» Augentius: One of the largest independent private equity and real estate administrators in the world, Augentius’ Mauritius office directly caters to commercial African investment.

» Global Management Challenge Kenya: Partnered through Green Pastures Limited, GMC is the world’s largest management and strategy competition. It has been running for the last 35 years worldwide, now present in over 30 countries.

» Niveda Group: A multi-family office comprised of East African and South Asian families, Kwanji have an affiliate agreement in place to provide Niveda’s existing portfolio of companies with optimised FX pricing.

» The East Africa Venture Capital Association: The EAVCA represents the private equity industry in East Africa, helping to mobilise regional investment.  

Closing on or before

Kwanji Limited will close on or before midnight Sunday 31st January.

Company Details

Kwanji Limited

1 East Poultry Avenue, London EC1A 9PT
London EC1A 9PT


Kwanji is an online foreign exchange (FX) and payments platform that provides businesses with unrestricted access to the very best FX rates.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4N5gMo90hk
See Campaign: https://www.syndicateroom.com/kwanji
Contact Information:
Leslie Onyesoh
William Lorenz

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