Lasting Connections Elite Matchmaking App: A revolutionary new approach to finding romance, Lasting Connections brings an Elite Matchmaking experience to the masses

Lasting Connections Elite Matchmaking App

Lasting Connections Elite Matchmaking App



The world’s most exclusive matchmaking service has just launched its Lasting Connections exclusive mobile app, which is designed to solve the problem of being matched with no follow through in today’s online dating world.

It’s a well know problem with current dating applications that even though clients are matched through algorithms and personality tests, it’s not enough to get them on dates. There is a lack of follow through that can leave many singles at the end of the day feeling frustrated, exhausted, or even worse, hopeless that they’ll ever find what they’re looking for.

These negative feelings are what inspired Sameera Sullivan to found Lasting Connections, a personalized, boutique matchmaking service, over three years ago; because she so often heard prospective clients in their interviews declare they’d given up on love because of bad online dating experiences. And while Lasting Connections has grown into an exclusive, highly selective service for wealthy singles looking for their ideal partners, Sullivan and her team also recognized there was a void waiting to be filled for all the singles who couldn’t afford her elite services, but still deserved to find their own lasting connections.

This need to find a solution led to her seven-figure, multi-year acquisition of Alpha Matchmaking, a revolutionary dating application for singles everywhere originally designed by tech-entrepreneur Benjamin Way.

Now Lasting Connections’ new app is poised to eliminate the feelings of frustration and hopelessness found in the online dating industry; by having each client interact with a personal concierge who facilitates conversation and eventually setting up a first date, and also by implementing a three strike policy and a user rating system to weed out the serial flirters and the flakes. If a user does not communicate with a match within forty-eight hours of an introduction, they receive a strike and their rating goes down. If they receive three strikes in a row, a user is kicked out of the service all together. This, along with the rating system (which is based on a number of variables such as response time, engagement, and profile popularity), are both meant to encourage genuine interaction and results for serious singles, and eliminate the problem of serial flirting without follow through which is so prominent on many of today’s other popular dating applications.

“One of the reasons our members sign up for the online Premier membership is because of our concierge service,” says Sameera Sullivan. “Instead of robots making your matches, you have real matchmakers behind the scenes doing the job and guiding you through the process.” And while it’s still not as personal as Lasting Connections’ more exclusive, private matchmaking service where Sullivan very selectively and directly works with her millionaire and billionaire clients (those packages start at $45,000 for an annual contract), for only $299/month users can still get a personal touch and work with personal matchmakers to find what they’re looking for without breaking the bank.

Hands down, the Lasting Connections Online application is revolutionizing the way singles approach online dating. There is nothing else quite like it on the market today.


The world’s most exclusive matchmaking service has just launched its Lasting Connections exclusive mobile app, which is designed to solve the problem of being matched with no follow through in today’s online dating world.

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