LOBSTER: provides a marketplace for social media content

There are 1.8 billion photos posted to social media networks worldwide every day.

Although media and marketing agencies are increasingly favouring these kinds ofauthentic, appealing images over traditional stock photography, there is confusion in the industry about how to access this market.

Lobster solves this problem by providing a marketplace for the discovery and licensing of creative content sourced from social media platforms.

Launched on the stage of TechCrunch Disrupt Europe 2014, and with the support of the Wayra accelerator programme, Lobster is already developed and generating revenues with the help of hundreds of customers – including popular online platform, Mashable.

Customers can license photos and videos from Lobster’s registered users instantaneously from £0.99 (a price which increases with the quality of the content). They can also search billions of posts from other authors and invite anyone they like to join the marketplace in one click of a button. 

Social media users only need to log into Lobster once to licence their content, and then continue posting their images, videos and audio tracks to their preferred social networks. From there, they will receive 75% of the profits of any sales: easy.

Lobster doesn’t need to change user behaviour or compete with large social media platforms – in fact, they are already in late stage discussions around building partnerships with Instagram, Flick and Facebook.

YouTube was quick to recognise the potential of the new platform and has recently approached Lobster to negotiate a partnership.

The funding raised in this round will help to scale the marketing, sales and tech teams to support these partnerships and the addition of a highly requested subscription model aimed at agencies.

Closing on or before

Lobster IT Limited will close on or before midnight Sunday 6th March.

Company Details

Lobster IT Limited

Shropshire House Capper Street, Wayra Uk Accelerator,
London WC1E 6JA


Lobster is a creative content platform with a twist: it uses existing (and constantly evolving) stockpiles of material to create a marketplace where companies can find and license pictures and videos at a low cost. Its secret? Tap into the self-sustaining world of social media. Lobster has been going from strength to strength since 2014, and has recently been approached by web giant YouTube to negotiate a partnership.

Youtube: https://youtu.be/6MaKpIuqrhk
See Campaign: https://www.syndicateroom.com/lobster
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