Local Farms Fund – NY Foodshed, LLC: a high-impact, socially responsible farmland investment fund

Local Farms Fund – NY Foodshed, LLC

Using patient investment capital, Local Farms Fund fills a crucial role for farmers looking to start a sustainable farm business in the New York Foodshed. Land security and access is often very difficult to obtain, especially for young and early stage farmers. Over two-thirds of farmers cite land access as the biggest obstacle facing young and beginning farmers. Local Farms Fund is one solution to this problem. LFF works with talented farmers that are ready to start their own farming business. Local Farms Fund will buy a farm, while simultaneously entering into a lease-to-own arrangement with the farmer. Under this scenario, the farmer benefits from starting with a lease but has the security of ownership rights, blending the best elements of renting and owning. The farmer is better able to focus on building a successful sustainable farm operation knowing that he or she will be able to own the farm property. The long-term horizon provided leads to more successful and sustainable farms.

Local Farms Fund is a high-impact, socially responsible farmland investment fund that supports early stage, sustainable farmers by providing secure land access.
See Campaign: https://gust.com/companies/localfarmsfund
Contact Information:
Kevin Egolf
David E. Miller

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