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We make Medium: A Publishing Platform.

Medium is rethinking how ideas and stories are shared with the world. We believe:

– Great ideas can come from anywhere
– People create better things together
– Design matters at a deep level

We also care deeply about how media shapes the lives of individuals and the decisions of society — and we think it can be better.

We have a world-class engineering and design team, which we are looking to grow slowly and deliberately. Let us know if you’re interested.


  • Evan Williams

    CEO of Medium. Co-founder, Twitter, Blogger, Obvious.


  • Series A
    Jan 28, 2014

INVESTORS from previous rounds

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  • Bobbie Johnson

    A decade covering tech and launching media products at the Guardian, GigaOM and more. Crowdfunded + started up publisher MATTER, sold to Obvious Corp.

  • Grant Oladipo

    Building things @Medium

  • Joe Cheung

    I do recruiting stuff for eero, previously at Medium, Greylock, Yammer, Google, Netflix, Salesforce, Microsoft and Gravity.

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  • Paul Ford
    I believe very deeply that great digital tools can help writers to organize their thoughts and achieve their goals. It’s always going to be up to the writer to think hard and craft their sentences and paragraphs, but a good, low-distraction workbench more
  • Raymond Nasr
    Obvious is focused on transforming the way ideas are developed and delivered in the era of of the public Internet. I believe this is a mission of incredible significance.
  • Craig Mod

    Advisor: @Medium@SmartNews
    Mentor at @500 Startups@Designer Fund
    Investor: @Stripe@GitHub
    Previously: @Flipboard

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  • Biz Stone

    Co-founder of Twitter. My current job is CEO of Jelly Industries.

  • David Sze
    Board Member

    OPERATOR – Prod Dev/Mkting
    ✦Crystal Dynamics/Producer
    ✦Facebook/Board Observer

Medium is rethinking how ideas and stories are shared with the world.
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