Mixiple – A platform for artists, creatives, and fans.

Mixiple is the social network that artists, creatives, and fans have been craving. Since you can’t eat likes or favs, Mixiple built a platform where real artists can get paid with real money. Don’t just build your following. Build your career.


Social media is one of the truly disruptive technologies to come out the past few decades. It’s connected artists to their fans in ways never thought possible. Instead of using a middleman—a producer, a label, an agent—to connect to fans, artists can now take right to Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and countless others to connect directly with their fans.

It’s a win-win, right? You build a following, and fans get to interact with their favorite artists.

Just one problem.

Much as we love the likes, the favs, and the retweets, it’s difficult to turn that recognition into actual money. Remember money? The kind that’s accepted in venues all over the world in exchange for food, housing, and vinyl records?


Mixiple thinks it’s time to change that.

That’s why we’ve built the first platform that allows you to connect with like-minded people, exchange ideas, showcase your talent and your art, and get rewarded with real money.  

Mixiple started as a small niche site for independent musicians and arrangers to promote original material. When we added the ability to collaborate and exchange ideas, Mixiple exploded to 100,000 users.

We’ve since evolved into the social network for artists, creatives, and fans.


Open or Closed: Your Choice
Mixiple uses the social networking interface you know and love, so there’s no learning curve. Just jump in and start using it.

Video, Audio, Photo, Text
You can share almost anything, just like you would on other sites. Share with everyone, or add friends to share with a closed, intimate group of people (great for collaboration). Your choice.

Artist Duels
On Mixiple, artists can duel other artists to wish cash money. Post your work, and registered users vote on your performance to determine the winner. 100 artists have been discovered on our duel platform… you could be next!

Promote Yourself
Both present and future features center around building your platform:

  • Duels
  • Live performances
  • Content (posted universally or to a friend’s wall)
  • Advertisements

Powerful Editing Tools
Mixiple doesn’t just host your art- it also gives you a powerful platform to create, mix, and collaborate with a full suite of editing tools.

  • Upload→ Edit → Promote → Get paid→ Get discovered

Virtual Gifts
Mixiple even includes a virtual gift platform, so your fans can send you fan pics, you can send a track, or you can wish Grandpa Phil a happy birthday. Mixiple is powered by its community, and community is powered by generosity.


Through nothing more than good old-fashioned word-of-mouth, we’re growing at 3 to 5 percent every month.

We currently include support for four languages:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Ukrainian

…with more languages on the way.

Version 3.0 was released earlier this year, with many bigger and better things to come. Mixiple is becoming the platform for emerging artists.


Serge Dymkov has a bachelor degree in computer science and music. He is the inventor for “Method and system for aircraft data and portfolio management” (patent number 7418323). He worked as a senior developer for such companies as Wells Fargo, JDA Software, APS (Electric Company). His recent position is at The Aircraft Group as a Chief Software Architect.

Igor is a businessman, producer, innovator, writer, director, and an award winning composer, has a bachelor degree in music. Worked on projects such as Taffy was Born, Laws of Deception, Amorphous, Biosphere, and Die in The Future, etc. Founder of several successful businesses. Author of several screenplays. Composed, arranged and orchestrated the CD called Through Time to Eternity. Igor created a new style of music called ObO that will be utilized in the upcoming film, Amorphous.

Mixiple is the social network that artists, creatives, and fans have been craving. Since you can’t eat likes or favs, Mixiple built a platform where real artists can get paid with real money. Don’t just build your following. Build your career.
See Campaign: https://www.fundable.com/mixiple
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Serge Dymkov
Igor Dymkov

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