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A MÖBLER Livingroom- Interiors by Emelie and Ellen
A MÖBLER Livingroom- Interiors by Emelie and Ellen


We offer our investors a possibility to be part of building a new unique concept in Asia Pacific, potential of great future growth and to gain healthy return.


  • Möbler brings unique Scandinavian antiques and vintage furniture to Asia for the first time


  • Sales are made through our own online auction platform and our own application
  • Direct sales to interior designers


  • The vintage furniture market is booming in Asia
  • Minimal supply of unique vintage furniture in Asia
  • Scandinavian design is highly popular
  • The interior trend of mixing modern furniture with old has come to Asia
  • Furniture market is expected to grow with 17% every year
  • The scalable opportunities for Möbler are huge and the goal is to expand second year to Shanghai, followed by Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Jakarta and Sydney
  • E-commerce and m-commerce is growing exponentially


  • The founder and CEO, Emelie Hedén lived in Singapore for six years
  • Worked in the furniture industry and had her own successful vintage business
  • She has great relationships with antique dealers in Sweden that will streamline the purchase process
  • She has good relationships with media and interior designers in Singapore and a personal network of 30,000
  • Emelie Hedén won Venture Cup spring 2015

What´s in it for you?

  • Revenue is expected to increase with 100% every year for five years
  • Investor to break even at the beginning of year three
  • Profit margins are high due to low cost of goods and premium pricing, net profit margin: 60% and gross profit margin: 90%
  • We expect to break even already after the first container
  • Our goal is to provide our investors dividend already the second year
Happy winner of Venture Cup 2015. Emelie Hedén
Happy winner of Venture Cup 2015. Emelie Hedén

Möbler´s Founder and CEO Emelie Hedén won the entreprenuership competition Venture Cup with her business plan in may 2015. She won the category People & Society and was one of the winners out of 300. The jury´s motivation was: “Fantastic idea that is scalable and has great potential! A great strength lies with the driven founder with a strong interest in the export of Sweden to Asia”.


The background to the desire to open up Möbler came when Emelie was looking frantically for unique vintage furniture in Singapore. She found a trader with a large stock of old furniture. The two decided to collaborate and Emelie opened a store: Re(tro)born in her own living room and were open every other Sunday. Sales and interest among customers were far above expectations, despite very little marketing. The need for unique vintage furniture was evident and the idea of bringing Scandinavian vintage furniture to Asia was born. The need is due to the fact that the Singaporean consumer is well travelled and often follow trends from Europe and now have embraced the trend to mixing new furniture with old. However there are hardly any unique European vintage or antique furniture to be found.

Emelie also assisted the owner of her former employer Dream Interiors (an exclusive furniture company in Singapore) when selling vintage furniture from Europe. Once again the interest of the furniture and the willingness to pay premium prices of vintage was evident. During the three years as Marketing Manager at Dream Interiors, the market even more expressed the desire for unique vintage and antique furniture. Editors at furniture magazines and interior designers all expressed in unison “Hurry up, come! Singapore needs you.” Since the discovery of the gap Emelie has examined the neighboring markets and realized that the same need exists also there. However we have decided to focus on Singapore the first year as that is where we have most market knowledge, know how and network.

1950s Retro mirror
1950s Retro mirror


Some styles and items Möbler brings to Singapore have not been seen in Singapore before, or Asia Pacific. Singaporeans will be the first in Asia given the opportunity to decorate their home with unique Scandinavian antiques. Möbler brings furniture produced in 1700s to 1960s. Styles such asSwedish Retro, Gustavian, Rococo, Allmoge, Country/Shabby chic, Industrial, Baroque. A grand mix of furniture, chairs, lighting and character adding accessories. Compared to the few competitors of Möbler we have a wide collection and sell styles never seen before in Asia. The first year Emelie will do the purchase in Scandinavia herself, to the second have created strong relationships enough to place accurate orders from Singapore – in order to streamline the purchasing process. Möbler will ship at least three containers per year per country, purchased at various supplying partners in Scandinavia, for more info see document: SIX YEAR PLAN AND BUDGET. Products are photographed before shipped to Singapore and meanwhile the container sails PR, sales towards interior designers and the auction platform is prepared.

Sales will be made through online auctions, via the website and our own application. Singaporeans often live a hectic life, trying to juggle work with family life. The customers can do their bidding and purchase online from home, in the taxi or on the plane from computer/iPad/smartphone, which saves time for the customer. The innovative way of purchasing via online auction might also add excitement for the customer, it is proven that winning an auction create more positive feelings compared to normal physical or online purchase. It does not exist any online auctions in Singapore today, which will further make the customer feel unique. The auction process can also create a feeling of control, instead of getting prompted by sales staff. Customers will also be able to view, try and feel the products before bidding at online auction, which gives peace of mind. They take little risk compared if they would buy directly from Europe. It is proven that the majority of the Singaporeans still need the ”touch and feel” component when shopping.

Online auction platform and application
Online auction platform and application



MÖBLER AB is entering the completely untapped market of vintage furniture in Asia Pacific. Möbler will sell unique Scandinavian antiques and vintage furniture through online auctions, through our own auction platform and own application. Join a unique concept with a huge market, fantastic profit potential and scalable opportunities.
See Campaign: https://www.fundedbyme.com/en/campaign/4946/mobler/?type=e&button=tile&from=browse
Contact Information:
Emelie Hedén
Erik Jansson
Ninos Martin

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