Mouche: an aspirational e-commerce boutique and a stylish city apartment showroom

Mouche, the women’s luxury fashion brand is re-launching as an aspirational e-commerce boutique and a stylish city apartment showroom. Mouche stands out in the crowd by providing hand-picked, regionally exclusive or hard to find, high-end pieces from exciting international designers as well as Mouche’s own designer brand. Mouche further differentiates with flawless retail management and people excellence, providing industry leading customer experience with the most personalised approach, rich in visual content with an exceptionally close attention to detail. An opportunity to join us on this exciting journey of becoming the leading Scandinavian women’s, high-end fashion brand is now made available

Investor proposal

An opportunity to join this unique game changing fashion company is now made available. We are offering a chance to be part of one of the most exciting industries in a sector that has witnessed y-o-y growth and a journey into the world of high-end fashion. We are forecasting a healthy profit potential and project a money multiple of:
7,3 times the investment within 5 years.
Our investors will receive a special VIP-members card that entitles you to all our seasonal pre-launches, VIP-soirees and events as well as an exclusive Mouche discount card applicable on all Mouche products.


The problem this product solves

Research and our own expertise has highlighted:
1) Brand scarcity: many sought after designer brands that appear in fashion magazines and media are not available in Sweden. 
2) Personalisation and customer experience: The Scandinavian market is substantially trailing global e-commerce innovators.
3) Innovative retail and customer services: The quality in the local market is not comparable to leading foreign suppliers.
The local women’s high-end fashion market is failing to respond to these 3 key areas allowing huge revenues to be lost abroad. This is a threat to the Swedish fashion market though also highlights an exciting and very real opportunity.

How the product solves it

Mouche, a leader in introducing new international designers to Sweden for the past 12 years, has only been available in the west of Sweden through one boutique in Gothenburg.
With a new focus on 3 key areas: e-commerce, customer experience and innovative services, Mouche is now being launched to the whole of Scandinavia. 
The new e-commerce platform will provide a visual and content rich, personalised experience. Customers will be taken on an exquisite journey.
Mouche will deliver innovative customer services placing our customers central to everything we do. VIP events, styling, personal shopping, beauty advice and more will be available.


Product features

Mouche will always endeavor to look for the most sought after, though hard to find designers, capitalising on our extensive industry relations and creating a catalogue truly unique within the region.
Unlike our competitors Mouche™ is trademarked and will have an ‘own brand’ line offering attractive margins. Satu Manganas is the main designer of the brand but is also planning collaborations with other designers.
The Apartment
The Apartment, a boutique showroom that invites the public into an inspirational space and into the world of the Mouche-girl is where we offer personal shopping and styling services and host exclusive fashion events. 

Product use cases

The Mouche-girl is looking for something different to stand out in the crowd, they appreciate style and quality and have active, busy lives often travelling extensively. They desire quick access to their favourite brands and content while doing so in the company of like-minded individuals. The new Mouche will provide this in store and online, while also providing exclusive events across platforms, for example sneak previews for customers online but also at social soirees. Mouche will provide an exquisite experience to their Mouche-girls, a platform to buy their style and talk lifestyle.


Target Market

Over 6 million females in Scandinavia shop online more than once a month and clothing being in the top categories, forecast to double in volume over the next 3 years.
Research indicates that these shoppers choose to shop abroad due to brand scarcity though would prefer to shop at local, regional suppliers.
Mouche’s customer base consists of 5000 women, 1500 regular customers that are standing on our doorstep within the Gothenburg region. The new model now also opens the door to the rest of the 6mill + female online shoppers across Scandinavia.

Competitive landscape

The current competitive landscape in the high-end fashion industry in Scandinavia is limited and consequently substantial gaps remain. The two nearest comparable competitors are showing y-o-y increases of between 50-80%. Brands are realising the need to become more social, personalised and to provide richer content though none delivering to a required standard. The consumer in the luxury market appreciates a deeper personal experience when purchasing high value items, an experience that the current competitors do not provide. The Mouche team possess both the skills and experience required to provide the market with the much needed high end shopping experience.

Unique differentiator from competitors

Mouche will define market position by providing:
• access to ‘exclusive’ or hard to find and sought after style
• a high quality own brand line that competitors do not have
• best of class customer service and exceptional personalised customer experience both online and off, driven by flawless retail management and people excellence.
• innovative online social functionality, VIP program and services.
• the most compelling inspirational online content
• a community, a fashion tribe and actively seek to engage, through a variety of means that
competitors do not.
Executed by the most experienced management team in the market.

Business Model

Company revenue streams

Company revenue streams
Key revenue streams are:
1. Designer clothing
2. Mouche own brand clothing
3. Designer shoes and accessories
4. Professional services
5. Corporate events
Streams 1-3 will be rapidly grown through the new ecommerce platform. These are the primary streams for the business. Streams 4-5 will be new launches for Mouche and also accessible online in the main.

Product/service distribution

Product distribution will be instore purchase or online customers will have multiple choices of receiving their garments.
Instore customers will experience services befitting of luxury sector clientele, impeccably delivered. Our services, distribution of products and customer care will be market leading, our attention to detail, second to none.
Online customers will have a content rich and personalised shopping experience like no other. First contact, hand written notes, through to after sales will form part of the Mouche experience where digital customers receive just as lavish an experience as our instore customers.


Previous milestones/traction


Next key objectives

Headline strategic objectives for next 18 months:
Phase 1:
• Launch new ‘Apartment’ – in Gothenburg and Stockholm
• Complete e-commerce platform and launch
• Activate post launch strategy
• Start building Mouche online community
• Activate inbound/outbound marketing strategies and grow online
• Hit forecast sales.
Phase 2:
• Grow product lines with more exclusive designers
• Grow product range of Mouche brand
• Develop Mouche-girl community and VIP programme
• Implement innovative technologies that further the Mouche market position and philosophy.
• Revise and develop Mouche content.
Phase 3:
• Increase Scandinavian foot print
• Increase product lines

Previous Financing

Key investors are already in place. To date, 1.5 Mill SEK has been raised and we are now offering 1 Mill SEK in B shares to the FundedByMe community.


Best in class partners…
Fashion PR
Exclusive agency in Sweden will drive brand campaigns with Scandinavian bloggers and key magazines, Elle, Damernas Värld, StyleBy, Costume and Cover.
Made People – e-commerce web developers.  
They will have an ongoing retainer to manage the technicals aspects of the new platform.
Be Better Online – digital inbound marketing agency.
Customers include Bokia, Regent Row, Hunky Dory and Inet to name a few. On retainer as SEO/inbound marketing, assisting with marketing strategy implementation.
Aorta – professional photographers, fashion focused.
Customers include Harvey Nicholas, GQ and Elle. Aorta will provide aspirational content for Mouche.

Industry Recognition

Industry Certification/Awards


Use of Funds

Funds raised will be used collectively across operations of the business and also further include:
– Launch and growth across Scandinavia
– Ecommerce platform and community development
– Product line development

Mouche, the women’s luxury fashion brand is re-launching as an aspirational e-commerce boutique and a stylish city apartment showroom. Mouche stands out in the crowd by providing hand-picked, regionally exclusive or hard to find, high-end pieces from exciting international designers as well as Mouche’s own designer brand.
See Campaign: https://www.fundedbyme.com/en/campaign/7385/mouche/?type=e&button=tile&from=browse
Contact Information:
Johanna Börjesson-Silver

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