Mowdo – Uber-like Convenience for the $74B US Lawn Care Industry

Thanks to Mowdo, lawn care has never been easier. Mowdo matches local lawn care professionals with neighbors who request lawn care through our app or website. Think Uber for lawn care.

With funding from Seattle-based startup accelerator 9Mile Labs, our iOS app is all but finished. We’ve filed patents for our tech and have already started forming partnerships with professional lawn care providers, realtors, and HOAs across the country.

Led by a team of experienced entrepreneurs who have already exited a prior startup, built software for for John Deere, Booking.com and helped scale companies such as Instacart and HomeGuruz. We are the right team to bring the Uber for lawn care to market.


Mowing your lawn sucks.

According to Consumer Reports, there are three things that Americans wish they didn’t have to do:

We can’t promise that there is an app to avoid your in-laws or the dentist, but we do have a solution the third worst problem ever. And it’s about time, isn’t it?

There are huge inefficiencies in scheduling, invoicing, and ability to quickly find reliable lawn care providers.

Why should you spend just as long searching for, vetting, and price quoting multiple lawn care crews in your neighborhood as it takes them to actually do the job you’re hiring them for? Or as a lawn care provider, isn’t spending hours tracking down late payments getting a bit stale?

The lawn care industry is ripe for innovation from both the consumer and service provider side of the business. Today you can use Yelp or Angie’s List, but none of these provide upfront pricing and the convenience of vetted providers at the click of a button.


Mowdo is the first app of its kind to take the on-demand features that have made apps like Uber, Airbnb, and Handy a sensation — features like dynamic pricing and localized market data — and apply them to the lawn care industry.

App-based services are making everything from ride sharing to grocery shopping as easy as the swipe of a screen. In the untapped lawn care industry, Mowdo is pioneering the way using the same proven concept today’s generation has come to love. Simply request, review, and pay for your lawn care instantly.

With Mowdo, you can instantly find reliable lawn care in your neighborhood. We provide verified lawn specialists who are liability insured and always affordable.

Our patent-pending system provides instant pricing and access to the best lawn care providers in your area. Payment is securely handled through the app and you receive picture confirmation each time one of our providers services your lawn.


Mowdo simplifies and streamlines lawn care for users and service providers alike.

Mowdo is a full service lawn care company. You can schedule anything that takes place outside your home through our app from gutter cleaning, to pressure washing, to weeding, or a simple mow of the lawn.

With Mowdo, you never have to worry about following up on scheduling or sourcing a vetted provider again — we take care of it for you!

It’s simple really: Just do a good job and Mowdo will take care of the rest.

Don’t worry about getting stiffed on payment ever again — with Mowdo, payment is guaranteed. Mowdo also helps you save money by handling your marketing efforts.

Get better leads. Get paid quicker. Get Mowdo.

Based off of service provider’s pricing history, we ask questions about the lawn condition supported by a picture, timing of when it needs done, size of lawn, etc, instantly crunch all that data and provide you with a price on the spot.

Sometimes, homeowners may pay slightly more or slightly less, but we get as close as possible and provide as good of an estimate as you would get over the phone calling a lawn care provider yourself.

You pay the service provider upfront for the first job, but if you like their work and continue to keep working with them, every payment thereafter is auto charged through the app once they confirm the job is done and send you a photo confirmation.

John is a new homeowner and busy father. His yard is a great place for the kids to play, but mowing the lawn is not a fun chore. He doesn’t have time to do any landscaping and doesn’t want to spend money on a lawn mower he won’t have time to use. John also works on the side as a realtor and finds Mowdo to be the perfect solution for all his needs: save money, spend time with his family, and keep up the curb appeal of his home listings.

Sharron is a 60-year-old widow with no family nearby to help with home maintenance. She likes growing organic vegetables in her garden, but being in the sun pushing a mower has become a burden at her age. She needs all the help she can get around the house. Turning to Mowdo allows her to focus on the maintenance work she enjoys while getting reliable help for the work she can’t manage.


Our Beta earlier this year was a huge success: we received over $500,000 worth of requests! We’ve since expanded our service area to include Atlanta, GA as well.

We’ve also filed patents (still pending) as it relates to our proprietary labor allocation and instant quoting of lawn services.

Thumbtack, Trugreen, and Homeadvisor have all agreed to partnerships to scale our services and meet demand in new markets. We also have other partnerships in the works with realtors and HOA’s across the country.

We’ve also been featured in GeekWire, Nerdwallet, Silicon Prairie News, Rolling Out, and The Huffington Post.

Up next: secure funding which will enable us to expand to the entire southeast US. We plan to hit 5,500 recurring customers by the end of 2016, resulting in $7 million in revenue.

We’ll also be piloting Snowdo this winter! For a flat rate subscription fee, our service providers are guaranteed to clear your snow no matter what day or hour. ⅓ of our current lawn care providers already offer snow services which makes this a smart market to hit next.

Our previous investor is willing to match any future investment up to $250K. Please request access to the Business Plan tab of this profile for full funding details.


Mowdo was founded by experienced entrepreneurs who have previously worked at venture backed startups helping to design, scale, and reinvent everything from the way we buy cars (@Tred) to the way you book hotels (booking.com).

Mowdo actually started as a means to bootstrap another startup we were working on when we realized how big of an industry it was and pivoted our focus to this instead.

Serial entrepreneur and former PR executive, Mike has been the first hire at numerous venture-backed startups, helping to scale operations and drive millions in sales. He maintains a ton of press connections from his time in the PR world which will help bring major publicity to Mowdo.

Formerly of John Deere, Ben is an experienced software engineer with domain expertise in the commercial and residential landscaping industry.

Adam N. is an award winning designer and experienced illustrator.

Former economist with expertise into the housing markets, Bo is now a lead web designer building our web presence.  

Adam F. is a former Instacart GM who scaled operations at a startup now valued at more than $2B.


Thanks to Mowdo, lawn care has never been easier. Mowdo matches local lawn care professionals with neighbors who request lawn care through our app or website. Think Uber for lawn care.
See Campaign: https://www.fundable.com/mowdo
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Mike Fingado
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