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Nomnom makes it easier for people to be fit & healthy. We are a social community & marketplace for health & fitness.

We have 50K+ users across web and mobile and are revenue generating (Oct 15).

Our app is designed like traditional social networks (Facebook/Instagram) but with a built in eCommerce platform where people can buy fitness plans, recipes guides and personal training services directly from other people.

Our users share their goals, daily meals & workouts, message & learn directly from other people just like them to be healthier.

What’s unique about us:

-INSTANT INSPIRATION: Be inspired to be healthy within seconds for free.
-UNIQUE TECH: We match you to people just like you and professionals.
-MARKETPLACE: A Person to Person health & fitness marketplace and software impacting the industry. People no longer need to be alone when wanting to be healthier. We are helping people through a mobile and web intuitive solution.

Intended impact

1 – People
We make it easier for people to be healthier through our approach and technology.

We found current methods involve reading ready-made stale information (one size fits all) or following crash diets & extreme measures. Additionally we believe people often feel alone & confused as there is too much contrasting information online & in the media.

Nomnom simplifies this as we give people an easy way to connect to people just like them. Our technology matches people with the same goal and characteristics, such as someone looking to lose fat from London & works full time will be matched to someone similar or someone who’s been through it before. We allow them to share their knowledge, ask questions and feel supported so they can begin to achieve goals together.

We have kept our design and UX similar to social media apps so it gives people instant familiarity & ease of use prompting them to use it regularly.

2 – The Industry
We are aiming to impact the whole industry with Nomnom.
As far as we know many personal trainers and other health professionals still use diaries, notepads on tablets to track, manage and work with their clients. Our platform is changing this as we give them tailor made software from which they can generate income, manage clients and grow their business.

To our knowledge, the health & fitness industry is still being operated the same way as it was 10 years ago and we aim to impact the market with bringing a mobile and web platform that gives the industry its own network that they all can benefit from. Such as:

– Getting unique and relevant data for companies (health habits, exercise choices, types of food, clothing, most common issues).
– Health information data for the government, no of people diabetic, lactose intolerant etc.
– Direct access to thousands of health & fitness enthusiasts in one place to market their products, communicate and get feedback from.
– Tailored advertising.
– Recruitment and many more.

We provide them with a complete end-to-end solution and are an early mover with our product.

2. intended impact

Substantial accomplishments to date

We have done well in the last 6 months at Nomnom:

• All development, design and technology made and completed by the team with no external help.
• Released our iOS App on the App Store on 17 Feb 2015.
• 50K+ users across web and mobile.
• App users from 132 countries.
• Revenue generating with monetisation started late October 2015.
• More than 10,000 social media fans.
• More than 20,000 people have visited our web blog and store.
• Secured trademark for Nomnom in the UK.
• In talks with NHS, Amir Khan’s agent & have worked with numerous health brands such as Savse, Protein Bakery, Wheyhey etc.
• October 2015 – Updated our app to include Video, Multiple Images and many more features.
• October 2015 – Launched the Nomnom Web Store and Web Version.

3. accomplishments


Use of proceeds

The funds raised will be used in the following areas:
1 – Grow our marketplace and improve its features by adding messaging and a dashboard for sellers.
2 – Launch Apple Watch version with Healthkit integration to capture data.
3 – Develop Android Version.
4 – Develop tablets versions for iPad, Android and Windows.
5 – On-going improvements to our iOS App.

Nomnom makes it easier for people to be fit & healthy. We are a social community & marketplace for health & fitness.
We have 50K+ users across web and mobile and are revenue generating (Oct 15).
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Contact Information:
Shan Hanif
Yasin keyani
Jordan Wilson
Linas Vildziunas

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