Nutric – The next generation drinkable power meal!: a healthy and complete drinkable meal that contains all your daily nutritions!

Nutric – The next generation drinkable power meal!


Nutric – healthy, fast, friendly and tasty food!

We all love eating good food but sometimes you just want to save some time, money and effort to focus on other things. Whether it’s work, sports, travel, pleasure or something else, this is the time to enjoy a quick and healthy Nutric meal.

Nutric is a drinkable supermeal that fulfills daily nutrition recommendations in less then 2 minutes. We’ve developed Nutric to be the fastest and healthiest drinkable meal available. Just add water to make a meal that contains all the nutrients you need.

Food should not only be tasty and healthy, the environment is just as important nowadays! That’s exactly why we focus on this as well, with our CO2 friendly production process, almost no food waste and the energy you save at home by eating a Nutric meal is already making the world a better place!

 Saving up to 50% of carbon emissions on every meal!

  • Healthy, fast and affordable
  • Different tastes available and more to come
  • All the nutrients you need
  • Only the best proteins for gaining more strength
  • Eat only what you need and even lose weight
  • Environment friendly (CO2 reduction, less food waste and energy saving)

No matter how hard you try, a perfect and healthy meal every time is not realistic. Working as a model I know how hard it is to get the food you need, it takes time and effort and that’s not always a possibility. We make healthy eating possible even when in a hurry, by putting all the ingredients you need together in a wonderful shake.

Media and quotes


Alex Benjamin – “It’s practically a substitute for all my meals. Except some social obligations and a burger now and then ? but apart from that I’ll keep it with Nutric.”


Brother in law – “I’m using it before, after and even during my workout this way i’ll never run low on energy again!”

Mira Osawa – “As a model I have to keep a close eye on my weight, with Nutric i can do just that and don’t have to worry about getting enough vitamins and proteins.”

J.L. Rigter – “Put some ice-cubes with it in the blender, maybe even a banana after a short night and you’ll get the most delicious and fresh meal”

Mark Kneimann – “Starting my day with Nutric, can’t think of anything better to fulfill my needs”

Why Nutric?

Nutric has everything your body needs. We are working with food experts from Germany to make sure our product fulfills the daily recommendations for energy, protein, vitamins and micronutrients. It’s also packed with natural phytonutrients, antioxidants and healthy fatty acids.
So far we’ve produced hundreds of test meals and mixed dozens of flavors only to come up with our top three; banana, vanille and chocolate. We are grateful for all the enthousiasts who helped testing and providing us with the feedback we needed. We actually believe Nutric is the greatest tasting, best looking and environmentally friendliest product out there!
  • Boost your productivity and stay in flow
  • Avoid afternoon sleepiness and sugar crash
  • Concentrate on what you do best
  • Get everything your body needs
  • Reduce your CO2 footprint

Together we can make the world a better place ?

Eat healthy, safe time and money, cut on carbon emissions and lower your energy costs! What do we need to say more? Ok but we can’t do this alone, this is why we need your help:

Production – Packaging – Shipping and logistics.

  • We do not only get the best ingredients and make sure it tastes good, we also make sure the company’s we work with make as little of an impact on the environment as possible.  
  • All our products are certified for US an European markets, produced and controlled only by professionals.
  • Together with talented designers and webdevelopers we want to create a brand that stands for a tasty, simple but good looking product that put’s a smile on your face. We printed the label on a recycled paper bag and that feels good.
  • In order to deliver the product to your doorstep as fast as possible we work with top level delivering companies from who we know the put a lot of effort in CO2 reduction.




A single meal contains 500 kcal of energy and 30 grams of protein, vitamins A, D, E, K, C, B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, B12, B7, B5 and all 14 essential minerals.

What else?

  • Fruit powder – Why it tastes so good!
  • Whey protein – The best protein with BCAA’s
  • Oat flour – Slow carbohydrates and fibre, vitamin B6
  • Cacao powder – A touch of flavor
  • Ground flaxseed – Fiber and omega 3 fatty acids
  • Vitamin powder – Vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates
  • Soy flour – Full fat, roasted soy! Rich in healthy, omega – 3 and 6 vegetable fats, and full of protein, fiber and zinc!
Made with great care to preserve nutrients, no sweetners or artificial ingredients and Nutric is vegan.



calories  2119     kcal  
carbohydrates 267 g
of which sugar 30 g
protein 134 g
fat 53 g
saturated 8.15 g
monounsaturated 15 g
polyunsaturated 26.6 g
omega-3 fatty acids 5.4 g
omega-6 fatty acids               20.5 g
fiber 32.5


vitamin A 3000     IU            100%         RDI
vitamin B6 1.4 mg 100% RDI
vitamin B12 2.5 µg 100% RDI
vitamin C 80 mg 100% RDI
vitamin D 600 IU 100% RDI
vitamin E 20 IU 99% RDI
vitamin K 75 µg 100% RDI
thiamin 2.4 mg 219% RDI
riboflavin 1.4 mg 100% RDI
niacin 15.9 mg 99% RDI
folate 200 µg 100% RDI
pantothenic acid   6 mg 100% RDI
biotin 50 µg 100% RDI
choline 551 mg 100% RDI


calcium 0.8           g              100%             RDI
chloride 0.8 g 100% RDI
chromium 40 µg 100% RDI
copper 1 mg 100% RDI
iodine 150 µg 100% RDI
iron 23.3 mg 166% RDI
magnesium 376 mg 100% RDI
manganese 7.2 mg 359% RDI
molybdenum    207 µg 413% RDI
phosphorus 1.58 g 226% RDI
potassium 3.1 g 155% RDI
selenium 62 µg 112% RDI
sodium 1.49 g 99% RDI
sulfur 0.39 g 49% RDI
zinc 12.3 mg 123% RDI

Risks & Challenges

Transparency is what we value, feel free to join the conversation and ask questions. We’re working hard to make this product as good as possible and we will face our challenges bravely. If in any case there will be changes or unforeseen problems we will update you guys right away.

Deliveries are estimated to start in January 2016. Follow our campaign and keep posted of the latest news and updates!

Share the love

Of course we can’t do this by ourselves that’s why we’re here reaching out for you! If you like our product or believe in Nutric as much as we do, feel free to share this project with your friends and family. Thanks for now and we hope to hear from you!

The Nutric team

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Nutric is a drinkable supermeal that fulfills daily nutrition recommendations in less then 2 minutes. We’ve developed Nutric to be the fastest and healthiest drinkable meal available. Just add water to make a meal that contains all the nutrients you need.
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