The Journey:

In 2009, I started taking on small guitar projects after I would come home from my day job. I became fascinated with aging guitar parts and creating something that was interesting yet playable. Before long, I was selling aged guitar parts, kits, and full guitars with no name. 

John Palir - Builder
John Palir – Builder


 In 2012, I decided to make a push and build complete guitars under my own name and lay to rest selling guitar parts. In 2014, I was able to go full-time building guitars for a living.

It was that year, a close friend pushed me further out of my comfort zone and suggested I should exhibit for the first time at Summer NAMM in Nashville, TN. 

John & Katie Summer NAMM 2014 (before the madness) - First Trade Show.
John & Katie Summer NAMM 2014 (before the madness) – First Trade Show.


Palir Guitars - Summer NAMM 2015 - Nashville, TN (Second Trade Show)
Palir Guitars – Summer NAMM 2015 – Nashville, TN (Second Trade Show)


Fast forward to 2016, and Palir Guitars has continued to grow. The Palir Guitars Facebook page currently has over 26,000 fans and an Instagram page with over 16,500 followers. We have also opened up the door for a handful of Authorized Dealers and are now in a few stores across the globe. 

So far we have been able to boot strap Palir Guitars from the ground up. The road has not been easy. Many days still require 16-18 hours, even a few 24 hours stretches, and weekends to keep things moving. We now need that little extra push to finish setting the necessary tools in place to improve our production time and efficiency. There have been a lot of ups, downs and extreme challenges along the way… 

and that is why I am here…

The Goal:

With your help, I will be able to execute a much needed upgrade and expansion to the work shop. This will improve overall production, operations, lead-times, and also help us offer a wider range custom options. 

Shop Upgrades Needed:

– An improved Dust Collection System. 

– Upgraded Jigs & Tools to improve quality and expand custom options. 

– A small Shop Expansion for a climate controlled painting area. 

– A Vacuum for our CNC table to improve material hold down. 

– Tables for added work specific stations to help improve overall production and operations; this includes a table for running binding channels, sanding tables, and router tables. Often we lose valuable time setting up and tearing down work stations between jobs. This will allow us to be more efficient and improve our production time. 

The week our CNC was delivered.
The week our CNC was delivered.

Help a guitar builder upgrade & expand his work shop, improve production, operations, and provide a wider range of custom options. With our goal met, we will be able to continue refining Palir Guitars and keep growing. Should we exceed our goal, we will be able venture into new territory for the company.

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John Palir

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