Patronus Medical Technology, Inc.: Developing and marketing advanced biosurgical products to China’s large, untapped surgery market

Patronus Medical Technology, Inc. (Patronus) is incorporated in Delaware and located in New Jersey.

It holds 84% equity of its Beijing subsidiary, Nash Biosurgical International Ltd. (Nash), which is dedicated to develop, manufacture, register and market advanced biosurgical products used for hemostasis (stop of bleeding) and tissue repair in surgeries (including increasingly popular laparoscopic procedures) in China.

Despite advanced biosurgical materials have long been accepted in the U.S., China’s market is dominated by early generation products. Multi-national companies face regulatory uncertainties. Few, including Johnson & Johnson (J&J) and Baxter, are able to offer advanced biosurgical products. Chinese companies mostly offer low-end products.

Our 1st product is an advanced hemostasis product. Having completed preclinical animal testing, we are ready to build a production facility and bring the product to clinical trial.


We are bringing advanced biosurgical products to surgeons in China, where multi-nationals are only able to offer limited products and domestic companies mostly offer early-generation products.

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Tao Jiang

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