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Meet the Forty2: the portable solar generator that creates outlets where there are none!

The same technology that can power you through a natural disaster can also power a hospital in remote areas. Billions of people don’t have the access to the power that they really need to thrive, much less survive. We help people in the US stay connected and safe. But we also help people in developing countries who are unable to refrigerate medicine, and those who have lost power to tragedy are unable to power appliances that are needed to get their lives back on track.

That’s why we’ve created solar energy that can be moved to power anything you need anywhere there’s a sun!

We are a simpler, more powerful solution to the energy problem with the Forty2: the portable renewable energy source that can truly change lives.


Power is probably something you take for granted. As you’re reading this on your computer or tablet, you probably don’t even think of an incredible thing it is to have the energy to power your phone, laptop, fridge, everything!

However, for many people, power is not a possibility because of the grid. More than 3 billion people lack grid power either because the grid doesn’t exist in their area or it has been knocked out by a natural disaster.

Some have turned to traditional gas or diesel generators, but they’re toxic, loud, and expensive. In fact, as many as 100 people die each year in the US just from using these dinosours. They create more problems than they solve, especially when it comes to the environment.

We’re trying to make the switch to renewable energy in the US, but we’re not doing a very good job.

Peppermint Energy is already changing that!


Peppermint Energy has created the Forty2: a portable energy source that’s as powerful as you are. We combine energy generation, management, and storage to make the perfect outlet for those who don’t want to or can’t rely on grid power.

We’re a smaller, more powerful unit. At half the cost of a gas generator, we’re perfect for those who want to try solar energy for the first time or who need a new source of energy.

With our lithium ion storage, you could leave the Forty2 alone for 3 months, and it would still have 85% charge. In just a few hours, the Forty2 has enough energy to run a small fridge, a fan, a dozen LED lights, a flat screen TV, your laptop and phone for the whole day!

We make outlets where there are none, so that you can charge your thing while camping, tailgating, or on vacation. Just plug in whatever device you need and charge it wherever and whenever you need to!


Peppermint Energy is all about simple energy that will last, and we bring that idea into every aspect of our design.

We don’t think that renewable energy should be rocket science. That’s why we’ve created an all-in-one design where you just have to put your solar panel in direct sun and plug in your devices, no assembly required!


Our advanced design and electronics mean that it’s compatible with your devices. The Forty2 is built in with USB outlets, wall outlets, DC-out ports, and even international outlets when appropriate. You can store it anywhere: in your garage, your front porch, or even out in the open thanks to our weather resistant design.

We have a modular design, which means that you can connect 2, 4, 10, heck, up to 20 Forty2’s together to get the power you need. We have 4 different variations of the Forty2 that vary in power storage, so you can pick the size that fits your life. We also have 3 different sizes of our Milo solar changes, which are lighter, travel-friendly solar chargers. We also have battery packs, accessories, and hubs to help you make the switch to solar power.

We’re using a simple, all-in-one design to do incredible things all around the world!Our technology can truly change people’s lives, because it allows medicine to be refrigerated and areas to get technology that they wouldn’t be able to have without this power.

We believe in the power of giving back, and we want to continue to provide all the technology and relief we can to areas that don’t have grid power.


People everywhere are trying to key-in on the newest solar trend. Specifically, everyone is trying to key-in on the best way to improve on the solar potential, but many companies are moving toward big installs and are not thinking of portable solutions! We do just the opposite, making us perfect for outdoor retail, on-the-go fun, or whatever life throws at you.

After a successful Kickstarter where we quickly exceeded our $25,000 goal and raised $80,000 in less than a few weeks, we started production and shipping.We’ve launched the first version of our technology and have shipped more than 600 units to 23 countries.

We’re now ready to move forward with version 1.5, which already has more than $750,000 in pending orders!

We are behind the scenes for many outdoor events, and people were spotted using Peppermint Energy at the Bonnaroo Music Fest. We’ve got connections to the Minnesota Business Magazine, CleanTech Open, and Silicon Prairie News. Right now, we have pilot projects in place at several international organizations who will bring Forty2 to the very top!

We’re currently developing 3 new products (which you don’t want us to reveal to the public just yet, right?). We’ve done a lot already, but we want to keep going! To take the next step, we need your help!


In 2011, our founder, Brian Gramm noticed that the world of renewable energy wasn’t doing enough. The world was moving faster and faster, and yet, many people were still reliant on grid energy or bulky generators.

A career start-up junkie who has spearheaded major consulting projects for Fortune 1000 companies, Brian decided to take this problem into his own hands. He looked to improve renewable energy both in the US and abroad to simpler, portable solar energy.

Brian wanted to help those who needed better energy but couldn’t speak up for themselves, and we hold true to his vision as we move the company forward with our team of experts.

An innovative business leader with international experience, Mike was the President/Ceo of both LuquiCell Technologies, Inc. and InMotion. Mike has built up distribution channels and sales avenues for many products on a global scale, and is doing it again with Peppermint Energy. He also mentors business students at the Carlson School at the University of Minnesota and will be able to execute our plan for growth.

With previous experience as the Project Manager with Electric Pulp and the Interactive Strategist with Insight Marketing Design, Brandon is the brains behind keeping all the projects moving forward at Peppermint Energy. Brandon’s main focus is to bring his web-marketing experiences and replicate his past successes at Peppermint Energy.

Daren is a diverse engineer with experience in Photovoltaics, Software Development for the Landsat 7 Image Assessment System and as the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Creative Officer with dx3 Studios. Daren is more than an ‘EE’ – he combines the electrical engineering background with product development and market positioning to bring practical ideas to our products.


As CEO of Envive, Dr. Unruh knows what it takes to run and expand a successful business.

Mike is a retired Dean who understands leadership and order.

The founder of Badlands Capital, Blaine brings leadership skills and advice that will be valuable to our startup.

The same technology that can power you through a natural disaster can also power a hospital in remote areas. Billions of people don’t have the access to the power that they really need to thrive, much less survive. We help people in the US stay connected and safe.
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