PERKS LOYALTY: a mobile loyalty app created to empower small businesses through affordable technolog




The Idea

The idea

Perks Loyalty is a mobile loyalty app created to empower small businesses through affordable technology.

We believe the high street is becoming increasingly dominated by just a handful of corporations who have the brand awareness and resources required to attract customers and keep them coming back. The growing domination of these companies is making it harder than ever for local businesses to compete. We believe it’s time to level the playing field.

The problem we’re solving

There are over 220,000 small businesses in the UK alone, all of which require the same thing for success – a loyal customer base. Yet there is currently no major player offering customer loyalty technology to the small business sector.

Market research has revealed that 70% of a small business’ revenue is generated from just 20% of their customers. Clearly then, if this existing, loyal customer base can be maintained and even increased, small businesses can thrive in this competitive economy.

We believe traditional card based loyalty systems often fail because customers lose or forget their cards and become annoyed by collecting cards from every business they visit.

From the business’ perspective, cards offer zero data for analysis and feedback and once issued, cards can’t be changed to promote new campaigns or services and don’t easily tie in with social media campaigns.

Perks Loyalty has changed the way loyalty systems work.

Customers benefit:

  • No more stuffing wallets with cards from every business.
  • No more losing cards when you’re just one stamp away from a reward!
  • Stay connected with your community. Simply opening up the app will show you all the local businesses on Perks Loyalty, along with their business type, address, basic profile and list of loyalty campaigns and promotions.

Small businesses benefit:

  • Affordable technology. Small businesses are essentially given their own loyalty app – an asset they couldn’t normally afford.
  • Build and maintain loyalty. Easily convert one off customers into loyal ones and maintain current customers by introducing them to Perks Loyalty.
  • Dynamic and adaptable technology. You can create multiple campaigns that cater to your current needs and promote a service or time that is lacking custom.
  • Full analytics. Through the CMS, the business owner can compare the effectiveness of campaigns, see the total number of users, top customers etc.
  • Direct access to customers. Reach customers with push notifications about attractive promotions.

The app is live, so your investment will be put purely towards rapid national growth.

Perks Loyalty is a mobile loyalty app created to empower small businesses through affordable technology. There is nothing more important for the 220,000 small businesses in the UK than maintaining a loyal customer base. Perks makes this easy with a convenient, mobile app that provides full analytics to the business owner.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8tAnImp7gg
See Campaign: https://www.crowdcube.com/investment/perks-loyalty-20663
Contact Information:
Achille Traore
Waleed Shihadah
Tim Edwards
David Mackintosh

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