Phone App: Make your supermarket shopping more scientific

Phone App: Make your supermarket shopping more scientific

App shows what’s more healthy for you base on your personal body info. Make your supermarket shopping healthy & smart. No one does it!

About this project

Why we are making this App? 

I was a 120kg fat guy having a 3 years old loving daughter. She loves me so much than I was expected before being a father. So I decided to lose my weight and get back to healthy life. I believe everyone has the same goal no matter what causes and condition of your body, all of us want a long quality life. To have a better life is our ultimate goal of this App.

We just don’t know! 

Consuming wrong type and quantity of food/drink is the main problem keep us away from being healthy over time. Because most of the facts are hiden behind the ” innocent “looks, such as a small pack of sunflower seeds contains same Calorie as 6 cans of Coke!  Do you also know which brand crisps contains less cal than others? Which meat has bad impact on HBP (high blood pressure)? Which fruit is good for diabetes? Which ice cream contains lowest suger and made by veg oil?  There are many knowledge like these that we don’t know. And we can not know as the businesses are always trying to confuse us from knowing the truth and influence on our purchasing behavior. 

What does the App do?

We are creating an App tells you what food/drink you are buying are good/bad for you base on your personal body info and your personal health condition. Such as your age, weight, gender, blood pressure, blood suger level, fat level, etc. it’s all custom for you. This app demands lots of leg-work in large supermarkets cross several large cities, lots of recording and monitoring job for building up a whole new database which no one has been done before. But we know we can do it with your help and support. Because we have passion in this!

We are planning to start from Barcelona Spain, cover major supermarkets in the city. Then London UK and Glasgow Scotland. Next target will be U.S. and other European countries. 

The app is free to download, user input their body and health info, location, and preferred supermarket, When you are in supermarket, simply click one of the sections icon: Bread for instance, app tells you which bread contains less suger if you are on diet,or which one has less salt if your blood pressure is higher than normal., or which ice cream is suitable for diabetes, or you are struggling to choose between a can of Coke and a pack of biscuit, because you don’t know which one has less fat/suger, then you can select and compare.  The app also contains “Did you know?”, “Forum of healther” , “Knowledge of food”,”Scan Bar code shows facts you want to know”, etc. such as you scan a package of peanut, app tells you the real facts that you want to know, including Cal/pack, not Cal/100g which manufactures usually listed on the back of the package, salt/fat/suger safety level to your body. 

Our team

Our team has two professional doctors helping data analysis, one business manager who knows multiple languages and experienced by successful managing small business and one technical app enginner for app creating and maintains. We need money and time to travel different supermarkets cross cities in Europe and US to build up database, also making a fantastic app demand financial input rather than a low quality UI, difficult to use app. 

One more thing….

We believe “People knowing basic knowledge of health can make their life better”. 

Therefore, One more user of our App = One more happier person on the planet.  Your support can make it becomes true, make humanity one step forward. You are not supporting us, you are supporting your family and love ones around you. 

Thank you…… Keep healthy, becuase you are important. 

Risks and challenges

We supply weekly base report showing the progress of our work, includes which supermarket we are collecting data, which food sections we have done, what progress of the app is.


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