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Picandshare is the social cam that marks the new frontier of the interaction between the “real” and the “social/digital” world

About this project

Picandshare is a customizable cam that can be activated via a tweet and responds in real-time with a picture or an animated GIF to be shared via Twitter, in your Facebook album or in your Instagram profile.

You can set your own Picandshare or find those installed all over the world.

Who might love Picandshare:

  • Brands aiming to increase the interaction with their customers/users and fully exploit the social virality advantages
  • Companies aiming to offer a unique and innovative service to their customers, by integrating picandshare into their products.
  • Private users who want to have an utility always at their service, remotely activatable with just a simple click.

There are so many possible applications and implementations, that it is up to you to find the one that better fits your needs!

Main features

Easy setup

With just a few simple steps Picandshare can be connected to your wifi network and can be assigned with an hashtag/username. You can then easily settle the gallery, filters, scheduling, timelapse, …

Watermark and filters

You can customize pictures taken with a logo, an image, or a short description. It is also possible to apply several types of filters. This function can be activated both from the Picandshare owner and the final user.


Register your Picandshare on our website. It will be then easily found from everyone through the dedicated App and the widgets. You can also find the nearest Picandshare and explore the geolocation.

Facebook Album and Instagram integration

You can setup Picanshare to post photos taken on twitter, but also in a Facebook album or Instagram profile

Pictures in motion

The cam can process and post animated gifs as an alternative to a simple photo. Picandshare can also record a micro-videos (Vine) or time lapse

Picandshare in action!

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Explore the potential

Some examples…

Technical specs

Picandshare is based upon Raspberry Pi model B.

We have chosen Raspberry because it offered a simple and fast way to implement and test our idea, and there’s a huge developing community behind it.
Picandshare is equipped with a Broadcom BCM2835 (SoC System-on-a-chip), 512 MB Ram and an 8 GB SD Memory card.
The Camera is a 5 MP Omnivision backside illuminated pixel CMOS sensor with a 2592×1944 max resolution.The vintage design of Picandshare makes the device eye-catching and unmistakable. 

Picandshare has a micro USB input, and can be charged with any micro USB power (also with battery packs)

Analitycs for Admin

Picandshare is an innovative digital marketing tool, that allows your brand to be more visible through the social media virality. It gives you full and real-time control over the campaign results and goals.

How the Picandshare idea was born

The Picandshare idea was born from the desire and need to combine Matteo Ribigini’s passions, the web (technology, internet, etc. ) and travelling (outdoor sports kite surfing snowboarding).

One day while he was sitting on the beach waiting for the wind to raise, he thought it would have been great to see the sea and wind conditions without too much surfing the net searching for webcams.
That’s how the idea of Picandshare was born, a sort of global and on-demand control room, where you just send a request (tweet) to receive photos.

All these ideas, reworked, edited and declined together, in different ways, gave life to the Picandshare project as you can see it today.


Our team

Business Model

We really believe in Picandshare as a powerful digital marketing tool.

Companies, shops, restaurants, public administrations, clubs, these are only some examples of who might find Picandshare useful to develop both the brand and social presence.

Everytime Picandshare receives a tweet from a user and sends out a picture or an animated gif, that picture is shared virally and the related hashtag gains positions into the Twitter trend topic list.

The more Picandshare is contacted by users, the most the Picandshare owner takes advantage from it!

That’s the reason why we think that Picandshare has to be free from any fixed cost. It will infact be paid on a pay-per-tweet basis.

Through our website, the Picandshare owner will recharge the credit that will decrease as tweets will be sent to Picandshare at a rate of 5 Eurocent per tweet.

With that being said, during the Kickstarter campaign, you’ll have the chance to get your own Picandshare free from any tweet cost. This is a huge advantage!!

CEO interview

Creator interview

How will we use the money raised

The money raised will be used to launch the project and produce the first set of Picandshare devices. It will also be invested for researching and develop new features to be implemented into Picandshare in the near future.


Risks and challenges

The main risk we might face is related to the big social media players deciding to be directly involved in a project similar to Picandshare.

Their financial strength might push the development and distribution of their project faster than Picandshare.

Picandshare is a customizable cam that can be activated via a tweet and responds in real-time with a picture or an animated GIF to be shared via Twitter, in your Facebook album or in your Instagram profile.
See Campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/picandshare/picandshare-the-advanced-social-cam
Contact Information:
Picandshare S.r.l.

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