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The validation and testing of back-end software has always been challenging. 
Telecom operators, financial institutions, on-line businesses, all the associated software vendors, they all spend a tremendous amount of time, resources and money on testing their ever-changing, 24×7, mission-critical back-end systems.  
Now they struggle even more when transitioning to the Agile era.

Unlike other solutions and tools, Pivonode’s testing platform Si-Val, specifically focuses on enabling the agility of system level validation so that testing activities will no longer be a hindrance to the software engineering process.

Pivonode’s Si-Val exponentially increases your productivity, and will save you 20%-50% of the overall cost of your software development and operation. 


Nowadays, businesses progress fast, so are the back-end software systems that back them up. Software engineering has entered the Agile, DevOps era, which requires fast validation to enable continuous fast delivery. However, current testing solutions and tools fail to keep pace with this engineering evolution, whether it is heavy-weight legacy commercial products or open source solution like LoadRunner or JMeter for example.

These tools usually require dedicated resources, frustrating learning path, complicated configuration and even the extra effort of coding. Their lack of agility makes system level validation such as Load, Performance, Soak testing hard to tackle in ongoing development cycles, so they are usually deferred to a later stage. Thus projects risk delivery delays or late discovery of systemic defects which causes very expensive repair or even worse, failure in production.

35% of the average firm’s IT budget is being allocated to Quality Assurance and testing. Today, 54% of developers have adopted Agile, DevOps method, they are looking for testing solutions that better fit these methodologies.  


Pivonode has identified that the key to quickly testing and troubleshooting a complicated back-end system is to make the simulation as real-world like as possible and allow the user to tweak the test and continuously observe the resulting impacts on the targeted system. This funtionality, not available in other solutions, is perfectly realized by the unique features that Pivonode implements in its cloud based testing platform Si-Val. 

These “killer features” of Si-Val are powered by Pivonode’s patent pending technology for which PCT protection has been secured as well.

As a “Single-page application” on its client side, Si-Val is extremely easy-to-use.  It solves all the resource-draining issues associated with many other tools. It also delivers added-value as an enterprise-level SaaS service, which makes Si-Val “on-demand” in the Cloud and leaves control in users’ hands.

With existing solutions becoming obsolete due to the lack of agility, Pivonode is ready to disrupt the world of back-end software system testing.


Pivonode hosts Si-Val in the Cloud – allowing for secure information storage, around-the-clock availability, and seamless integration with other software such as Continuous Integration tools like Jenkins, via the Si-Val API.  

Si-Val is the all-in-one solution for system level testing of back-end software. It allows users to manage their costs by using only as many features and as much hardware resource as is needed, at anytime throughout the project.

Impressive, yes – but this is far from the end of the Si-Val story.  Its list of features and benefits is incredibly long; here are a few that stand out most:


We’re churning along at Pivonode. Si-Val development is priority no.1 at the moment, as we’re putting the finishing touches on the SaaS model. Then during Year 1, we will serve our pilot user on-site while enriching Si-Val with comlementary features. At the same time, we will work on CRM and public cloud integration. We will launch the SaaS at the end of Year 1.

Check out some significant milestones we’ve achieved along the way:

  • Early versions are released.  Si-Val v0.7 was released in February 2015.  Just seven short months later on September 2015, we made upgrades and released Si-Val 1.0.
  • IP protection is on the way.  The provisional patent application for the Si-Val (and its proprietary algorithm) was filed in May 2014,  the PCT protection was secured in May 2015.
  • We’re making friends, and acquiring users.  We’re building relationships with our first pilot user, which will net us around 50 SaaS subscriptions.
  • We’re gaining valuable customer acceptance.  A Testing Manager from a tier 1 telecom operator recently lauded Si-Val’s MVP:  “That looks like a great product! The ability to do that within a browser is great.”

Pivonode’s founding duo is incredibly seasoned in back-end software engineering, both development and testing. It also doesn’t hurt that both gentlemen are networking players in the Telecom Industry – which will serve as the company’s primary target at the outset. Pivonode was created as the vehicle to take advantage of this expertise and networking prowess and to take Si-Val to market. Enough waiting…meet them!

Kai’s an idea man with a knack for identifying problems and bringing solutions to market. He got his start in the IT consulting realm, eventually selling his personal software product to Accenture. He’s got significant corporate experience, too – having worked on back-end systems in the Telecom and Financial Industries for over 20 years. Rogers and Openet are just two of the giants he’s worked for. As CTO, he was the lead architect of Si-Val, and will continue to manage the technical direction of the company.

John is Kai’s valuable right-hand man. He’s worked in telecom software for nearly two decades in a wide array of technical roles, ranging from Developer to Product Architect. Amongst the impressive list of back-end software vendors he’s worked with include Motorola, Ericsson, Openet, and Accuris Networks delivering software solutions for Telco Operators like AT&T and Sprint. For Pivonode, John will head up the management of professional services that enable enterprise customer adoption of Si-Val, as well as providing professional test expertise to Agile teams.

The validation and testing of back-end software has always been challenging.
Telecom operators, financial institutions, on-line businesses, all the associated software vendors, they all spend a tremendous amount of time, resources and money on testing their ever-changing, 24×7, mission-critical back-end systems.
Now they struggle even more when transitioning to the Agile era.

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