PoundWishes Inc.: SaaS Platform and Crowdfunding for Pet Shelters and Rescues

PoundWishes Inc.

SaaS Platform and Crowdfunding for Pet Shelters and Rescues

PoundWishes connects potential donors around the country with the 7.6 million pets that enter shelters and rescues every year — to help raise funds for their costly medical care, equipment needs, facility improvements, or events. PoundWishes is giving millions of euthanization-bound animals around the country a second chance.

As the only crowdfunding platform specifically for shelters and rescues, we were selected as one of the hottest startups at the LAUNCH Festival 2016, and already have 2.5 million visitors, processed over 4,000 donations, and are on track to be the #1 pet-related fundraising site.

Unlike traditional fundraising, PoundWishes provides a set of tools that automates the process to reach a broader audience. With powerful social sharing tools, millions of people willing to help are just a click away. Plus, with our dedicated team of shelter and rescue specialists, our campaigns are bound for success.

Join us as we revolutionize pet crowdfunding and give shelter and rescue animals everywhere a second chance at life.

7.6 million pets enter shelters and rescues every year, but there isnt enough money to care for them. This funding shortfall contributes to the 2.7 million euthanizations every year.

The additional burden of caring for the remaining 4.9 million animals in shelters and rescues at any given time represents a cost of $6 billion, much of which comes from individual donations.

The biggest problem facing shelters and rescues is that they are too busy to always focus on raising the money they need. They are underfunded, understaffed, and under-resourced. Moreover, the hyper-local and fractitious nature of animal shelters makes it nearly impossible to get donations outside their immediate geographic area.

What makes this even more unfortunate is that:

PoundWishes is the solution to this unmet donor demand. Where other pet adoption sites dont do anything for crowdfunding, and crowdfunding sites are too broad to make a meaningful impact for pets, PoundWishes is the complete solution previously unavailable. We are industry specific and provide a complete set of tools with a unique functionality to improve fundraising campaigns.

We give shelters and rescues the tools to more effectively raise the money needed to perform expensive medical procedures and to lower the rate of animal euthanization due to lack of funding. PoundWishes is building a community of supporters called the Wish Pack. This recurring donation model allows for funds to be readily available to help any shelter or rescue with emergency funding needs. The Wish Pack will bring a base of loyal pet donors together supporting our shelter and rescue customers thereby creating a network effect marketplace.

Responsive, mobile-first design
Todays donors expect user friendly mobile tools when contributing to their favorite cause. By keeping campaigns in the cloud, we also enable shelters and rescues to bring on remote volunteers to manage their crowdfunding campaigns from anywhere in the world.

Multiple campaign management
Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, PoundWishes allows users to post multiple campaigns OR list multiple pets under one campaign. Users can also combine all of their campaigns into one shareable link to send out to their network.

Optimized for social sharing
Speaking of their network, we make promotion to social networks and email contacts as simple as a click of a button.

Targeted to our database of qualified leads
PoundWishes is already the 4th largest pet-related charity site and our numbers grow every day.

Get funded
Our users get every dollar they raised, less fees, whether theyve meet their targeted goal or not.

PoundWishes launched in 2014 with an initial focus on pet adoption. We realized there really wasnt much different about our first site from other pet adoption platforms, and we werent addressing the core issue for pets — theres only so many adoptions to be made, but what happens to all the other animals still in shelters?

In February 2015, we pivoted our focus to helping shelter and rescues raise funding that would allow them to provide care from all angles — from costly medical procedures, to healthy living environments, while also raising awareness and interest which would lead to more adoptions.

We are now the 4th largest pet-related adoption site, on track to be the #1 pet fundraising site.

Our focus for 2016 is to grow the number of shelters and rescues that use our unique adoption crowdfunding platform. We project to have 650 shelters and rescues signed up by the end of 2016, 3,500 in 2017, and over 6,000 in 2018.

To get a behind-the-scenes look into PoundWishes, make sure to request access to the business plan tab of this profile!

PoundWishes was inspired by Mckenzi Taylor, our co-founders daughter who was diagnosed with cancer at age two and was helped by the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Our idea is a pet-focused spinoff of the Make-A-Wish Foundation: our shelter and rescue partners post the PoundWish explaining the pets story and wish, and our community of pet lovers responds with a donation or by re-sharing the PoundWish with their connections. PoundWishes include life-saving surgeries, medications, prosthetic limbs, behavioral retraining, special grooming, or even round-the-clock tender loving care whatever is necessary to bring the pet back to health and ready for a forever home.

John J. Hussey, CEO & Co-Founder
John is also Chief Executive Officer of Demjim Group, a retail sales and marketing agency executing over $165 million in supply chain logistics sales on behalf of Fortune 100 retailers and brands. John has years of experience with leading companies, specifically in the areas of funding, product, strategy, recruiting, and business development.

Curtis Taylor, CPO & Co-Founder
Curtis is formerly the Chief Executive Officer of DogTraining.com which was sold in 2008. He has also served as the Creative Director for multiple projects with companies such as Travelocity, EA Sports, American Express, and more. As our Chief Product Officer, he is responsible for all branding and assets/messaging on our site.

Natasha Conahan, CMO
Natasha is a proven, seasoned marketing executive helping startups drive results through concentric campaigns. She especially has a strong background in helping SaaS platform companies grow their customer base. Natasha previously worked with Tom Motter in the build and development of NTI Group, which eventually sold to Blackboard Technologies for $182M.

Joel Pratt, CTO
Joel is our lead developer. He brings a wealth of experience from past projects with Texas Christian University, TCU Energy, Omni Hotels, and more.

Charli Alu, SAR Outreach
Charli manages our sales team acquiring shelter and rescue customers. As a former Long Beach Police Officer for 17 years, Charli was instrumental in leading and developing programs throughout the department. She is an avid pet lover and extremely passionate about helping her shelter and rescue customers save every pet.

PoundWishes connects potential donors around the country with the 7.6 million pets that enter shelters and rescues every year — to help raise funds for their costly medical care, equipment needs, facility improvements, or events.

Youtube: https://youtu.be/k3l41WwjoPQ
See Campaign: https://www.fundable.com/poundwishes-inc-1
Contact Information:
Mckenzi TaylorJohn J. Hussey

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