Prelude To Infusco: Align With Us. Help an independent Sci-Fi film from South Carolina go to the 2016 festival circuit.

Prelude To Infusco: Align With Us

Help an independent Sci-Fi film from South Carolina go to the 2016 festival circuit.

Our goal is to enter as many film festivals in the year 2016 as we possibly can and gain exposure and distribution!

Hello Friends and Supporters,


Welcome to the crowd funding campaign for the independent, feature length, Sci-Fi film, “Prelude To Infusco”. It’s a powerful intro into the lives of six rebels who have banded together to survive the impact of a totalitarian government, and the challenges they must face coming up against a genetically enhanced race of super soldiers. As relationships are tested, the ultimate fight or flight scenario will unfold, as they must decide whether to leave the confines of their abandoned sector or come face to face with the enemy. 

Our current status:

We have officially wrapped post production and are now on to the marketing and distribution of this powerful film. Two years ago, over an expanse of 8, cold, wintery days, a talented group of actors and filmmakers from South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia, came together to put forth the “prelude” of this immense saga. Two years later, after a grueling post production, “Prelude To Infusco” is now ready to be seen by a wide audience.

Be a part of the movement and help spread the word.

  1. Donate to our campaign if you can (any amount helps us go to festivals)
  2. Share this campaign with your friends and family (as a rebel, trust us, you’ll need those supporters against the fight that is coming)
  3. Link with us on our official Facebook Page:


What your contribution means to us:

From the director, Ebony Wilson –
Your contribution means more than just a festival entry; it means that you support up and coming artists and, more importantly, the independent film industry. It is no simple task to create a feature length film, much less one in 8 days, only to encounter the struggles of post production, worrying that you may never get your project up and running due to budget changes and the shuffling of life events (not that we rebels ever give up without a fight, of course). I’m proud to say that we are finally winning this battle, and I have no doubt (as a storyteller, it is my utmost wish) that you will simply fall in love with this compelling story and the characters you are about to meet inside the world of Infusco.

Hunter Bolton (Los Angeles, CA) as “Isaac Fitzgerald”.

Ebony Wilson/Writer, Director (Columbia, SC) as “Jo Gordon”.

Jeff Kidd (Charlotte, NC) as “Ian Montgomery”.


Teagan Heesch (Charlotte, NC) as “Noxis”.



Courtney Clowney (Columbia, SC) as “Unity 10-89”.

The Team

Writer/Director/Producer – Ebony Wilson: Ebony has worked in the film industry for the better part of 11 years. Currently, she owns and operates her independent production company, Midnight Crow Productions, and is the founder of the Columbia Film Community network, forwarding over ten years of industry experience. She graduated from Midlands Technical College with an Associate Degree in Arts and English, where she began producing her own independent work, including her very first feature length film, Honey, Meet My Wife! (nominated for best feature at the Charlotte Black Film Festival in 2013). In addition to writing, directing, and producing several short films, she began adapting her ten year old sci-fi concept from novel form into a full length screenplay. “Prelude To Infusco” aims to be her coming out production.

Director of Photography – O.K. Keyes:  Keyes is a celebrated cinematographer from the Uiversity of South Carolina, currently a Masters graduate in Media Arts. In 2014, Keyes was awarded the Top Cinematopher Award at USC, and has since gone on to win and be nominated in both the 2nd Act Film Festival in Columbia, SC, as well as the Hollywood Campus Movie Fest. She currently owns and operates UoDuo Films with her partner, Nick Ducko, and came on board the production of “Prelude To Infusco” in the capacities of director of photography, providing both equipment and technical assistance during the shoot.

Composer/Sound Engineer – Nick Ducko: We were so pleased to have Nick on board as our sound man and boom operator throughout the shoot, in addition to being the official composer of the film. Nick is also earning his degree in Media Arts at the University of South Carolina and works side-by-side O.K. Keyes on all of their individual productions. 

Second Camera Operator – Malcolm Bates: Writer, director, cinematographer, Malcolm Bates, is the owner and founder of No Middle Ground Productions. Lending assistance as the production’s second camera operator and consultant, Malcolm not only helped to capture the masterful shots of the film, but also lent his expertise to Ms. Wilson, acting as a focus group member during the creative construction of the storyline architecture. He is currently making the transition from the Southeast to the LA market, where he will continue production work for his own film, “Sara Carter”.

Location Scout Manager – Michael Tolbert: Owner of Operation Adventure, actor, activist, and self-proclaimed adventurpreneur, Michael is devoted to the mastery of storytelling through mediums of film, television, print, photography, and social media. He also is a travel enthusiast and an expert at location scouting for productions located in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia. Michael came on board production as Infusco’s location scout manager and helped in the securing of more than half of the locations that were used in the film.

Production Manager – Faith Creech: Over the last few years, Faith has been a primary production assistant for Midnight Crow Productions, working on films such as “Honey, Meet My Wife!”, “The Meeting”, and “Underground 13”. She now owns and operates her own independent production company, “Picture Media Group”, and will be making her directorial debut in the year 2016.

Production Coordinator – Jon Michael Trammell: Jon Trammell has also been a longtime associate to Midnight Crow Productions and has been working with the Columbia film community independently for the past three years as a production assistant and crew coordinator.

Fight Stunt Choreographer – Andrew Gajadhar: Andrew Gajadhar, US Special Forces Marine, is the founder of the American P.I.T. Fighting Academy, located in Columbia, SC. During production, he acted as the film’s stunt coordinator, specializing in tactical cinematic movement and mixed martial arts.



Our Campaign Goal $5000

(Our stretch goal is $20,000. Additional funds help to contribute to the overall Marketing and Distribution of the film.)

Your contribution doesn’t just help us to go to film festivals; you’re enabling us to premiere locally in the city of Columbia, SC, where this film was made. And you’re invited!!!



Can’t come to the premiere in Columbia?

No worries! As an added PERK, we are giving away signed DVD copies to the first 10 people to contribute $25 or more to this campaign, in addition to a private, password protected link to the film itself. That’s right, you’ll get to see the film before anyone else. Now that’s alignment!!!



THANK YOU!!! (The Border Way)

We understand that not everyone can contribute monetarily, so the Raiders demand that you at least follow us on our social media endpoints, or at the very least give this campaign a share – that way everyone can prepare for the future of our country that is yet to come. Your support means more than you know in this time of the unknowing. From the cast and crew, if we survive, we are eternally grateful.

Websites and other places you can align with us:

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Our goal is to enter as many film festivals in the year 2016 as we possibly can and gain exposure and distribution!
See Campaign: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/prelude-to-infusco-align-with-us
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Ebony Wilson

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