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Alexander Graham Bell revolutionized the way we communicate when he made the first phone call. Now, Primo Connect CEO David Glickman is making that phone call free to more than 4 billion people across the globe — bridging the gap to make the world even more connected. Primo is your full-suite communications app, offering not only phone calls but also video chat, messaging, and file sharing.

Combining Primo (a powerful App connecting more people for free than any other), with an experienced team (with a proven history of success) and playing in a trillion dollar communications industry, Primo Connect believes it is well positioned to make history in this space.

Now’s your chance to invest in what we believe to be one of the newest innovative advancements in communication history.

Over the past 20 years, David Glickman has dedicated his life to the democratization of communication for people across the globe. Rather than following the traditional model that the telecom space operates in, David revolutionized the industry by creating multiple telecommunication businesses all aimed at bringing down the cost of connecting. David is the only person in history to bring two companies to #1 spot on the Inc. 500 List of America’s Fastest-Growing Companies. David has now built his latest and most comprehensive telecommunication company: Primo Connect.

In 2016, we have a lot of choices when it comes to connecting. But international communication is still simple and expensive, or complicated but free. The emergence of over the top (OTT) apps have made it possible to connect with friends and family on the other side of the globe for free, but only if they also have the app. As a result, people rely on multiple apps to connect with different people.

Primo is designed to be the only communications app you need, allowing users to call anyone whether it be another Primo user, a mobile or a landline.

Combining video, messaging and file sharing along with HD voice, and allowing users to connect to anyone (on-app or off), Primo is a full-suite app designed for everyone — and we believe it is well positioned to be the go-to app in the telecommunication market.

All of these apps require users to be connected to data, some limit users to only calling other app users, and the ones that dont charge a premium to call non-app users.

Primo is designed to be the only communications app you need, allowing users to call anyone whether it be another Primo user, a mobile or a landline. And with free monthly minutes users can connect with 4 billion people in 33 countries around the world free.

By allowing users to communicate with any other Primo app user, as well as any of the 7+ billion phone numbers in the world, landline or mobile, Primo is truly global.

Primo is the first communications app to offer free calls to 4 billion phones around the world. All Primo users receive minutes every month to call 33 countries (landline and/or mobile) for free, including the United States, Mexico, China, and India. Users can earn additional minutes via profile setup and by referring friends. Additional credit can be purchased to make more calls (once free minutes have been exhausted) and to call the rest of the world at our below market “calling card” rates. This drastically cuts the cost of international calling to some of the most populated countries in the world and connects you to more than half the people on Earth instantly.

Primos full suite of communication options lets users enjoy HD Video Chat and HD quality calls with any Primo user around the world and still achieve crystal-clear sound clarity. Primos HD communication suite also lets users share their favorite photos, videos, and other files, send messages (text, picture, and emoji), and more to any other Primo user around the world with the same confidence of clarity and consistency.

In over 65 countries around the world, Primo offers its own voice network feature. In these countries, users can access the Primo service to call around the world even when they arent connected to the internet providing unparalleled phone-to-app, phone-to-phone, app-to-app, and app-to-phone calling. Users can select their preference, or Primo will intelligently decide whether to use data or cellular voice when making calls from the app, enabling an exceptional quality of call. This means that you don’t have to deplete your data allowance to make free international calls when you don’t have access to Wi-Fi.

With Primo, you get HD voice quality on all of your online calls. Primo sends calls through WebRTC and HD voice codecs, resulting in noticeably higher quality calling. In order to ensure truly unparalleled communication clarity, Primo goes a step further and removes the buzz artificially added into all calls, making your call as clear as possible.

With Primo, you no longer have to worry about changing sim cards or incurring international roaming charges when traveling to different countries. By connecting to Wi-Fi anywhere in the world, Primo allows you to stay connected with everyone no matter where you are. Primo also provides a US number, so you can still be reached overseas via this US number, so long as you have a data connection.

With Primo, we want you to use the device and network you are most comfortable with. That’s why:

  • Primo works on both phones and tablets.
  • Primo runs on iOS and Android operating systems.

We dont let anything get in the way of your connections.

Communications app usage is growing faster than any other category with a 200% year over year growth rate (Techcrunch). In just a five-year’s time, WhatsApp grew by approximately 600 million users — recently hitting the 1 billion users mark— WeChat grew by approximately 650 million users, and Viber grew by approximately 711 million users (Crunchbase and Statista).

According to a study from Juniper Research, OTT voice providers are expected to see large growth in their service revenues by the year 2020. These service revenues are forecasted to reach over $10 billion in annual revenue, representing a five-fold increase over the next 4 years.

OTT application providers will experience an exponential rise in revenue potential and traffic as 4G networks will be offering high-quality Voice over IP calls. With Primo Connect’s reach around the worldand an experienced team who has brought five successful telecommunication companies to market, it is primed to rise to the top of this industry.

From 2013 to 2018, its projected the world will see a 1,184% growth in Wi-Fi hotspots (Tnooz). As entire cities and regions begin to receive it as a public service, Wi-Fis near ubiquity will promote the ability for consumers to connect primarily through messaging apps. This proliferation can only increase the Primo app’s use for communication.


As global populations continue to migrate and the number of first-generation immigrants increases, the number of international connections will also rise. It is estimated that there are 59 million foreign born in the U.S. and 232 million immigrants in the world. With the average immigrant having five international contacts they call on a regular basis, there is a minimum of 1 billion people calling internationally consistently. Since Primo makes app-to-app international calling free*, it is poised to be their go-to app to make those calls.

This is your chance to join David Glickman and his team in their next telecommunication venture. David has mastered the idea of using cutting edge technology for hypergrowth in order to successfully build communication companies that grow in size and revenue quickly. His past successes in creating Justice Technology (#1 on Inc’s 500 in 1998), TelePacific Communications (California’s largest telephone company), Freeconference.com (the first free conference call company), and most recently Ultra Mobile (#1 on Inc’s 5000 in 2015) are prime examples of how he has used the idea of hypergrowth to grow successful telecommunication companies in the past. David and the rest of the team are uniquely positioned to make Primo Connect the next big company in the telecommunication space.

Primo Connect plans to generate revenue through its premium usage plans, and pay-as-you-go credit. While a majority of app use will be free*, users who want additional reach will be able to purchase additional credits, to make additional calls (once free minutes have been exhausted) or to call outside of the 33 eligible (free minute) countries. A $5 monthly premium plan will soon be available offering unlimited calling to 4 billion people around the world.Future plans include low-cost data plans for Primo users when they cannot connect to Wi-Fi. If Primo Connects assumption of the market size and its business plan execution are correct, it currently projects a $1.2 billion annual revenue in just 5 years.

Through the management’s connections with Ultra Mobile, OziCall, and India LD, Primo projects a large increase in users during the first couple of years. Assuming that Primo can tap into these companies user bases, Primo should have a strong pipeline of potential users. As the offered referral program generates more users in exchange for credits, Primo expects that it is well positioned to gain millions of users quickly. Within five years, Primo Connect projects a user base of 600 million — putting it on par with some of the largest communications apps on the market.

The communications app industry as a whole is seeing valuations soar. With WeChat being valued at $83.6 billion, Whatsapp being sold to Facebook for $19 billion, Snapchat being valued at $16 billion, and Line being valued at $10 billion (Bloomberg), OTT communications apps are becoming some of the most valuable apps on the market. Based on Primo Connect’s potential ability to reach a larger portion of the world population than any other competitor, Primo believes that it is positioned to benefit from this industry trend.

Now, more than ever, communication is at a premium. Todays telecommunication market is fragmented and full of restrictions. Thats why Primos full suite of international communication solutions are so important — they fill the markets glaring need perfectly, with a potential for explosive growth and value.

With technology as powerful and innovative as the Primo app, and a CEO at the helm like Glickman, Primo Connect is poised to lead the trillion dollar telecommunications industry. Now is your chance to join them.

Reserve your shares in Primo Connect to invest in a hypergrowth market where many of the players have seen multi-billion dollar valuations in a short span of time. Primo can be the first telecommunication startup to open to public investment through “Regulation A+” crowdfunding. With your reservation of shares, we can connect the world together.

Primo is revolutionizing the way the world communicates with a single app that allows you to call anyone, anywhere across fixed lines and mobile devices, providing free calls to more than 4 billion people across the globe. Join history in the making and reserve your shares today

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