Progressive Wireless, LLC: The ideal solution for prepaid phone seekers

Progressive Wireless is the ideal solution for prepaid phone seekers. Progressive Wireless was formed to open 100 Cricket Wireless stores as quickly as possible. Prepaid plans are growing 10X faster than contract plans with Cricket Wireless leading the pack.

Cricket Wireless benefits: High quality mobile services, no contracts, low prices, compatible with nearly all mobile devices.

Cricket’s dealer program provides us with excellent activation commissions, lifetime residuals, and great margins on accessories. As this is essentially a franchise model, brand recognition, marketing, and customer acquisition is largely handled by our corporate backers at Cricket and AT&T. We’re able to transfer these benefits to our customers and help you save even more money on your phone bill.

Our team was recruited based on our proven success in the mobile wireless space to expand into virgin markets and grow Cricket’s already leading market share.

Keep reading to find out why now is the best time to join the Cricket movement and ditch that old and expensive service plan you have!


The large carriers with huge monthly payments and yearly contracts no longer make sense.

Smartphones are pretty much the norm these days and we’re all generally looking for the same things in our provider: the best devices on the best networks with the highest data speeds at the lowest price.

In many areas of the country, the only mobile service providers are AT&T and Verizon which are contract-bound, expensive providers that require excellent credit.

On the flip side, most prepaid plans were on substandard networks and only offered lower end phones.

That was all true until last year.

When AT&T acquired Cricket Wireless in 2014, it virtually doubled Cricket’s coverage area.  This network expansion has created a gold rush to open Cricket locations in virgin territories where there is little to no competition for prepaid wireless services.

We just have one last problem to solve: Actually getting Cricket retailers out to your corner of the country!

That’s where Progressive Wireless comes in.

We’re an official Cricket retailer that’s rapidly expanding to 100 locations, specifically locations that were previously underserved but can now benefit from Cricket’s doubled network coverage.

Prepaid plans are growing 10X faster than contract plans, and among the prepaid providers, Cricket Wireless is the fastest growing. Progressive Wireless was hand-picked by the fastest growing prepaid provider to bring their superior service to the rest of America.


Our expansion focus right now is on Idaho and Montana, where there is little to no competition in the prepaid wireless space. Cricket has also asked us to start looking into acquiring poorly performing dealers which will move our expansion along even more.

We currently have 14 stores in various phases of development. Our first store opened in Pocatello, ID in mid-August. Our second location opened in Idaho Falls in October.  We have another 6 leases signed with three under construction. We also have 6 more locations chosen and leases under negotiation.

We have nearly 400 customers since our first two locations opened.

We have a few partnerships already lined up as well:

Alpha Comm Enterprises provides custom accessories.

Fortiva Financial and YBuy provide financing options for our customers.

Clover Wireless provides trade-in and trade-up solutions for our customers.

Up next: Keep finding virgin markets until we reach our goal of 100 Progressive Wireless stores. We can get a store up and running in just 4 weeks after construction begins.  For more information on where Progressive Wireless goes from here and how you can help make it happen, make sure to request access to the Business Plan tab of this profile.


Between the officers and board members, the team has over 40 years combined experience in the wireless industry and over a century of business management experience. Progressive Wireless is led by Denny Mitchell, who was recruited by Cricket Wireless after selling his exceptionally run 34-store Sprint dealership. He has an MBA and over 16 years of experience in the wireless industry.

Denny Mitchell, President

  • Recently sold 34-store Sprint dealership, the largest in Arizona
  • 16 years experience managing wireless stores
  • Member of Sprint Dealer Advisory Council (top 10 dealers in the US)
  • Masters in Business Administration from University of Phoenix

Steve Miller, Board Member

  • 30 years experience as President or CEO
  • Former CEO of Axxess Technologies which sold for $240 million
  • Former CEO of Head Sports for North and South America
  • Finalist for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for three years

David White, Board Member

  • 10 years business management, capitalization, and startup experience
  • Commercial real estate financing and construction management background
  • Bachelor’s degree from BYU
  • Advanced Paralegal Certificate from University of Arizona  

Dale Murray, Board Member

  • Has been in sales, marketing and entrepreneurial enterprises his entire career
  • Former Communications Consultant with Mountain Bell
  • Headed several startups, raising millions of dollars in capital for multiple ventures
  • Degree in business administration from BYU

Progressive Wireless is the ideal solution for prepaid phone seekers. Progressive Wireless was formed to open 100 Cricket Wireless stores as quickly as possible. Prepaid plans are growing 10X faster than contract plans with Cricket Wireless leading the pack.
See Campaign: https://www.fundable.com/progressive-wireless-llc
Contact Information:
Denny Mitchell
Steve Miller
David White
Dale Murray

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