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An easy, stressless and privacy aware application to send your pictures, videos and files to your contacts with a single click

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In this time and age, sending a file to your friends, family, coworkers or even onto your other devices is a source of headaches. We are always struggling to rapidly send files, in an easy fashion.

Sending files is not easy and time consuming
Sending files is not easy and time consuming

There are plenty of tools for online private storage (clouds), pictures sharing (social networks) and public file hosting. None of them have a simple and secure way to send a file or a group of files. They often require registration, collect users personal data and contacts, aren’t secure enough or neglect your privacy.

On a daily basis, we often need to send files but never seem to have the tool right under our hand to do so. This is why we came up with the idea of ReallySend.

There are a few essential key features:

  • Send your files easily,
  • Keep an end-to-end file privacy using high-end encryption
  • Keep control on the files you sent : limit downloads and how long they remain on our (or your) servers
  • One click tosend directly from your files browser, one click to download.
  • No registration needed
  • Smart notifications to know who has downloaded our uploaded what
  • Friendly links to help you remember easily your links
  • Open source software (client & server)

With ReallySend, you only need a few clicks to securely send a file to anyone.

ReallySend is a light, secure and user friendly way to send your files from your file manager to your contacts. Anybody can use it. Privacy guaranteed.

ReallySend is simple to use
ReallySend is simple to use

We are enjoying the way our first alpha version is running today. We use it in our everyday lives, and we are sure you will love it.

Share your files, documents, photos, videos with your friends, relatives or co-workers, as simply as it should be.

Sending a file cannot be easier : right click your file on your computer, and select ReallySend.

Easy: right-click to securely send any files
Easy: right-click to securely send any files

All parameters are filled with default common usage values, so you’ll mostly only have to click on the send button.

Et Voil, copy the generated link and send it using your usual communication services : Instant Messaging, e-mail, SMS Over the phone, you can spell your file link to your friends Even on a mere piece of paper ! Because simplicity matters, you will be able to choose your own links, making your files even easier to share.

An email can also be automatically generated using your own email client : this way, nobody can collect your email addresses. Privacy guaranteed.

ReallySend was designed to be simple, fast and secure. You only need one click to send any file from your computer. To make things easier, there is no registration needed.

ReallySend uses high-end encryption mechanism to make sure nobody can read your files except for you and your recipients. You keep the control on your files by setting the time availability and maximum download count, then they are permanently deleted from our servers.

Privacy guaranteed with end-to-end encryption, time and downloads limits. ReallySend will be released under an Open-source software license
Privacy guaranteed with end-to-end encryption, time and downloads limits. ReallySend will be released under an Open-source software license

With notifications upon download, you are assured your files are received and can relax. Of course, we do not (and cannot) store your password or any contact information.

Because privacy is vital and your trust is important, we will release ReallySend as Open-Source software (both client and server). Nothing hidden, everything is clear. You will be able to host your own server ReallySend and distribute your own software client !

ReallySend uses secure end-to-end encryption (AES 256), to make sure your password never transits over the network, nor any of your plain file. How does this work ?

When your recipient uses your download link, he will be prompted for the file password you have set. He will then try to decrypt the file using the entered password. If it works, he can access the file properly. If the password is incorrect, the decryption fails and the file remains ciphered.

Located in the northwest of France, we wanted to share this project that was born from a true need we face on a daily basis. This is how ReallySend came to light.

People involved in ReallySend
People involved in ReallySend

The main issue that led to the inception of ReallySend is the pain to send large files easily. Having to log into a website to send a file to someone or using “cloud” concepts are not natural and easy to anyone. In many cases, privacy is not guaranteed.

With ReallySend, we want to offer free online file storage and a 24/7 secure and fast service for everyone.

Budget Overview
Budget Overview

If you cannot support the project, you can help in many other ways.

  • Share this page with your friends and your coworkers.
  • Spread the word to build the next file transfer revolution with us (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Only with your support can we achieve our goal. Even the tiniest support matters. ReallySend is designed for you amongst others, backers of this project.

This is why you can also contribute by telling us suggestions and possible improvements or other ideas. We only want to make ReallySend the ultimate file sending tool for the internet.


ReallySend will always be free. In a first phase, we plan on offering a total of 30 TBytes for all of you. This will be sufficient for standard sized files, although this shall be balanced depending on popularity.

Premium accounts will have a dedicated storage space. The complexity for such a simple deed is overwhelming today. Help us improve ReallySend.

Thank you !

More information below if you read until this point (good job !).

Want a few more use cases ? Have a look at

A few possible use cases
A few possible use cases

Let’s say you have to send a 30 MB file to a friend or co-worker. What are your current options ?


  • Inbox don’t necessarily support files bigger than 20 MB (e.g. GMail)
  • Your friends get mad at you because they’re box get filled up.
  • Your email can end up in the spam box or be identified as a malware and blocked Emails end up lost amongst hundreds of non read other emails.
  • You are already chatting over mumble or instant messaging services, and need to send the file in a separate service.

Obviously, emails are not a flawless solution. Grrr…

Cloud services (like dropbox, owncloud, skydrive, etc.). Those are great… for one person storage. When you need to share documents, things get messy as well :

  • Setting individual authorizations is required
  • You must check that your former authorizations still apply to the new files you are sharing.
  • You need to log in using a web browser (hum… can’t remember my password…), go to the settings page (where is the sharing option ? how do I send the link to my friends?).

In the end, you have wasted about 10 minutes with success (not likely)… or without success (most likely). Grrr…

Social networks. Okay, sharing is easy, but

  • I don’t want ALL my friends to see my photos or my videos.
  • Sometimes, I forget to set my pictures to private, which can be annoying.
  • I cannot upload all types of file


USB drive. Can do the work, but :

  • Friends must live close to me
  • Windows often wants to format my USB keys, but I don’t want to erase the files I have on it.
  • Can be lost, contains confidential data that I need to backup and remove
  • They’re not free or expendable


This sure sounds familiar to you. Right ? Have you experienced these issues ?

Wait a minute… what about Web uploading sites ? They provide the same features, don’t they ?

They are quite different. Uploading on websites is risky.

Online services do not provide encryption out of the box. You cannot lock your files from prying eyes, except if you encrypt them yourself, which is a bit complex and requires your friends to have specific softwares to decrypt your files. With ReallySend, encryption is done seamlessly on the client side and passwords aren’t stored. Our application will be open source to ensure transparency on what our servers do with your files.

On many sites, the server sends an email to your friends on your behalf. Such servers may collect mails for later use such as advertising or selling it to partners. ReallySend does not know nor collect any of your contacts emails. You are in charge of sending the link the way you want.

Risks and challenges

Our main challenge will be to build the internal server network architecture for tens of Terabytes of data and securely store all your files within it.

Our alpha version is working nicely with up to 4 TB which makes us confident to achieve this secured Tera infrastructure. ReallySend is currently being used by 60 beta-testers every day.

The main problem though will be to organize servers in such a way that it is scalable according to potential future needs, without any impact on the service quality. Our team has been working in internet related applications and cybersecurity for the last 10 years : we are used to this type of architecture. That said, it will demand a great amount of work and we need your support for this.

In this time and age, sending a file to your friends, family, coworkers or even onto your other devices is a source of headaches. We are always struggling to rapidly send files, in an easy fashion.
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