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Reveel is an entirely new way to explore the world around you.

At Reveel we analyzed current social media trends and realized that technology keeps separating people from the physical, even though humans are biologically meant to enjoy the physical, human interactions. Therefore, we strive to create a product which actually brings people together in the real world.  Our values are exploration, discovery, self-expression, and
connecting like-minded individuals.

Social media creates new connections between people through digital avatars. It’s time we take the next step: combining the elements of social media that we love with the world we live in to create new experiences, meet new people, and reveal new worlds.


People love their pictures and videos. But they’re completely disconnected from the physical world and real life interactions. Digital is digital, and physical is physical.

That’s not the way people work, and it shouldn’t be how social media works.

What we need is a next step beyond digital to engage in the physical world – not just something that connects the two, but that uses each of those worlds to make peoples’ lives better.

Social media users crave more.

Reveel is more!


Reveel is about the thrill of discovery. 

Reveel focuses on the Activity, Places and People enabling users to meet like-minded people to explore the world through real life activities. When a user goes to a nearby event they will be able to share pictures, videos and their experience with other attendees. Thereby encapsulating an event or place in real-time for the whole world to witness.


Stop being limited to avatars… and start connecting with real, live people who love the things you do.  


The possibilities of Reveel are almost endless, but here are just a few examples of how Reveel uses physical locations to make for a more immersive social media experience:

Ella finds out about an exclusive release party for Taylor Swift’s new song on Reveel, two weeks before the event. The first 1,000 people at select Target stores will get access to Taylor’s new song.

Ella invites her friend Angela to join her at the event, so they can share the experience together.

Since Ella is one of the first 1,000 people to arrive at Target, she can listen to the song once. And when she shares the song with three of her friends, the song is hers to keep.

It’s About People
Instantly create a party for your college football team’s big win. Fans will join your celebration and meet other like-minded people and create new connections. The app will then notify people who have been for the game, people part of the college, people in the immediate area, and people who like the team.

Everyone connected to that physical place can now find each other and share their happiness of the win!

For Brands
If social media has proven anything, it’s that people love to interact with their favorite brands. But on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram, it’s almost impossible for brands to truly leverage the power of their most loyal users to enhance their brand.

Reveel allows brands to engage their superfans like never before. With Reveel, businesses can place digital content in specific physical locations, holding contests and treasure hunts for fans to geo-unlock digital gifts, allowing for a unique experience tailored for the brand.

The real-world experience creates a stronger bond between a business and its customers, creating stickier, more loyal customers and collecting valuable, actionable data along the way.


We’re thrilled to announce that Reveel’s version 2.0.0 releases on December 19, 2015 in Apple’s App Store and December 23 in the Google Play Store. Without a single dime spent on marketing, we’ve already reached over 1,000 accounts. Users are using Reveel to connect with like-minded people and to explore their world.

What People are Saying

Help us build the bridge between the digital world we love and the physical world we inhabit. Click the “business profile tab” at the top of this page to learn more about what we’re doing and how we’re going to change the social media landscape forever.  


Roop Patel, Founder & CEO
Roop has founded, ran, invested or advised more than 22 businesses in a wide variety of industries including technology, retail and real estate. He founded Reveel on the belief that technology often drives people apart, and he felt it was time to use technology to bring people together.

Matt Karazin, CTO
A developer and advisor to successful startup SpotHero, Matt was also a Senior Consultant and Project Manager for Infor Global Solutions. He also founded a web development company.

Nisha Boyington, Marketing Manager
Nisha is in charge of branding, user engagement, events and user growth.

Nishant Mehta, Partnership Manager
Nishant oversees partner relationships.

Sahaj Patel, Integration Manager
Sahaj manages all services, apps and integrations.

Dan McGuinness, UX Designer
Dan heads up the UX and UI team.

At Reveel we analyzed current social media trends and realized that technology keeps separating people from the physical, even though humans are biologically meant to enjoy the physical, human interactions.
See Campaign: https://www.fundable.com/reveel
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Roop Patel
Matt Karazin
Nisha Boyington
Nishant Mehta
Sahaj Patel
Dan McGuinness

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