Rockin’ R Ranch: Invest in the REAL Wild West. Saddle up and be a Pardner for Life!

Cameo Entertainment, Inc.

Business Summary

Cameo Entertainment, Inc. is seeking an investment to purchase, develop, and operate the historical Rockin’ R Ranch. Acquisition of the Ranch will include its real estate holdings comprising 6.87 acres, which provides ample room for expansion plans. The Rockin’ R Ranch is a tourist attraction located 20 miles east of Phoenix, and is one of the original of the four pioneering settlements that founded what is now known as Mesa, the third largest city in Arizona. A description of the property follows.

Dinner Theatre – The primary entertainment venue will be a classic Old West Opera House and 400-plus seats Dinner Theatre that will feature the world famous singing cowboy group, Pioneer Pepper & The Sunset Pioneers. They have entertained hundreds of thousands of cowpokes around the globe with their remarkable Wild West Musical Stage Shows, including their Singing Cowboy Christmas Show. Pioneer Pepper has entertained at many western dinner theaters, festivals, casinos, and events during the past 19 years, and has built a base of loyal fans who continue to follow his performances. He is now ready to leave the life of a traveling troubadour to establish a permanent dinner theater in the Phoenix area and to market his brand of entertainment and western food to vacationers, business conventions, tourists, and the local population.

The Dinner Theatre will provide a unique western-themed opera-house setting for matinee and evening performances that are enhanced with great western food. There will be a western saloon bar and sweet shop that includes one-of-a-kind ice cream, candies, and coffees. The box office will be open during regular business hours and souvenirs, proprietary items, CDs and DVDs, western art, books, and other western-related retail items will be sold in the lobby.

Saloon Restaurant – The Saloon was always a meeting place for the folks of the Old West and still attracts patrons eager to step through the swinging saloon doors for an “Old West” dining experience and belly on up to the bar for some of the Wild West’s best thirst-quenching drinks. The Saloon Restaurant will be open daily and will provide all its customers with the unique opportunity to enjoy food, drink, and fun that is drenched in the atmosphere of the Old West. The menu will include a full range of mouth-watering western entrees to fun-filled western-themed snacks and appetizers. The bar will serve the usual “cold ones” to unique and proprietary drinks and coffees for all the cowpokes coming in off the trail. The entire staff will be outfitted in 1800s attire and the sounds of the tinkling of the ivories from the old saloon piano will fill the air. The saloon stage will host different performers and western acts to entertain the crowds during their visits. A true Arizona experience!

Group Destinations & Field Trips

This real American Old West site will be a destination for many groups that want to come and utilize its exceptional atmosphere during the off-performance times. The hall will be able to facilitate private parties, conventions, weddings, group gatherings, special functions, and community activities. Some of these groups include school field trips, senior centers, and specialized organizations, such as Scouts and Red Hat Society as well as local community organizations. The site will be a focus for tour destination groups to bring their passengers for lunch or dinner shows and allow them the opportunity to make the most of a daytime or overnight stay in the vicinity as part of their trip.

Celebrity Appearances

The Old West Theatre will also be utilized to host guest appearances by western celebrities from the movies and television as well as appearances by musicians, authors, and artists who carry on the way of life from the era of the Old West. What a way to bring back some magnificent memories and keep the spirit of the American Cowboy alive.

Gunfight Arena

A separate gunfight arena will accommodate gunfights as well as be available for Old West magicians and other performers. These gunfighters are the toughest bunch of scoundrels that ever walked the streets of Rockin’ R Ranch. You will witness the gunfights and all the daring antics of the cowboy and cowgirl characters. You can get your best friend arrested and thrown in jail in between shows. The Gunfight Arena will provide another stage of entertainment activity and can be utilized as a separate rental meeting area.

Retail Shops

Several retail shops will occupy the remainder of the buildings, such a general store, an old-time photo shop, a blacksmith shop, a jail, a sweet shop, gold panning, and a coffee shop & bakery.

Venue History and Current Operation

The Rockin’ R Ranch is a real pioneer ranch with an Old West history that dates back more than 125 years. As a working cattle and horse ranch for generations, the old Rockin’ R brand has played an important part in Arizona’s history. Big Jim and Sweet Mary Robson are the owners of the Rockin’ R today. Big Jim’s great, great grandfather was Charles Innes Robson I, one of the original four pioneer families that founded the city of Mesa, and his great grandfather was Deputy Marshal Frank Robson, who was killed in 1896 in the line of duty by Black Jack Ketchum, one of the Old West’s most notorious outlaws. The wild and wooly west is just a colorful chapter in history now, but the excitement and thrill of the Old West are still part of the action at The Rockin’ R Ranch. Thirty years ago, a small western town was built on the last remaining 6.87 acres of the ranch, which includes an 8,000-square-foot Dinner Theatre with a full kitchen and sweet shop, a saloon building, a pavilion, gold panning, and several retail buildings.In that time, The Rockin’ R Ranch has entertained millions of western fans from all over the world with their family stage show, The Rockin’ R Wranglers. In the later years, Big Jim suffered a major health issue and, because of that, the operations and upkeep of Rockin’ R Ranch has suffered. The family has now decided to sell this historical property, with its contents and existing structures. They hope to sell Rockin’ R Ranch to continue its historical and entertainment traditions. During the last seven years, Marshal Pioneer Pepper & The Sunset Pioneers stepped in to guest-host and perform when The Rockin’ R Wranglers were unable to attend, and has built a performance fanbase at the Ranch. His last three performances alone brought in over 600 attendees. The timing is perfect to take over Rockin’ R Ranch and bring it back to its former glory. The plans are to upgrade the existing Dinner Theatre and Sweet Shop, to convert the saloon to a full western-themed Saloon Restaurant; to redesign a souvenir general store; to cover the pavilion area for parties, weddings and conventions; to remodel the residence into a full coffee shop & bakery; and to build a gunfight arena for gunfights and other western-type shows; and to present trick roping, magicians, gun twirling, and musical acts.The Rockin’ R Ranch is presently open and operating, which includes the weekly Dinner Theatre shows as well as hosting private parties and weddings. The advantage is there is currently an active revenue stream with a relatively short downtime for the remodeling of the theatre, which is estimated to be 30 to 45 days. The additional tenant improvements can be staggered to keep a revenue stream flowing, or all the improvements can be finished together during a summer season and be ready for a Grand Re-Opening in the fall.

Location! Location! Location! The Rockin’ R Ranch is not located somewhere way out on the range, but is situated in the heart of Mesa, the third largest city in Arizona, and is only 20 minutes from Phoenix.


The company will continue to use an existing combination of successful marketing that includes the use of major media outlets, such as TV, radio, print, social, web, and sponsorships. In addition, the company will develop new marketing with billboards and flyers at many Arizona tourist locations. The company will also target numerous resorts, casinos, sporting stadiums, hotels, and recreation areas. The company has developed distinctive packaging and logos to achieve brand recognition for its products, entertainment, and venues.

Market Overview

According to the 2012 census, Metro-Phoenix, Arizona, has over 4.3 million residents and attracts over 38 million overnight visitors a year. The area is served by Sky Harbor Airport, which is consistently one of the top 10 busiest airports in the United States and serves over 40 million passengers per year. The area is now also supplied by Phoenix/Mesa Gateway airport in Mesa, with new carriers bringing tourists directly to Mesa. The Arizona Tourism reported 19.3 billion dollars in direct travel spending with Arizona ranking #1 in the nation for domestic overnight visitation, a target demographic of Old West enthusiasts.

Phoenix is home to seven professional sports franchises, and is one of only 12 U.S. cities to have representatives of all four major professional sports leagues. The Metro-Phoenix area is also home to 10 baseball spring training centers that host 15 Major League Baseball teams, including the new Chicago Cubs Stadium in Mesa, and generates $632 million to the state’s economy.

Arizona and the Phoenix area are well known for their Wild West heritage and cowboy traditions, which attract tourists and out-of-town guests from across the world as well as many local residents. Phoenix, Mesa, Gilbert, Scottsdale, and Chandler all have cultural attractions and museums that preserve and enhance that rich western heritage that keeps the Old West alive.

Management Team

President – Pioneer Pepper will oversee the operation, marketing, and business processes for the Rockin’ R Ranch and related entities as well as entertain audiences. Pioneer Pepper is an entertainer, band leader, restaurant manager, entrepreneur, successful marketer, and is also a worldwide celebrity. Pioneer Pepper has 40 years of experience in the entertainment field as well as the business field. His western flare in both areas gives him the distinctive position and vision to administer his expertise to all aspects of the Rockin’ R Ranch Project. His lifelong passion, commitment, achievements in “Keeping the Old West Alive” and his worldwide celebrity status is what will benefit most in the success of this unique western business opportunity.

Having entertained and managed many dinner theaters, festivals, and other western-themed events, Pioneer Pepper has built a loyal base of fans who continue to follow his performances. He believes it is now time to establish a permanent dinner theater in the Phoenix area and to market his brand of exhilarating entertainment with western food and excitement to vacationers, tourists, business conventions, and a fast-growing local population. The addition of the Opera House Dinner Theatre and Saloon Restaurant complex to the existing historical Rockin’ R Ranch Town is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to unite his extraordinary entertainment qualities at a real Old West attraction for a combination that puts the “Wild” in Wild West Adventure.

Pioneer Pepper is an established and successful western music artist who has been playing guitar and singing since 1965. In 1995, he followed his vision and goal to be a singing cowboy and moved to Arizona to experience the history and atmosphere of that uniquely American era of the singing cowboy and the Old West more intimately. He then founded and produced Pioneer Pepper & The Sunset Pioneers, and brought them to their current status of international performing artists.

Pioneer Pepper and The Sunset Pioneers have entertained hundreds of thousands of listeners across the United States and in Great Britain, Austria, and Canada. They are featured on RFD-TV’s Midwest Country Show; have filmed with BBC-TV; have performed at the “Little House on the Prairie” reunion TV show, the Western Film Festival, the National Festival of the West; and have performed at fairs and festivals as well as on radio and TV stations. The Sunset Pioneers are the Official Balladeers of Gilbert, Arizona, and were selected as the “Top Personalities of Year” by the Arizona Republic newspaper, and have performed at the legendary House of Blues on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood California.

Pioneer Pepper has a long history of accomplishments in management, marketing, and entertainment. He was the Illinois State Champion Guitarist for many years and was a featured soloist with the International Guitar Ensemble at the historic Civic Opera House in Chicago when he was 11 years old.

Facility Operations Manager – This team member will supervise and organize the operation of entities. She has vast experience with years of work in the office operations at the Levy Corporation in Chicago, including staffing, payroll, organization, and accounting. She is also a restaurant manager and headed up the kitchen at the Bison Ranch Chuckwagon Dinner Shows. Her renowned and established recipes will be the ones used in the Dinner Theater and saloon. She will initially take charge of the kitchen to establish the staff needed to continue full operation. She also currently manages the office operations for The Sunset Pioneers, including, but not limited to box office, sales, accounting, finances, training, and staffing.

Box Office and Retail Manager – This team member has the unique experience blend of financial management and entertainment knowledge needed to manage the box office and retail shops. He has worked in the financial field for well over six years as a member of the management team for USBANK and also as a Mortgage/Equity Advisor for USAA Federal Savings Bank. He is also no stranger to the entertainment world. He has been in over 35 stage productions, ranging from musicals, Shakespeare, and stage plays. He has worked in the box office team and retail management for the esteemed Ballet Arizona and Rawhide Western Town. By combining his triple threat in the arts, retail, and vast knowledge in the financial realm, he is a perfect fit.

Food & Beverage Restaurant Manager – This team member is the current manager to one of Arizona’s most historical and unique resort and restaurant.

Group & Tour Coordinator – This team member will be a co-manager with her focus on the group and tour division to attract, organize, and maintain destination groups at Rockin’ R Ranch. She has 16 years of experience in group management. She was the activity director for the Travel Resort properties, Sun Life Resort, Venture In Resort, Buttonwood Bay Resort, and Majestic Oaks Resort. She was then promoted to Director of Operations for all its properties. When Travel Lodge sold its properties in 2001, she was hired by Diversified Investments as Activity Coordinator, and was responsible for the hiring, training, and supervision of activity directors at eight communities in Arizona. Her specialty of planning special events, maintaining activity budgets, marketing, and promoting is a huge benefit for Rockin’ R Ranch.

Technical Production Manager – This team member will head up the production crew for all aspects of entertainment, which will include the facilities of the town and surrounding grounds, gunfight arena, entertainment emporium, and all themed sets for special events and seasons. He has 10 years of experience with the Prather Entertainment Group and the Viterbo University Fine Arts Center in all areas of production, including sound, lighting, rigging, set design, stage management, prop design and repair, technical maintenance, and theater operations. He is also a master electrician and licensed welder.


Rockin’ R Ranch Exterior Photos

Sign on Baseline Road


Town Main Street




Boardwalk Main Street


Town Main Street to Side Street


Side Street


Dinner Theatre Entrance





Small Group Event Area


Large Group Event Area





Back Lot and Fort Area



Coffee Shop and Bakery Site



Old West Essentials


Rockin’ R Ranch Interior Photos







Dinner Theatre




Cameo Entertainment, Inc. is seeking an investment to purchase, develop, and operate the historical Rockin’ R Ranch. Acquisition of the Ranch will include its real estate holdings comprising 6.87 acres, which provides ample room for expansion plans. The Rockin’ R Ranch is a tourist attraction located 20 miles east of Phoenix, and is one of the original of the four pioneering settlements that founded what is now known as Mesa, the third largest city in Arizona.
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