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Radioactive agents: great for your microwave, not so great for your body.

Used in accord with current MRI machines, it’s the only non-radioactive metabolic imaging agent on the market today – and requires no additional equipment or hot lab setup.

As we approach Phases 1 & 2 of clinical trials, investors are taking notice – and have forked over millions already.  Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of a true medical revolution!


If you’re reading this profile, then chances are you’ve had an x-ray before.  Yes, those uncomfortable trips to the depths of the doctors’ office where they slap that giant vest on you and take a picture of your body.  It’s a somewhat awkward, yet incredibly useful experience that gives physicians critical metabolic information used for both diagnostics and treatment.  This information is especially crucial for patients suffering from strokes, neoplasms, or a cardiac ailment.

In our current age of technological revolution, there’s got to be a way for physicians to gather metabolic information in a timely manner without exposing patients to radioactive agents.  Millions of people could benefit from such an innovation.


Why settle for the old way of doing things?  At Rockland Technimed, that’s the question we asked ourselves – and the answer was OxyFusion.

The OxyFusion is the only non-radioactive MRI imaging agent available on the market today.  It replaces current imaging methods that employ the use of potentially dangerous radioactive agents, which also eliminates the need for expensive cyclotron and hot laboratory setup.  It effectively provides critical metabolic information using conventional, readily available MRI equipment – which greatly increases access, lowers costs and the need for specially-trained personnel.

Additionally, the OxyFusion is the only product that solves this problem and provides the impressive additional benefit of delivering oxygen to oxygen-starved tissue.  This fact places us squarely within the growing field of theranostics, or personalized, therapy-based diagnostics.  With the built-in ability to use OxyFusion with any existing MRI equipment, markets are opened up both domestically and globally – giving us the potential to act as a true market leader.


The process we use is rather simple.  The OxyFusion emulsion, which is basically pre-dissolved Oxygen-17, is injected into the target area.  Instead of radioactive elements, it utilizes oxygen – one of the most readily available elements on our planet – to impact the targeted tissue and make it detectable to an MRI or x-ray.  The use of oxygen guarantees no toxicity or safety concerns.

This is where the dual-pronged diagnostic/therapeutic benefits come into play.  The Oxy-17 then bypasses blockage and gets delivered directly to the oxygen-starved tissue, providing much-needed relief to cells suffering from hypoxia.  By observing this process, physicians can then calculate the rate at which the oxygen is being consumed and eventually deliver a successful diagnosis.

With this process, not only is the targeted tissue getting a valuable infusion of oxygen, but the diagnostic process also gets underway.  The oxygen helps to display the cells’ metabolic processes, which can then be viewed using standard MRI equipment.  Some of OxyFusion’s more common uses include:


We’re pleased to have arrived at what is a very exciting point in our company’s life cycle.  Provided we receive the needed funding, we’ll move forward with a huge step – phase 1 and 2 preclinical and human trials and ultimately FDA clearance.  But it was a number of other steps, both large and small, that got us to where we are today.  They include:


At Rockland Technimed, innovation and leadership go hand in hand.  Our 5-man executive team consists of proven medical leaders, tasked with the important responsibility of bringing valuable innovations like the OxyFusion to the market.  We’ve all got extensive medical backgrounds, but it doesn’t end there.  We each possess a different set of business skills – ranging from entrepreneurship to legal – that allow us to run Rockland the right way.

Our leader is well-versed in the world of biotech startups and is a true global patent hog (we mean that in the nicest of ways).  He’s the original visionary behind OxyFusion and the rest of Rockland Technimed’s products to date.  Pradeep is fully responsible for crafting the company’s vision, developing a long-term strategy, and maintaining all technological aspects.

George’s top-flight industry expertise within a USA Fortune 10 company is an extremely valuable asset for us.  His business leadership gives us the confidence we need to bring our innovations to market.  George will guide our corporate development and strategic direction, as well as regulations management (including cGMP and FDA mandates).

Our resident scholar, Robert’s a Professor Emeritus of Radiology and Emeritus Director of Neuroradiology at Columbia University.  He’ll provide clinical direction for all functions related to our product focus – and is ultimately responsible for all medical applications and the development of our products.

Prior to joining us in 2012, Anil gained 35 years of management consulting and fiscal planning experience.  For Rockland, he will oversee all logistics, day-to-day operations, and trials coordination, ensuring the company is meeting all of its commitments.

James assumed this role in 2012, after serving as a top partner at a number of top-flight law firms.  His expertise in mergers, acquisitions, leveraged buyouts, and venture capital deals makes him an ideal fit for us and our goals.  He’ll ensure that all legal and financial commitments of the company are in good legal and fiscal standing.

The first three executives listed also make up the entirety of our Board of Directors; one vacant seat currently remains on it.  We also boast an extremely impressive and capable Board of Advisors, consisting of two top physicians (Dr. John Pile-Spellman and Dr. Nathaniel Reichek) and two top medical researchers (Michael Moseley, Ph.D. and Ravinder Reddy, Ph.D.).

Used in accord with current MRI machines, it’s the only non-radioactive metabolic imaging agent on the market today – and requires no additional equipment or hot lab setup.
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