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If you’ve ever tried to make a video, you know how lonely and tedious it can be. It’s not the friendly, fun experience that everyone advertises it to be. It’s really just a bunch of hours trying to shoot each shot before spending more hours sitting and editing the whole thing.

What if you could cut out this alone time and skip straight to the exciting, creative part of movie making? ShotClip helps you do just that!

ShotClip is a new app that allows you to create video content with your friends or with anyone, anywhere around the world.



Over the past few years, sites like YouTube and Vine have exploded and made it easier than ever for you to try your hand at movie-making.

You have all the ideas you need to make great videos, but you just need help getting those ideas put together and on screen. Sometimes, all you need is a few other people to help you shoot clips and help your vision become a reality.

That’s why we invented ShotClip: the app that lets you make movies with other people. We turn movie-making into the fun, easy, social experience that it should be, so you can spend less time alone trying to create a video and more time actually making movies!



We’re like the step before YouTube: we help you create quality content that you can then use on whatever platform you want!

With ShotClip, you can bring awareness to a cause, replay parts of your wedding that you might have missed, or even work with fellow concert-goers to get a video that really shows what the event was about.



We believe in the power of creation, which is why we help you to make your movie or add to a friend’s movie shot-by-shot.

If you’re the creator, or director, of the movie, the first thing you have to do is pick a theme. This theme just gives people a basic framework of your video. Is it a wedding? A concert? A movie for YouTube? Let people know!

You then send out a shot list, or a list of shots that you want to be in your movie. Give people details of what you want the shot to be and how much time you have for that shot. This makes it easy for people to click on specific shots and submit their video clip for that shot!

If you’re filming a private event like a wedding, you can invite your friends, or you can open it up for anyone to get involved! You can even implement geographic constraints so that only people at the concert you’re at or in your country can submit videos clips to your movie.

If you’re a user, and not the director of the movie, you can go in and click on shots from the director’s shotlist to submit your video clips. That’s when the fun really begins! Since other people can submit their clip to the same shot you did, you’re competing to get into the final movie.

People can click on and vote on your shot so that it gets more votes and attention from the director. In the end, it’s the director’s choice as to whether or not your shot gets into the final film, but if the clips you see spark your own inspiration, you can click and drag clips to make your own version of the movie!


We’ve already had some incredible success towards our goal to connect people through the power of video!

Our website has been live for 2 years, and in that time, we’ve gained 100,000 users, 25,000 visits per months, and 5,000 new sign ups each month! We’re currently available on the web, on Android, and will be available on iOS devices in September. We’re even in the top 10 search results when you search for online video editors.


Our technology was custom built to enable crowd movie making and is patent-pending in the US.

We’re working with the founders of Movidius.com, the vision chip company that is being used by Google-Tango and is leading the way in power-efficient mobile computer vision!

We’re also currently in discussions with brands like Toshiba who are interested in using our technology to advertise new products. We’ve also gotten some incredible press from tech sites and newspapers across the globe!


We have an exciting array of technology that we want to introduce to the world of crowd-made movies, and we want to continue to help our movie makers by adding more editing options, like filters and text, to really make movies pop.

We also want to add more options for you to share and promote the movie you’re working on so that it can become a viral sensation! We aim to create a community of filmmakers for every location and event that you can imagine, and that’s where we need your help!

For more information about the future of ShotClip and how you could be a part of it, please request access to the Business Plan page of this profile.

ShotClip is also in the process of restructuring as a US entity. 


Conor is an Electronic Engineering and MBA graduate with 18 years’ experience working in the tech industry in engineering, product management and marketing roles and excels in leading/managing multi-disciplinary teams to deliver complex technology products to the market place.

With a background in animation and graphic design, Alan is the founder of Boulder Media and an early member of the Oscar-nominated flash team at Cartoon Saloon. He has been designing and developing rich internet applications for the past 15 years, including applications for many leading brands.

Sean has spent more than 25 years in the semiconductor industry working in various technical, business, marketing, and management positions. He is the co-founder of Movidius, a computer vision chip company that has raised more than $80 million in funding.

With more than 20 years in the semiconductor industry, David is the co-founder and CTO of Movidius.com. He has a wealth of international experience and has worked with such companies as Infineon and SGS-Thomson Microelectronics. He excels at technological innovations, has more than 20 patents to his name, and brings a wealth of technical contacts and forward thinking to ShotClip.

John is an experienced company financial director with a wide range of experiences. His specialties are financial reporting, fund raising, acquisitions, disposals, and restructuring the exercises and development of management systems.


ShotClip is a new app that allows you to create video content with your friends or with anyone, anywhere around the world.
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