Skulpt Chisel – The Future of Fitness: Measure your body fat and muscle quality – Get tailored fitness advice for optimal workouts

Skulpt Chisel – The Future of Fitness

Skulpt Chisel - Advanced Fitness Tech for Beginners and Pros Alike
Skulpt Chisel - Advanced Fitness Tech for Beginners and Pros Alike
Chisel Features
Chisel Features
How Chisel Works


3 Easy Steps


Let Your Muscles Speak For Themselves
Chisel measures up to 24 muscles

Chisel measures 24 muscles on your body. Track your progress by muscle, optimize your training to achieve results sooner, and track asymmetries.

Scott Herman - Fitness Expert


What is MQ?
Muscle Quality

Muscle Quality is the force a muscle produces relative to its size. The MQ score is a rating of the muscles’ fitness where 100 is average. Higher MQ scores mean stronger, leaner, and more fit muscles.

Track Results, Not Activity
App Features
Available on the Apple App Store and Android Play Store


Features In Development
Features In Development


The Science
Skulpt Science

Chisel has 12 sensors on the back with optimized configurations and frequencies. It sends a small current past the subcutaneous fat and through the muscle fibers, picking up thousands of data points per second. The technology then evaluates the flow of that current to accurately measure the fat percentage per muscle, and rate that muscle’s fitness. We use algorithms to determine total body fat percentage and total MQ from three muscles: triceps, abs, and quads.

Skulpt Science

Initially developed for the medical space by co-founders from Harvard and MIT, Chisel’s proprietary technology, Electrical Impedance Myography (EIM), has been used in top US research hospitals, validated through dozens of clinical trials, and has even been used in collaboration with NASA.


How Skulpt Compares
Comparison Chart

Skulpt’s technology measures body fat percentage with gold standard accuracy, and provides a muscle quality rating unlike any other device on the market.


Tech Specs

Battery and Charging

Chisel uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. A full charge takes 2 hours, and can last 2-4 weeks on a single charge.

Light Ring

Chisel has a light ring with LED lights around its edge. When taking a measurement, the light will be pulsing in color, and will then turn to a solid color when the measurement is ready.


Chisel uses sensors to take your fitness measurements. The sensors are ZAMAK 3 (Zinc Alloy) with Nickel top plating.

Requirements and Compatibility

A mobile app is required to use the Chisel device. Chisel is currently compatible with iPhone 5 or newer, and Android phones with OS 4.3 or later.

Environmental Requirements

Operating Temperature 32 to 104 F (0 to 40 C)
Maximum Operating Altitude 30,000 feet (9,144 m)

Cleaning your Chisel

Clean and dry the Chisel regularly using a damp cloth. Do not use any chemical based cleaners to clean your Chisel.

When Not to Use Chisel

The Skulpt Chisel sends a small electrical signal through different muscles on your body.

  • We do not recommend using Chisel if you have an electrical implant such as a heart pacemaker
  • We do not recommend using Chisel if you are pregnant


Chisel measures 24 muscles on your body. Track your progress by muscle, optimize your training to achieve results sooner, and track asymmetries.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sjanVYhnkdk
See Campaign: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/skulpt-chisel-the-future-of-fitness#/
Contact Information:
Juan Jaramillo
Seward Rutkove
Cary Liberman

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