SleepASAP Connects Sleep Deprived With Each Other With A Goal To Build World’s Largest Community Of Its Kind

SleepASAP Connects Sleep Deprived With Each Other With A Goal to Build World’s Largest Community of its Kind

Jerusalem, Israel – October 12, 2015 – SleepASAP™ –a new crowd sourced-based app for connecting the sleep deprived with each other, and providing sleep recommendation strategies, is now open to new community participants.

SleepASAP helps sleeps strugglers by utilizing a crowd powered platform to match them with their personalized optimal treatment and connecting them with a community fellow strugglers and experts.  

“Everyone knows the pain of losing a productive day because of a sleepless night,” stated Nadav Lankin, Co-Founder and COO. “Sleep deprivation affects 45% of the world, and this number is growing, with 50­-70 million sufferers in the U.S alone.”

Direct annual costs in the US are estimated at $13.9 billion, with an additional indirect annual cost of $72-90 billion (data from that US­ Center for Diseases Control and Prevention). To date available treatments are generic, costly, often pharmaceutical, and exclude the variable of personality insights, which has a significant impact on sleep disorders.

Sleep ASAP is a user-friendly app for IoS and Android, where users can gain insight from the community about combating the struggle of sleepless nights. It provides you with an analysis of your Sleep DNA, which is created by identifying your personality insights and sleep symptoms. Once you tell us your personal story, the app will provide the consumer with recommended treatments that helped people with the same SleepDNA.

This SleepDNA can be leveraged to help countless sleep strugglers make insight based decisions to manage and improve the quality of their sleep. It also gives SleepASAP users the experience of a curated empathic community of sleep strugglers and sleep experts filtered by their unique SleepDNA.

Sleep DNA is for anyone who has tried and failed to find the therapeutic method that will help them get sleep. It will save the frustration and time of searching for something that will actually work.

With this vision close in sight, the company will be launching an Indiegogo campaign on October 12th intended to support the development of the app. Early supporters will not only get access to the app, but early community access to fellow SleepDNA members.

Find Sleep ASAP on Indiegogo and support our cause and help us guide sleep strugglers worldwide to a better night sleep: http//igg.me/at/sleepasap

For Frequently Asked Questions: http://www.sleepasap.org/#!faq/cz5w or Twitter: https://twitter.com/sleepasap 

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