Slingshots & Heartbreak V.3

Slingshots & Heartbreak Artbook features sketches, illustrations and design by Sacramento based artist Nooligan.

About this project

Slingshots & Heartbreak V.3 Artbook by Hai-Na-Nu “Nooligan” Saulque is a collection of works during the year of 2015, featuring finished pieces & rough sketch works. 


* 8.5 x 8.5

* Soft-Cover

* 84 pages

* In the preview is the prototype/proof, but the book is subject to changes and add-ons as the funding process goes on.

is an artist, comic creator and graphic designer based in Sacramento, Ca. An old soul in a young body, HaiNaNu finds inspiration in times past. From the cartoons of his youth to films he missed by decades, from golden age comics to classic newspaper strips, you will find a creator who has immersed himself in the what he loves. His style is contemporary with a flare of nostalgia.

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Being part of this Kickstarter gets you the best product available. No corners will be cut, plus based on how successful the campaign goes we will be able to add improvements to the book that would not be possible without kickstarter. My projects are always made right here in Sacramento, California, this allows a very fast turnaround and quality control. Rewards at all levels will be limited editions and available ONLY here on kickstarter.

I am a huge support of small businesses and local community. I feel there is no difference when it comes to the project you are looking at now. The majority of my supporters are right here in the U.S.A. and they deserve a product not only created here but produced here as well. Yes, it is going to cost more but it is definitely worth it.

Slingshots & Heartbreak V.3 will be printed through a local company right here in Sacramento, California. They will print and bind the book and have promised an amazingly short turnaround time. Even though I believe I will have the product in your hands much sooner than the dates given, I have estimated the latest possible date to make sure I fulfill my promise to you. I want to not only provide the best product I can but the best service Kickstarter can offer.

Risks and challenges

With Slingshots & Heartbreak you can be confident that before I even came to Kickstarter the book was formatted and a proof/prototype was printed. With successful fund raising improvements and book upgrades can be easily changed before the final book is printed.

Although this is my 3rd kickstarter this is not the first artbook that I have produced. I have become well versed in the stages of development and the problems that can spring up while getting them done. There are always unique challenges to every project but never had a problem I could not overcome.

I plan on staying in constant contact with you through email, facebook, twitter and of course my website. I will provide you with teasers, progress updates and if necessary full details on delays with new timelines. I am confident that being well ahead of schedule to begin with will put this project on time for any stretch goals that must be met.

Slingshots & Heartbreak V.3 Artbook by Hai-Na-Nu «Nooligan» Saulque is a collection of works during the year of 2015, featuring finished pieces & rough sketch works.
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Hai-Na-Nu Saulque

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