SmartShow Ltd (ShowGizmo): The top event app in Australasia

The high waste, low engagement experience of modern events drove SmartShow founders Marie-Claire Andrews and Frances Manwaring to experiment with virtualisation as a replacement for face-to-face trade shows and conferences.  But they soon realised that the real solution was literally sitting in their hands – mobile technology.    
Accordingly, in April, 2010, as the world began to fully embrace smartphones, SmartShow was founded in Wellington, New Zealand, to develop and sell smartphone applications, with a focus on the global events industry.  The SmartShow team, known to some as the “Gizmologists”, then proceeded to develop an innovative events technology app and the world’s first multi-event platform, ShowGizmo.

Since that time, ShowGizmo has been used by 250,000 people at more than 800 events in 17 countries on five continents and is dominant in its home market, being the number one selling event app in Australasia. Equally importantly, having developed and proven the value of its offering to customers, the Company’s technology and capability is now in a position to scale globally.

• $2m of revenues to date and profitable
• The app of choice for major event organisers in 17 countries on five continents, enjoyed by 250,000 + event goers
• Product available on iPhone, Android, html5 and Windows Mobile
• 13 FTE employees plus sales reps in Australia, the UK, the US and the Middle East
• A leading market position across Australasia – an extensive network of clients, partners, and media contacts
• Multiple revenue streams – licenced ‘off the shelf’ product, white label product, additional support services, premium services, customisations
• Gross margin consistently over 80%
• A world-class and de-risked product, developed by a proven team of event app specialists with a reputation for delivering outstanding customer service and mobile strategy.

ShowGizmo is the top event app in Australasia, sold to event organisers globally to add value to trade shows, exhibitions and conferences.
See Campaign: https://gust.com/companies/showgizmo
Contact Information:
Frances Manwaring
Marie-Claire Andrews

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