We are seeking out fans of music, theatre and live performance to be part of something new. This project has been the labour of love for Dom Coyote and the Blood Moneys for four years. Inspired by a love of classic Sci-Fi, a passion for alternative music and the unprecedented events unfolding every day in the crazy world we live in. We present ‘Songs For The End of The World’. 

We’re putting together a vivid evening of gig-theatre especially for audiences at Vault Festival. We would love to invite you to become a part of our journey.


Dom in Songs from the End of the World
Dom in Songs from the End of the World



On the day of the apocalypse, Jim is shot off in a rocket, intended to be the first man on Mars. But instead, he finds himself trapped in Earth’s orbit, fated to forever circle the smouldering remnants of the world below.

Armed only with a transmitter and a guitar, Jim decides to write songs and send them back down to Earth, just in case the love of his life survived and is listening. 

These are Jim’s ‘Songs for the End of the World’. 


Dom Coyote and his high octane, multi-instrumentalist band, the Bloodmoneys explore the line between music gig and epic theatre. ‘

Songs For The End Of The World’ takes inspiration from 1950s rock ‘n’ roll, post‐war Britain, dystopian fiction and the sheer surrealism of our modern world. 

The evening is divided into two parts, like an old vinyl, the album is split down the middle: 

SIDE A A world steamrolling towards catastrophe, upside-down politics run riot and Jim is sent to Mars in search of a new planet for us to ruin… 

Global nuclear apocalypse…

SIDE B How will we cope with the post-apocalyptic fallout? Who survived? All the politicians are dead. Jim circles the earth, stuck in orbit watching the world burn beneath him, will his songs ever reach home? And if so, who will be listening? 


Dom Coyote is a composer, performer and writer. He works with bands, theatre companies and arts organisations across the world.


Dom started out as a member of the National Youth Theatre, where he formed Hip-Hop group Arkane, releasing two albums, Civility and Handstyles. Dom continued to develop his interest in Hip-Hop at Dartington College Of Arts (2003 – 2006), studying links between free-styling and shamanism – improvisation continues to play a major part in Dom’s work.

In 2006 Dom began working with the internationally acclaimed Kneehigh Theatre, performing in three major shows with the company; Cymbeline (RSC), A Matter of Life and Death (National Theatre) and Don Jon (RSC, BAC).

He then wrote the original score to a mini-play, Annabelle Lee, which sat inside Punchdrunk’s legendary site-specific show, Mask of the Red Death, at Battersea Arts Centre. 

In 2009 Battersea Arts Centre awarded Dom with the Jim Marcovitch Bursary which allowed him to develop two of his own projects; The Raun Tree (a dystopian fairytale, told through ten songs) and Folk in a Box (a one-on-one music venue). 

The Raun Tree was commissioned by West Yorkshire Playhouse in 2011 and toured nationally in 2012. Folk in a Box continues to be installed all over the world, with invitations to Venice Bienale and Sydney Festival as particular highlights. 

In 2011/12, Dom began an ongoing relationship with South African artists, composing for SA/UK contemporary dance piece, the Impending Storm.

He has since written for Vena Portae. An Anglo-Swedish-Alt-Folk-Retro-Pop band along with Emily Barker and Ruben Engzell.

More details about Dom and his work can be found on his website;


Or you can tweet Dom @domcoyote


We need to raise £2500. This money will have a direct affect on the work and allow us to…

– For the first time ever, offer workshops in alternative music practice to schools and youth theatre companies to accompany our performances. We want to engage a diverse range of young people and encourage them to be creative, bold and a little bit anarchic in their music. 

– Simply make this week of performances a reality in London! 

– Finally, complete the show during an important 3 weeks of development leading up to the first performance on February 17th. 

– Pay our performers for the week of performances at the festival. 

– Work with experts in projection and sound design, this would be the icing on the cake for our production design. 

– Support our performers and creative team with travel and accommodation costs. 


Everyone in the arts is being forced to seek out alternative sources of funding. As artists we are relying more and more on the kindness of arts lovers, audiences and people who believe in a thriving cultural landscape to support our work. 

We do need to raise a large amount of money to make this project a reality, but more than that we saw this as an opportunity to meet interesting people, engage with our audience in a very real way and above all to find new ways of showing people what we do. 

We are very excited about delivering your rewards and hopefully meeting you at one of the shows! If you support us on kickstarter, the reward you receive will just be the beginning of our relationship. We are very excited for you to see the work and be a part of an evening of music and theatre that you helped make! 


Check out the rewards. Dom, has promised to make each song special.
Here’s Dom in his London Studio with just some of his instruments…


Our performances at the festival are just the beginning for ‘Songs for the End of the World’. Several top venues have supported us along the way including West Yorkshire Playhouse, Battersea Arts Centre, Tobacco Factory and National Theatre Studios. Thanks to them, the show is almost ready to present. We have put in the work, written the show and booked a great slot at one of London’s fastest growing festivals, but we haven’t yet had an opportunity to perform and showcase our work in full to venues up and down the country. Vault festival provides us with this amazing opportunity. 

Songs for the End of the World is commissioned by Battersea Arts Centre and supported by West Yorkshire Playhouse, Tobacco Factory Theatres and Kneehigh. Developed with support from the National Theatre Studio and Arts Council England.


We are seeking out fans of music, theatre and live performance to be part of something new. This project has been the labour of love for Dom Coyote and the Blood Moneys for four years. Inspired by a love of classic Sci-Fi, a passion for alternative music and the unprecedented events unfolding every day in the crazy world we live in. We present ‘Songs For The End of The World’.
See Campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/songsfortheend/songs-for-the-end-of-the-world?ref=recommended
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