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Summerland is an immersive live event which offers audiences a warm, hyper-real tropical paradise in the middle of winter.

Winters in Europe are long and escaping the cold means a flight. Often people do not have the time and money to spare, but still crave the chance to relax and reconnect in the warmth. This is why we have created Summerland.

The experience will be like going to an immersive festival in a jungle paradise. With multiple attractions all around, the audience will roam freely and explore what is effectively a film set with a live theatrical wonderland.

The theme is Holiday in a Day, with a whole day and night condensed into each 4hr show. Audiences check-in at the Departure Lounge before teleporting into a hidden paradise with jungle, waterfall, pool, hot-tubs and bands, spectacular AV displays, jungle landscaping; character performers, live bands and immersive warmth.

Characterful, authentic and original, Summerland will be unlike any other event in the world.

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Intended impact

Summerland is designed to make people happy and do good.

Relax and Escape.
Summerland is pure escapism. Here the audience become fully immersed in an alternate reality. An attraction such as this summons the audience to not only be part of the story but to feel as if they have fallen down a rabbit hole into a whole other world.

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Families Reconnect.
In these pressured days, time to reconnect as a family is a rare thing and too often family fun days are not fun for everyone. Daytime shows are designed by parents for parents – time to relax while kids are happily entertained. Summerland has a myriad of areas for children to explore, from questing to restore Santa’s magic, playing at the Kids Club Treehouse Playground or splashing around in the pool. All ensuring enough peace for at least one Mai-tai and a massage.

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The Ultimate Party.
By night, this charming tropical paradise becomes the ultimate venue for wild bacchanal. Evening shows are edgier, bands are bigger, the dancers more exotic, the capacity is doubled, and it generally goes off like the most having it pool party imaginable. Imagine, for example, Nicki Minaj giving it the Anaconda, with dancers on the rock walls and waterfall all around. Dazzling light shows in the sky above, which you enjoy from your stage-side hot-tub as you sip champagne with your mates. On all levels this will really be the most epic night out in the city.

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A Luxury Experience for All.
Enjoying the music and atmosphere is fun but upgrades such as Spa, Hot tubs and Beauty Packages make this a premium experience at an accessible price.

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Health Benefits.
From the light frequencies to the fresh juices, yoga and spa treatments, Summerland is intended to help people feel good in winter.

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Not everyone gets the chance to visit a real jungle but here they can experience and learn about one.

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In the long term, helping to protect threatened rainforests via partner programs will bring Summerland full circle.

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Substantial accomplishments to date

Debs Armstrong is the founder of Shangri-La, Glastonbury Festival. In its 8th year and with over 160,000 visitors a year, it’s one of the best loved and most influential immersive attractions in the UK.

Substantial achievements to date include the following:

The company has been boot-strapped by founders for 2.5yrs and is ready to go to market and generate revenues.

A formidable team and partnerships – the production, operation, finance and marketing aspects will be delivered by industry leaders.

Concept and designs well developed, with scale plans, models and technical drawings in place. Suppliers confirmed, with each aspect costed and quoted and only detailing to be further developed.

Strong supporters including: Virgin Atlantic, London & Partners, AKA, Seetickets and Billetto.

Significant discounts negotiated on major costs such as venue hire fees and technical equipment.

Our lead investor is the president of Rubik’s Brand Limited, David Kremer, an expert in global licensing.

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Use of proceeds

The money raised through this round will be utilised to pay:

Marketing and PR costs to take Summerland to market. Tickets will go on sale in Jan 2016, provisionally on Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year. A pre-launch Event for corporate sales and sponsorship partners will aim to cement and develop partnerships.

Final phase R&D is required to detail smaller set items.

Overheads are planned to be kept to minimum, but they include core wages, professional fees and venue deposit.

By raising this round of funding for Summerland we unlock our financing opportunities for future rounds and benefit from core audience development.

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Summerland is an immersive live event which offers audiences a warm, hyper-real tropical paradise in the middle of winter.
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