Summit for Sustainability: for the WISS Cambodia Project and GOOD Travel

My Story

My name is Shelley Bragg and I am climbing Aconcagua in February 2016. I aim to promote sustainability, travel, and renewed positive outlooks on life…because that’s what the mountains give you: a new world view. You are in touch with nature, in awe of the world’s wonder, and as you push yourself to your limits, and are humbled by the experience, you develop the respect that we should all have for the planet with live on. You also connect with people, on an authentic level, with all social barriers removed and you realize how awesome people are and how much one individual can achieve, that any one individual can achieve. That’s why I climb and I want it to be a climb that serves more than me…a climb for GOOD.

WISS Cambodia Project. The WISS Cambodia Project is a partnership between the Western International School of Shanghai (WISS) and the Partnering Against Poverty Association (PAPA) in Cambodia. The WISS Community – under the vision of John Cucinello – have purchased a piece of land in Siem Reap and are building a community centre with a dental clinic and learning centre all using sustainable environmental practices. Under the vision of another dear friend, Mark Grantham, it is also employing and training local village members and is creating economic sustainability through: tourism and voluntourism, through the growing of crops, income generation through renewable energy sources, a waste management and recycling program and more in time. It is a model of sustainability on a community level, that can be an inspiration for others. It aims to compliment the lives of the villagers and be a place of shared knowledge, helping community members receive access to basic services of health and education. I have worked with this project for the past 5 years, returning to Siem Reap annually, and have helped to build the caretaker home and dental clinic on the land.

The funds raised from this climb will help to build the school. The school will be a place of learning for youth and adults and be a shared space for the community.

Learn more: http://www.papacambodia.org/

GOOD Travel. GOOD Travel is a social enterprise that is transforming the tourism industry into a force for GOOD. I have the privilege of working with two phenomenal and inspiring women, who are passionate about economic, social and environmental sustainability. GOOD Travel aims to promote and support tourism businesses that are giving back to their community and environment and to educate travelers on what it means to be an ethical and GOOD traveler. GOOD Travel has successfully run GOOD trips to Peru, Fiji and South Africa and has more lined up for India, Tanzania, Nepal and New Zealand. Through these trips, travelers are able to enjoy authentic travel experiences where they can connect with and learn from the local community and support worthwhile causes. GOOD Travel is currently a volunteer based organization that wants to extend their reach globally, with tourism businesses and travelers, in order to make sustainability a top priority in one of the fastest growing industries. With additional funding, GOOD Travel can become a place of education and bring talks and workshops to individuals as well as further develop their GOOD Trips.

Find out more here: www.good-travel.org

How You Can Help

By supporting my climb and making a donation, you are helping these projects above to succeed and to further support the communities they work with. You are also showing that you support sustainability.

Use Of Funds


These funds will be used to further promote sustainability through the WISS Cambodia Project and GOOD Travel.

The WISS Cambodia Project

The funds raised will be used to help cover the costs of building a school on our land, alongside the dental clinic and caretaker home that have already been built. The sustainable building has been designed by Mark Grantham and will cost a total of US$ 20 000. The WISS Community will also be fundraising for this project and participants will travel to the land to take part in the actual building of the school in April 2016. The combination of their funding and your contributions through StartSomeGood will help us see that we can complete this task in 2016. Additional funding will help us to also furbish the school with all the resources we need, but our top priority is getting the school building finished in its entirety, so that we can put it to use and enhance our programs and outreach.

GOOD Travel

These funds will be used to further our reach and advocate for sustainability with travelers and tourism businesses globally through: workshops and presentations, the development of new trips and the continuing of our promotion of tourism businesses/practices that give back to the community, the environment and the local economy. GOOD Travel operations are sustained through our GOOD Trips but we want GOOD Travel to equally be a place of education, and additional funding will help us to develop this advocacy element,

10% of these funds will also be donated to GOOD Travel GOOD Deeds, such as: Kliptown Youth Program (South Africa), Peruvian Hearts (Peru).


In Siem Reap, additional funding will be used to furbish the school building with all the resources we need.

For GOOD Travel, additional funding can help to extend our reach and programs even further, through exhibitions, events, and sustainable conferences.


My name is Shelley Bragg and I am climbing Aconcagua in February 2016. I aim to promote sustainability, travel, and renewed positive outlooks on life…because that’s what the mountains give you: a new world view.

Youtube: https://youtu.be/M_FtPhzgJ3M
See Campaign: https://startsomegood.com/goodsummit
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Shelley Bragg

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