70K: The first ten thousand that we make over our goal will go immediately into costumes, sets, and special effects. We’ll be able to upgrade the quality of the garments, add some extra set dressing, and we can afford more complicated makeup/ prosthetic effects!

80K: If we can get here, then we will be able to afford some seriously cool extra equipment and add some more intense and complicated camera work that is simply unachievable with only basic gear.

90K: At 90K (150% of our goal), we will be able to afford both aforementioned upgrades AND an extra week of shooting, which means we can take our time getting things to look just right.

100K: If we can reach 100K on kickstarter, we will be able to afford all of the prior goals IN ADDITION to paying our crew better, having time for reshoots, and more funds to allocate to post production: including editing, coloring, music, and sound design!

A morose metro bus driver and a depressed blogger join a cult seeking death. But is death the end of a nightmare or only the beginning?
See Campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/852110500/sunset-on-the-river-styx?ref=recommended
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Aaron Pagniano

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