TAP2: Delivering the true cashless stadium.


Delivering the true cashless stadium.

Tap2s cloud-based Event Management Solution is an exciting, fully integrated e-services offering aimed at sports clubs, stadium owners and event organisers. The EMS has been designed and built to deliver a cashless, smart ticketing/access solution, with substantial growth potential and is highly scalable, making it suitable for any client from small (ca. 400 attendees) to premier league organisations (ca 35,000+ attendees).



    TAP2 deliver a fully integrated subscription based event ticketing, access and management system using wireless technology, the cloud and smart card /smart phone technology for event access and payments.
    Tap2 now has 6 pilot clubs, using our cloud-based platform to deliver online season and match day tickets, secure payments and controlled access. Tap2 is beginning to deliver a growing repeatable transaction revenue stream.


    The event market is quite fragmented. As an example a majority of providers are only able to offer some mix of online payments and match day paper tickets, or electronic season tickets only. EPoS systems (covering merchandise and F&B) tend to remain as silo solutions, thus reducing opportunities for real-time integrated data collation and reporting. Returns CRM supporter data knowledge to clubs Delivers secure and auditable supporter access Presents a real-time Management Dashboard, unifying all access. revenue streams and other key metricsReduces costs and leakages Fundamental building block for clubs to achieve the cashless stadium ideal Platform for greater fan engagement


    Tap2s business model is designed to be cost-neutral to clubs, with online/mobile ticketing and payment services funded via a transaction fee charge, based on the ticket face value. This transaction fee underwrites the cost of required HHUs and is designed to incentivise the club and supporters uptake and full implementation of our platform, through an annual revenue share with the club itself. Transaction fees are set competitively against the leading secondary channel ticketing providers own fees (e.g. Ticketmaster). By addressing sports clubs of all types Tap2 are able to take advantage of cyclical investment rounds, based on sports season start/end dates.


    The founders propose a realistic exit route likely to be: IPO; a trade acquisition within the market possibly by a major ticket competitor or a venue services organisation such as a Food and Beverage partner; security services provider such as security provider for example. We forecast the share value on sale to be valued at 10 times current issue price providing a return to investors of 2,000,000 within a 3-5 year time period.

Tap2s cloud-based Event Management Solution is an exciting, fully integrated e-services offering aimed at sports clubs, stadium owners and event organisers.
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