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Making the best choice within a category is often difficult, as it is common that public perception is based on subjective factors. However, choosing the best is vital to help people make decisions, and the most reliable ranking systems choose some objective factors in order to build the rank.

That is what we have done here. In order to pick the best ones to include in our lists, we’ll consider objective factors, such as time online, number of media mentions, amount of funds available for investment, and amount of successful projects.

In order to achieve fair results, we decided to evaluate real estate crowdfunding websites in a distinct niche from the rest of the equity crowdfunding sphere. That’s necessary, as the values involved tend to be bigger when compared to a startup investment, even with the lowest promised annual returns. As the risk is lower, those projects tend to attract larger sums.

Here are our real estate crowdfunding winners:


We have been tracking this platform for nearly a year, when it became one of the first to accept real estate crowdfunding from accredited investors.

Among the projects negotiated in the site is One World Trade Center offices, from Silverstein Properties, one of the networks listed in the platform.

The platform houses several networks worth tens of billions of dollars that have been mentioned in nearly all the major business publications in America.


California-based Realty Mogul is a big player in the market. Launched in 2013, they have managed to raise more than $770 million in more than 330 different properties.

The majority of projects are cash flow assets, generating income mainly from loans. They are mostly based in their home state, California, but the platform is already operating nationwide, currently focused on accredited investors.


Prodigy Network is a pioneer of real estate crowdfunding. Formed in 2003, it started offering opportunities for accredited investors before the JOBS Act went into effect, and moved to equity crowdfunding as soon as it was possible.

Most projects are based in New York City, but the company has offices in Miami, Florida; Colombia; and Uruguay as well.

They claim  their portfolio is worth $575,000 in New York City alone.


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