The Caterpillar’s Footprint – The Caterpillar’s Footprint is a play developed specifically with and for 2-5 year olds by Kerfuffle, AZ’s newest theatre company!

Kerfuffle presents: The Caterpillar’s Footprint

The Caterpillar’s Footprint is the premiere production of Arizona’s first theatre company devoted to creating performances for young people under 5 years old: Kerfuffle. 

Founded by Ashley Laverty, an MFA candidate in Arizona State University’s Theatre for Youth program, Kerfuffle will bring high quality, aesthetically pleasing and emotionally interesting theatre to very young audiences. Made up of an ensemble of artists who teach, write, design and perform, we will create playful, multi-sensory theatre with and for children 5 and under. 

The Caterpillar’s Footprint has two major components: first, teaching artists facilitated weeklong creative drama residencies in 2 local preschools (Mesa’s Good Earth Montessori School and ASU’s Bright Horizons Family Center) to generate ideas for the show. During the residencies, we explored and played with children using improvisation, storytelling, movement and visual art to explore caterpillars and butterflies. Ashley, the playwright, observed and documented the experiences paying particular attention to what excited and moved the children.

The second component is the upcoming performance residency of The Caterpillar’s Footprint in Mesa, AZ. The show will be uniquely housed in a 7ft tall, 14ft in diameter portable Yurt Dome that will allow the space to be transformed with beautiful hanging lights and custom made puppets and scenic elements.

We are asking for help from YOU! Please consider donating if you are able. Kickstarter funds will go towards the scenic elements of the show: our 14 foot diameter Yurt Dome will be decorated like a mushroom and once inside, audience members will be invited to sit on hand sewn, soft and comfy mushroom seats and caps all around the space. Kickstarter funds will also go towards custom made hand, rod and body puppets, as well as to pay Kerfuffle artists: 2 actors, 3 designers, 2 teaching artists, a production manager and a director/playwright have devoted a lot of time and energy to make this premiere show a success! 

Who is Kerfuffle?

The Caterpillar’s Footprint Team:

Director: Ashley Laverty 

Cast: Amanda Pintore, Andy Waldron 

Scenic Design: Jeff Sachs

Costume Design: Thomas Underdal 

Puppet Design: Thomas Underdal

Lighting Design: Jamie Arakas 

Production Manager: Kara Chesser

Playwright: Ashley Laverty 

Teaching Artists: Amanda Pintore, Thomas Underdal, Ashley Laverty

More information:

Information: www.kerfuffletvy.com 
Facebook: www.Facebook.com/Kerfuffletvy
Instagram: www.instagram.com/kerfuffle_tvy
Twitter: @kerfuffle_tvy
Hashtag: #kerfuffletvy 

The Caterpillar’s Footprint is the premiere production of Arizona’s first theatre company devoted to creating performances for young people under 5 years old: Kerfuffle.
See Campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/883053701/the-caterpillars-footprint?ref=popular
Contact Information:
Ashley Laverty

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