The Hoffman’s – America’s 1st Surviving Military Quintuplets
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The Hoffman's- America's 1st Surviving Military Quintuplets (Hoffman Quintuplets)

The Story

Many of you followed the journey of how the quintuplets came into existence. However, here is the original story….”After trying for a baby for 3 years, and the devastation when they miscarried a baby girl, Mike and Roxanna are thrilled with a much awaited pregnancy. But much to their surprise, they have found out that they are expecting a much bigger bundle than they anticipated; they are pregnant with quintuplets! While they have plenty of love to offer these 5 babies, the finances are going to be very tight for this beautiful family.

The Hoffmans are a hardworking, caring, and self-less family. Mike has served 5 years Active Duty in the Air Force, including an overseas deployment. Roxanna is a Medic in the Air Force Reserves and a full time nursing student, one semester away from graduation. They have an 8 year old son, Conner, who loves sports; especially soccer and basketball.

Although this family has enough love to go around, a family of 8 is a huge expense for a single income military family. To help cover the enormous cost of having and raising 5 babies, I am asking for donations to help with the financial burden that this family is soon to face.”

Fundraiser Update

Thank you for for sharing the joy of our new surprise blessing of Baby G! XOXO, Michael, Roxanna, Aurora, Briella, Conner, Delilah, Elias, and Felicity
Michael and Roxanna
Posted on March 7, 2016 by Brenda
The family is super excited o announce that Baby Gideon Gunner arrived on 2/19/2016 @ 1118 am by csection. He weighed an amazing 9 lbs 6 oz and was 21.5 inches long! Mom had a rough recovery at the hospital initially but is doing well. Dad had to travel out of state for work when Mom was 11 days postpartum so she has been trying her best with lifting the 30 lb quints and holding down the homefront. They are super grateful for some out of town friends showing up to help for half the time Michael was gone. It was a lifesaver since Roxanna was struggling to meet everybody’s needs while still trying to heal. We appreciate everybody’s love and support for this awesome family!
Posted on February 15, 2016 by Brenda
Hi everybody!
Thank you for everybody’s continued support and love! The quintuplets just turned 20 months old! These babies are just growing by leaps and bounds! They still have ongoing medical issues from being premature. However, they are slowly conquering most of them! They are real miracle children! The family is preparing for the birth of their new addition, Baby G this Friday! Baby G is a little boy! The family thought they were more than done with the birth of the quintuplets, after a devastating loss, and years of infertility. Baby G was conceived when Mom was on birth control, breastfeeding the quintuplets, Mom was battling kidney stones, Dad had a vasectomy scheduled, and they were moving! He was clearly meant to join the family! Soon after the csection with the new addition, Roxanna has to have kidney stone surgery, and heal quickly. Dad gets 10 days of paternity leave which is great since they are taking care of everything almost alone! Can you imagine doing all of this and more with 6 little ones under the age of 20 months and a 9 year old?!? Michael has a few trips out of town for work and the family is making a very expensive move to their next duty station across the country soon after! Mom is driving and taking care of the 7 kids alone and Dad is driving the moving truck and dog across the country. They are getting a fixer upper house to stay in their meager budget at the new location hopefully! They are sacrificing so much for our country and always have a smile on their faces! They work day and night to make things work since their family and friends live far away! Let’s take the load off ofthis amazing family for a bit!Let’s surprise them by SHARING THIS PAGEand helping them out with someof the upcoming expenses over the next few months! Also, feel free to send things to their mailing address of PO Box 9428, Surprise, AZ 85374 they love to receive post cards and more! Thank you so much!

Also, they are on facebook at The Hoffman Quintuplets! Here is a description about each of the little ones from their blog!

Aurora- is our class clown! She thinks everything is funny and tries her best to repeat everything we say! She has strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes! Aurora is still known as, “Squeakers” because of her high pitched squeals and cries. She loves to eat snacks and her favorite is bananas! Aurora loves to play the thank you game where she hands you an object and you say, “thank you”. Normally, she expects the object back but it’s a start!

Briella- is our sweetheart of the group! She is always comforting others and smiling. Briella is nicknamed, “Beautiful Briella” or “Bri, Bri” (what the other babies call her). She has gorgeous red hair and medium brown eyes. She is the Mommy of the group and will nibble on her puppies…I mean siblings if they get out of line frown emoticon. We have been working on this for a while. Briella loves crackers with peanut butter on them.

Conner (not pictured)- is the best big brother ever! He loves to play with the babies any chance he can! Conner loves to participate in all sports; however, basketball is his favorite! He is an awesome student and has a heart of gold. He is shy at first, but if you talk sports or Xbox he’ll talk like crazy! He refused to have his picture taken today yet but is enjoying his box of chocolates lol.

Delilah- is our little tom boy. She is always on the move, a daredevil, hates bows, and gives the biggest hugs! Her nickname is, “go, Delilah, go” and “Dee, Dee” (what the other babies call her). She is very loving but can easily get a temper if things don’t go how she planned. Delilah is still learning personal boundaries so sometimes annoys the others but they work it out! Her favorite food is beans. She has dark brown eyes and very curly, light brown hair.

Elias- is a very sensitive boy. He can be very emotional, loving, and giggly. However, he has been through the most medically and is a tough champ! Elias is nick named “Baby Eli”. He loves to dance and is super ticklish! His favorite food is clemintines. He has dark brown hair and eyes. His hair is very thin on top.

Felicity- is our diva. She will quickly throw herself to the floor in a temper tantrum if she does not get her way. She is the first to master giving kisses this month! She has the most hair (medium brown) and dark brown eyes. Her favorite food is cheese especially string cheese. Felicity is normally very sweet and loves to cuddle you as she sucks her thumb! Felicity is nicknamed “Me, Me” since when she cries she repeats the word Me. The others call her this too!

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Thank you,
Brenda (a very close family friend and family member of the Hoffman Family who is trying to surprise this amazing family with your generosity)!

Many people have asked Roxanna what the babies still need. So she has put together an update registry at amazon.com. It can be found at: https://www.amazon.com/gp/baby-reg?ie=UTF8&ref_=nav_wishlist_br&lid=3OQB8NCEIGN31 . She also has a post office box PO Box 9428, Surprise, AZ 85374 if you are interested in sending items that way as well.

The Hoffmans are a hardworking, caring, and self-less family. Mike has served 5 years Active Duty in the Air Force, including an overseas deployment. Roxanna is a Medic in the Air Force Reserves. Although this family has enough love to go around, a family of 8 is a huge expense for a single income military family.
See Campaign: https://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/hoffman-quintuplets-conner-the-6-pack-/233868
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Michael and Roxanna Hoffman

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