The importance of content to boost your crowdfunding campaign


Content marketing is buzzing right now. Everyone is talking about it, everyone is saying that your company should do it. However, many SME owners are still skeptical about throwing money in a new tactic, about producing content that does not directly advertise their companies or products. Can this really work?

The resistance is understandable. Now and then the market adopts some fashion ideas that do not prove to be right, and that happens mostly in financial and the internet world. Both markets where we at iCN work in. Yes, that happens to crowdfunding as well.

But I’ll give you reasons why you should do content marketing for your company. I’ll tell you why you should always adopt that strategy in order to make your company more exposed to the market, increasing your chances of attracting more business.

It’s a fact, there is a genuine demand for content. People really pay attention to interesting stories, they buy based on information they have seen in a newspaper or magazine. Think about it: where do you advertise your business? Major publications? Google? Facebook? Do you realize they are mostly content based businesses? That’s the point. Actually, many of the largest businesses in the world are content driven ones.

And all content based businesses have a specific characteristic that makes them very appealing to the public and investors as well: they have a followers base. People flock to them in order to stay up to date with current news and gather information. Everything they publish, even the smallest blogs, automatically reaches thousands or millions of people. I say automatically because they don’t need to pay for advertising in order to do this, most of the time. Actually, other companies pay to advertise in those channels.

That’s the goal of content marketing: building a followers base. Building credibility. Wouldn’t it be good if you could have your own base of followers? Did you hear about those blogs with thousands of readers per day? Wouldn’t it be good for your business if your blog was one of those? That’s what we are talking about: making your marketing efforts easier and cheaper while reaching more and more people.

In our next article, we cover how you can adopt the most effective content marketing strategy.


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