• Beautiful, vibrant full color OLED screen  
  • Games are free and open source – play community made games or write your own
  • SD card expansion slot- download new games and insert card
  • High quality analog joystick and two push buttons
  • Built-in speaker and rechargeable lithium battery
  • USB port for charging and game development
  • Acrylic, Wood or 3D printed enclosure options
  • Customize your cabinet with supplied artwork stickers or design and print your own
  • Electronics based around the same 32-bit ARM processor as the Arduino Zero

What is the Tiny Arcade?

We’re old school arcade lovers here – there is nothing quite like the experience of playing a game on an arcade cabinet.  We’ve created Tiny Arcade to let you experience that feeling anywhere, by shrinking an arcade cabinet to just a few inches tall.  

The Tiny Arcade lets you experience many retro type games which can be downloaded completely free from our site or any number of others that create games for the Tiny Arcade.  You can also play videos on the Tiny Arcade at 30 FPS with audio.

The Tiny Arcade is based around TinyCircuits, a modular Arduino compatible platform the size of a quarter which stack together like electronic LEGOs.  There is an analog joystick and two push buttons for playing the games, a built in speaker for playing audio, a Lithium battery, built in USB for charging (and reprogramming), and a microSD expansion slot.  

Even though the Tiny Arcade is built around the Arduino platform – don’t worry if you’re not a programmer, there is no need to download any special software or do any soldering with the Tiny Arcade, you can use it without any special knowledge. 

The Tiny Arcade is only as good as the games it supports, and out of the box there are plenty to get you going.  Like Flappy Birds, Tiny Invaders (by Eike Decker), Asteroids, Tiny Outrun (by Jon Wingrove) and more, we plan on having over twenty classic games available (all free)when the Tiny Arcades start shipping.  And being open source, we look forward to community members developing and releasing their own games as well.

Actual gameplay videos captured from the Tiny Arcade

Actual gameplay videos captured from the Tiny Arcade

microSD Game Expansion

The Tiny Arcade can load games on the fly off a microSD card, a menu is provided at power up that shows a preview of all of the games available on the microSD card, choose one and it gets loaded in a second and you’re playing away.  No need to reprogram the Tiny Arcade over USB.  


Video Player

Watch videos and movies on your Tiny Arcade.  Convert any MP4 movie using a free utility to the TinyScreen format, put them on a microSD card, plug in and watch your videos (with sound!).


Are you interested in developing your own Tiny Arcade games?  The Tiny Arcade is completely compatible with the Arduino IDE and a Tiny Arcade library is available to get going creating your own games.  

You can order your Tiny Arcade completely pre-assembled or a Do-It Yourself (DIY) kit.  If you order it pre-assembled, you will receive a Tiny Arcade completely put together with the black acrylic case and stickers applied – just flip the switch and start playing!

If you go the DIY route – the Tiny Arcade is simple to put together – there is no soldering needed, or any special tools.  The circuit boards snap together, and the acrylic cases assemble like a jigsaw puzzle with no glue needed.  It only takes about 10 minutes to assemble a Tiny Arcade.  

Black Acrylic – Laser cut black acrylic that assembles like a jigsaw puzzle and snaps together.  No glue needed.

Clear Acrylic – See the inner workings of your Tiny Arcade! Laser cut clear acrylic that assembles like a jigsaw puzzle and snaps together. No glue needed.

Basswood – The Tiny Arcade cabinet is laser cut out of basswood, which lets you paint it however you would like to truly customize your Tiny Arcade.  Note: the basswood case will need glued together.  

3D Printed Case (Premium) – Looks just like a complete arcade cabinet with fine details. A completely professional grade 3D printed version of the arcade case, as designed by Mechanimal.  Comes pre-assembled with the circuitry all ready installed.


Two sheets of stickers with Tiny Arcade artwork are included with each kit. Just peel this off and put them on your Tiny Arcade to add a true arcade cabinet look! Or print your own artwork to truly customize your Tiny Arcade.

We’ve first started showing off the Tiny Arcade in the spring of 2015, and a number of people have had a chance to play with them up close.  Here are several review videos from Norm at Tested.com and Ben Heck from Element 14.  


An all in one TinyDuino board, which includes the processor, USB, and OLED Screen in a very compact package.

Arduino Zero Processor 

  • 32 Bit Atmel ATSAMD21G18A ARM at 48MHz, DMA, USB
  • 256KB Flash, 32KB SRAM 
  • 10-bit DAC, 12-bit ADC
  • Preloaded with Arduino compatible Bootloader

OLED display 

  • 96×64 OLED display, 16-bit color depth
  • 0.96″ (24.4mm) viewable area 
  • Software controllable backlight (OLED brightness) 


  • Built in Lithium Battery Charger, charges when USB is plugged in 
  • Power Slide Switch 
  • Built in voltage regulators – support external voltage input up to 5.5V 

Joystick Board

A TinyDuino style flex board build for the Tiny Arcade.  Just plugs into the TinyScreen+ and has two push buttons, an analog joystick, a microSD card slot and speaker circuitry.  


Acrylic – Clear or Black.  Dimensions: 75x40x32mm / 2.95”x1.57”x1.26”

Wood: Basswood (needs glued together), Dimensions: 75x40x32mm / 2.95”x1.57”x1.26”

3D printed, 150um print resolution, ABS plastic.  Dimensions: 90x48x31mm / 3.54”x1.89”x1.22”


Two sheets of stickers with Tiny Arcade artwork are included with each kit.  Just peel this off and put them on your Tiny Arcade to add a true arcade cabinet look!  Or print your own artwork to truly customize your Tiny Arcade.

Other Items

140 mAh Lithium Battery Included – about 3 hours of gameplay between charges

Speaker Included – a true magnetic speaker that can play real audio – no piezo beeper here.

Note: A microSD card is not included, a micro USB cable is not included

We are TinyCircuits, a company that specializes in making small electronics for makers and hobbyists. We got our start three years ago on Kickstarter with the TinyDuino – an Arduino compatible platform the size of a quarter.  Since then the TinyDuino platform has grown to include over 40 different boards, including the original TinyScreen that was launched last year.  

We’re truly makers ourselves as well – we make all of our products in our factory in downtown Akron, Ohio, USA and take great pride in everything we make and ship out.  We can’t wait to start making some Tiny Arcades for everyone to get playing!

We’ve teamed up with the incredible 3D designer, Jason Bannister, at Mechanimal for our arcade cabinet design.  


Photos courtesy of Aimee Lambes Photography


Tiny Arcade lets you relive the golden age of video games with an arcade cabinet that fits in the palm of your hand.
See Campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kenburns/tiny-arcade-a-retro-tiny-playable-game-cabinet?ref=category_recommended
Contact Information:
Ken Burns

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