TRINE – Let’s eliminate energy poverty: Invest in solar energy & support Kenyan community

TRINE – Let’s eliminate energy poverty

Thanks for making a real impact – let’s continue to be able to fund another project

This is NOT over yet. Thanks to your fantastic support to the project we now have reached the goal that we set up for Sidonge!! But let’s not stop there. We have many more projects that change peoples lives, coming in the next 1-2 months. Please show your support so we can give you early access to the next project with your pledged amount. For questions how this will work, please contact us at hello@jointrine.com

Let’s continue changing the world together and put an end to the energy poverty!

The pilot project

This pilot project is created by the passionate and experienced team of TRINE, a company incubated at Chalmers Ventures in Gothenburg. Our primary goal is to bring finance to decentralized, renewable solar energy projects creating environmental and social benefits, as well as providing long-term economic benefits for all stakeholders.

The purpose is to channel your funds into a viable and impactful project in Sidonge, Kenya. You will enable the spread of clean solar energy by providing affordable finance to RVE.SOL, our local solar partner. We are not like big banks, we are a community of people supporting another community of people.

You will get a first-hand opportunity to follow this project and the transformation of people’s lives in Sidonge. A successful project gives you the initial investment back along with a fair return.


The Problem – Energy Poverty

Kerosene Lamps

Around the world billions of people don’t have access to basic infrastructure services, such as reliable energy and water access. The electricity grid is often too far away or too expensive to connect to, forcing people to rely on fossil fuels for light and electricity.

This is the case in Sidonge, West Kenya. Here families have to use hazardous kerosene lamps for light, run expensive diesel generators for electricity and drink water from the dirty river next to the village. People have to walk to the next village to have access to better infrastructure (internet, printer, phone charging, refrigeration, etc.). All of this limits their ability to overcome poverty and reach a higher quality of life. Solar energy is a cheaper, healthier and readily available solution, but the upfront costs are too high for the local community.

Our Solution – To Finance Solar Energy


That’s where YOU come in. In partnership with the local solar entrepreneur we can solve this problem. By utilizing the power of many we provide our partner RVE.SOL with affordable finance to pay for the solar installation. This way you provide families and businesses with a safer, cheaper and more sustainable source of energy.

Your Impact


Your investment will be used to provide 50 families with reliable and long-term electricity access. It will also establish small businesses, including a solar lantern kiosk with phone charging and a water bottling station providing clean water for the community.

30 Families

  • Access to 24/7 electricity
  • Pay a monthly flat fee in relation to the amount of electricity they subscribed to (see subscription levels in business plan)

20 Families

  • Access to solar lanterns
  • Pay a daily renting fee

Investing in this solar energy project eliminates energy poverty and provides a rural community with access to electricity. Join us to make a real impact on people’s lives and make a fair return.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWAQS2qxQVk
See Campaign: https://www.fundedbyme.com/en/campaign/5725/trine-fundedbyme/?type=e&button=tile&from=browse
Contact Information:
Sam Manaberi
Andreas Lehner
Christian Genne
Christoffer Falsen

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