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Tubz is a technology innovator on a mission to change the way the world consumes energy.

With our super-high performance batteries and energy storage solutions, Tubz is introducing game-changing technology that will dramatically change the way consumers interact with their electronics and industries use energy storage.

Imagine a smartphone battery that can last 90 hours. That’s the kind of innovation that the technology at the core of Tubz makes possible.

But consumer electronics are just the beginning. By licensing our technology or selling directly to energy developers and data centers, Tubz can alter the entire energy landscape on a global scale. 


As the world focuses on more efficient energy solutions and desperately tries to turn away from fossil fuels, battery technology is often viewed as the next frontier in the quest for sustainable energy.

But if you judge battery technology by what’s currently available, things start to look a little bleak.

Think about your phone or your computer. From the processing power to the camera quality to the display technology, nearly everything about these devices has seen huge advances in the past few years.

But batteries haven’t kept up. If battery technology had kept pace, we’d be driving our electric cars across the country on a single charge.

But we’re not, because battery technology is a notoriously tricky thing to advance.

Enter graphene.

This remarkable material won its discoverers the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2010.

This “wonder material” may be remarkable, but no one could figure out what to do with it. From the same article comes the conundrum:


At the center of the energy revolution is the graphene electrode, a product of Tubz, LLC. Using this ground-breaking technology, Tubz can offer the world a safe, rested, reliable, super-performance solution.

The secret is in the nanotechnology, or nanotech. By attacking the problem on a molecular level, we can create energy storage that’s:

  • 100% environmentally-friendly
  • Adds no additional weight or bulk
  • Doesn’t require the use of extra equipment

In fact, you won’t even know our technology is there. You’ll use everything just the way you do now. The only difference will be in performance.

The core technology—the graphene electrode—can be integrated into any battery. That means that we can license Tubz technology to other battery manfucturers, to data centers, to green buildings, to wind farms. The possibilities are endless.


Let’s say a company operating in the US develops energy-efficient projects for data centers, green buildings, universities and other complexes. That would require massive amounts of energy storage. Imagine how much energy could be saved by adopting Tubz technology: dramatically higher storage capacity at a lower cost, and using less space.

Or take Duracell. Since our technology can integrate into any existing battery, Duracell could dramatically increase the performance of its product by integrating Tubz technology.

Wherever energy is used, Tubz has the potential to affect change. The energy industry is about to be transformed.


n December 2014, Tubz licensed the necessary technology from Rice University, producing our first full-cell prototype in June 2015. It’s now been been produced and tested both in academia and in commercial markets. In short, it’s ready for manufacturing.

To that end, Tubz is finalizing a letter of intent to supply a chain of data centers that are planned for construction in the US.

The Duracell reference was more than mere fabrication: we’ve engaged in talks with the company, which has shown interest in testing our batteries and adopting Tubz technology. We’re also in talks with Johnson Controls (electric vehicles and industrial batteries) and Private Energy Partners, LLC (data centers and off-grid storage).

Tubz has secured provisional patents on all relevant intellectual property, which are expected to be finalized in 2016.

The humble graphene electrode is poised to take the energy sector by storm. But first, we have to begin manufacturing. Want to learn more about our plans? Click the “business profile” tab at the top of this page and join the revolution!  


Dr. Nulman has more than 35 years of experience in technology. He’s advised on product commercialization for several startups in the energy, medical equipment, pharmaceutical and software fields. He’s a former Vice President of Applied Materials.

Mark was a Wall Street corporate lawyer for 10 years, representing some of the largest companies and sovereignties in the world. He’s developed a number of startups focusing on renewable energy and climate change.

Charles has over twenty years of experience in the areas of venture capital, corporate development and strategic planning including the successful building of several startup companies and maintaining leading operational and executive roles.

Tubz is a technology innovator on a mission to change the way the world consumes energy.With our super-high performance batteries and energy storage solutions, Tubz is introducing game-changing technology that will dramatically change the way consumers interact with their electronics and industries use energy storage.
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