Turn Up The Bass Anywhere With New Wearable Technology



Turn Up The Bass Anywhere With New Wearable Technology

New York, October 1, 2015 – bassAware Inc., a wearable audio device company, announced the release of its new bass augmentation technology that allows anyone to add more bass to any sound environment – at a club or concert venue with a sound system, at a warehouse party, or at home when listening to the stereo, watching movies, or when playing video games.

“The product is called the bassAware Drop. It resembles a small backpack or vest – and it operates much like a hearing aid – but for bass frequencies” says Michael White, bassAware founder and product designer. “Hidden inside there’s a microphone that picks up any nearby sub frequency sound, and converts it to vibration centered on your upper back. It feels like you’re leaning against a big subwoofer. It gives you a personal bass boost, perfectly in time with the music coming from the speakers.”

The bassAware Drop is currently available for pre-order at Crowd Supply:


While bass heavy music like Hip-Hop has long dominated popular music, Electronic Dance Music has also grown to be a $6B industry. “EDM is already the next big music genre, and EDM is all about bass,” continues White. “I’ve been going to warehouse parties and dance music events for years, and I’ve always wished for a way to add more bass whenever I wanted. With the growth of EDM into mainstream culture, wearable audio products like the bassAware Drop will become more commonplace – probably even normal – the same way subwoofers became normal in our homes and cars during the 90’s with the rise of Hip-Hop music.”

The Drop is meant not only to be a functional audio device, its also a fashion accessory – with a futuristic aesthetic that will fit right in at underground costume parties, music festivals, or sci-fi and gaming conventions. “We spent a lot of time making an elegant yet fashion forward design, that easily adjusts to fit an array of body types, both large and small. Its a unisex design, looking great on men and women,” says White.

Aside from Mic-Mode, the bassAware Drop can also be used with headphones and any audio source – a phone, music player, tablet, or laptop. It works well at home, when you’d like extra bass but you don’t want to disturb your roommates or neighbors. The Drop also enhances movie watching, video games, and Virtual Reality.

For more information, contact michael@bassAware.com.




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