Valkoinen Puu – *The World’s Best COFFEE HOUSE: A cozy little coffee house needs your help to bring its deliciousness and baking love to the masses

Valkoinen Puu – *The World’s Best COFFEE HOUSE

Valkoinen Puu

Greetings from Mark and Kirsi Heidt!

Owners and creators of Valkoinen Puu!

Sit back and relax and let us share our amazing story with you… because our business is more than just a coffee house. It’s an inspiring creation to awaken your every senses through experiencing delicious quality desserts, superior coffees, fresh foods, all in a mood filled setting that once you settle in… you won’t want to leave.  Welcome to Valkoinen Puu!


Who We Are 

We are Mark(American)  and Kirsi(Finnish) and our careers involved us working in the interior and ceramic design fields. We moved from the US to Finland in 2007 as our ceramics were selling so well here. We specifically came to open a coffee house that would combine our ceramics and our passion for creating delicious foods, desserts and coffees in an unforgettable cozy setting.
Our inspiration to create an unforgettable coffee house was this simple thought. If we were traveling anywhere in the world, what type of coffee house would we want to stumble upon? We would want to enter a place that is beautiful, that we would experience with all of our senses. A place that would be cozy with warm customer service. The foods delicious and the desserts and coffees made with love and care. A place where time isn’t a thought and new memories are being made. An experience that continues to intensify the longer you stay. When it is time to go you are completely satisfied and leave with a sigh and a thought  of “Wow! that was great!”

Some of our Desserts- Fresh, home made from scratch, with the finest ingredients




Our greatest advertising is our customers sharing their experiences after visiting our coffee house. One amazing opportunity that was presented to us was when a customer saw an ad on TV for submissions to be on  “Finland’s Top Bakery Show”. The customer sent an email to the producers and the next thing you know Valkoinen Puu is competing on Season 1 of the show. Amazing!!

Our passion and experience to create such a coffee house finally arrived in June 2011 when Valkoinen Puu (The White Tree) opened its doors in the small town of Kauhajoki Finland.
We have been humbly amazed and thankful by the out pouring support from our customers locally and those that travel many hours to experience Valkoinen Puu. We thank you sincerely and we will keep working hard to bring you a wonderful  coffee house experience.
Warmest regards,
Mark, Kirsi and the Valkoinen Puu team!

* “The World’s Best Coffee House” is quoted from many of our customers


Our Campaign

Our company is a small business. A husband and wife team creating delicious cakes and foods for our coffee house. We also design and make our own ceramic collection lines.
Some of our Ceramics- Hand made, hand painted, food, oven & dishwasher safe



Our campaign goal of 50,000 dollars is to be used to purchase the necessary equipment, furniture and supplies to open a second cafe in a much larger neighboring town of Seinäjoki, Finland. The justification for another cafe is simple, our customers demands. We have been asked to open cafes in multiple cities throughout Finland, Helsinki being the biggest. A second cafe brings us the greatest monetary return for our business for reinvestment. 

Some of our Foods- Freshly made and prepared to order



Our impact in the global community

We are creating jobs
-A special place for business meetings in the community.
-An inspired space for artisans to perform music, theater, and showcase their art.
– Working with schools, offering work experience for students from 1-6 weeks.
-We buy locally, support locally. We use local ingredients such as organic spelt, eggs, goat cheese, berries and bread to name a few.
-We want to inspire students and any potential entrepreneur to pursue their passion, thus we enjoy speaking at schools and business conferences when the opportunity presents itself.
-Offering services to businesses such as luncheons and business gifts.
 -Creating beautiful and multi-functional interior ceramics for sale for the home. Of course you can buy from anywhere in the world. Food safe, dishwasher safe and oven safe!


Creating quality products certainly pays off!

We care and choose to use real and fresh ingredients in our foods and desserts. This choice constantly opens new opportunities for us in our business, such as press and magazine articles, tv and requests for our presence at large music festivals throughout the country. 
We have all heard the saying “Keeping it real”  When you do,  good things will come.

Our Baking Ingredients

We use only organic spelt flour for any recipe calling for flour. This includes desserts and our home made quiche bases. We use rose salt in everything needing salt. Rose salt is not processed like regular white salt. It is rose colored and contains the healthy minerals through it’s longer processing process. We use indian sugar in some of our desserts, cookies and American pancakes. It too retains the healthy minerals via its processing process.



Our Challenges

Our greatest challenge is keeping up with the demand for our cakes and other bake good products. We would really need a separate bakery. We are juggling baking and food preparation in the same space through out the day. This creates the problem that we just can’t fill all the necessary baked good products for our shelves daily. Opening a second coffee house will solve this problem. We will be able to generate a much larger revenue by being in a bigger city, thus we can reinvest into a bakery.

If we don’t reach our campaign goal, we will use what funds are raised to help with the amount to open our second cafe.

Our Perks

We are very excited to be offering really cool and collectible perks!

Here are a few for the offering!!!
You can own a copy from an original artwork drawing featuring Valkoinen Puu. Drawn by our friend, Story Board Artist John Achenbach from THE SIMPSONS. This will only be available during our campaign.

Or… you can own a copy of a design rendering sketch from Valkoinen Puu. These are sketches from our Home Ceramic Line drawn and designed by Mark & Kirsi Heidt. There are only a Limited Edition of 300 prints signed and numbered. This will only be available during our campaign

You may also like… an Official Finnish Postal Stamp of our coffee house Valkoinen Puu plus a Valkoinen Puu sticker.

Or… some Beautiful and Multi-Functional Sushi Dishes by Valkoinen Puu hand made and hand painted. 

Or…Valkoinen Puu hand made Porcelain  Ornaments

Or… A Valkoinen Puu Ceramic Package,  hand made and hand painted.

Or… *A VIP Special Evening at the new Seinäjoki Valkoinen Puu, (Finland Only) featuring recording artists Irina and Antti Kleemola. This is a VIP private party before our grand opening. Limited 200 guests. Enjoy foods, desserts, coffees and a special gift plus our exciting entertainment. 

Spring 2016 -Time and Date to Be determined 

*If our campaign goal is not met, then this Perk will be 4 sushi dishes (color of your choice) 


Or… A Pack of 20 Gift Cards valued at 10€ each (Finland Only)

Or… Dinner for 25 guests at Valkoinen Puu in Kauhajoki. (Finland Only) Experience Valkoinen Puu with family, friends or colleagues in a buffet style. Fresh foods, salads, coffees and desserts, plus a special gift from us to you.

Featured Publications


Our Thanks and Gratitude…

By contributing to our campaign, you will help us do all the things we want to do, locally and globally. We personally want to Thank You for helping us by purchasing one of our perks. If a perk doesn’t interest you, maybe our commitment to the ethics of how we run our business will. If so, please share our campaign with your family and friends. 

Warmest regards,

Mark and Kirsi Heidt


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Sit back and relax and let us share our amazing story with you… because our business is more than just a coffee house. It’s an inspiring creation to awaken your every senses through experiencing delicious quality desserts, superior coffees, fresh foods, all in a mood filled setting that once you settle in… you won’t want to leave. Welcome to Valkoinen Puu!

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W7xLJMkM3wg, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0-1mMyyXqY
See Campaign: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/valkoinen-puu-the-world-s-best-coffee-house#/
Contact Information:
Mark Heidt

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