Vidtok – Embed Live Video Chat on Your Website in a Few Simple Steps

Vidtok is a live video chat widget that can be added to any website with no downloads or installs. Initiate live video or audio chat instantly — all it takes is one click.


Existing video and audio chat services, such as Google Hangouts and Skype, have been a hassle for users for too long. With requirements of software downloads, screen names, registrations and constant updates, these services slow down what should be instantaneous: communication.

Vidtok understands the importance of communicating with ease and speed, streaming video to the world.


Vidtok provides websites and applications the ability to add live video chat to their own branded user flow, with no need of plugin downloads or software installations

By running from users’ web browsers or applications, our service allows customers to connect and communicate with just one click!

Using live chat from your own website, rather than a 3rd party provider, willadd a level of professionalism to your image — allowing you to achieve greater success

The Vidtok platform addresses a variety of situations, so you have an appropriate service whether you want to host group video chats, broadcast live webinars, provide consultations to clients or connect with clients via live video!


We have a fully functional product released to the public on July 1, 2014.

Within one year, Vidtok has accumulated over
5,000 users with 1,800 customers!

As of now, Vidtok is partnered with TokBox and
has more interested companies in the pipeline

The team at Vidtok is working on developing even more services to add to our platform, so you can connect from your email, mobile phone or TV!


Lantre Barr, Founder & CEO, has been developing Web Real-Time Communications applications since 2011 through his company Blacc Spot Media. He pursues increasing Vidtok’s growth and leading the company to success.

Travis Nunnally, CTO, is an experienced mobile and web application developer with ties to the startup community in Atlanta. He has provided strategic guidance and mentored a number of startups through the development process. At Vidtok, Travis leads the team on software builds, as well as the future staff of developers.

Vidtok is a live video chat widget that can be added to any website with no downloads or installs. Initiate live video or audio chat instantly — all it takes is one click.
See Campaign: https://www.fundable.com/vidtok
Contact Information:
Lantre Barr
Travis Nunnally

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